Rainbow Six Siege gets new PvP map, Tachanka tweaks

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege [official site] is getting some substantial changes. The Mid-Season Reinforcements update tweaks Tachanka, one of the game’s operators, introduces a new map to PvP, and makes a number of weapon balance tweaks.

Tachanka is one of Siege’s playable classes, called Operators, and he has a deployable turret. Despite being popular with the community as a design – he looks a bit like a tank – his pick rate “is the lowest in the game” according to the design notes on the above linked patch notes.

“When looking at Tachanka, the biggest downside lies in the gadget. The tradeoff between his turret’s stopping power and his lack of mobility isn’t good enough. Attackers have several ways to deny him with the element of surprise, and can easily headshot him once they know his position.

“In order to introduce a counter to this weakness, we’ve added a shield in front of the turret which protects him from frontal headshots. The objective is for Tachanka to be the king of the angle that he positioned into, while being very vulnerable to other angles.”

The new shield can be broken separately from the rest of the turret, which seems in keeping with Siege’s granular destruction, in which environments can be shot to pieces in order to create new attack angles through walls, floors, ceilings and doors.

Meanwhile, PvP’s new map is Bartlett University, which was previously only available as a Terrorist Hunt map. “The newly redesigned map removes all the gas and PvE elements from the original design, and introduces better destruction, improved visual layout for better orientation, and a new two-layer destruction.”

Terrorist Hunt is great by the way, and was great in previous Rainbow Six games like Vegas and Vegas 2, particularly if you have some friends with which to fight the marauding computer enemies. All of Siege is pretty great, as I’ve said many times before. It’d be on our Calendar of the best games of 2016, if only it hadn’t been released in December of 2015.

The smaller tweaks include an extra cluster charge for the operator Fuze, a fourth battery for Bandit, Blackbeard is being nerfed with changes to his shield health, and a couple dozen weapons are being substantially rebalanced with changes (mostly reductions) to their recoil. You can see a complete list of changes, which is hundreds of items long and also include bug fixes, at the game’s blog.


  1. CMaster says:

    I thought December of the previous year games were allowed, if they were too late to get included the next time around.

    Also, I think Terrorist Hunt in siege is pretty rubbish, however the vs multiplayer is so good that it’s almost certainly my most played game of the year.

    If this actually makes Tuchanka viable, I wonder if it will make Reddit love him less, as he’s no-longer the counter-cultural pick.

  2. CMaster says:

    Oh also, anyone playing this. Hop on the RPS Discord (I can’t link it because the spam bot catcher gets grumpy, but there’s a pinned thread in the forums), and ask for @R6Siege, and you’ll probably find somebody up for a game.

  3. fabronaut says:

    as someone who bought the starter edition back in February or so (whenever the limited availability window was), I’m pretty impressed that Ubisoft is actually providing proper support for the game.

    the servers seem pretty flaky (possibly because Uplay is abysmal), but the new operators seem to be fairly well balanced. if they fixed the server issues (and possibly polished up the hit detection, which may be related to the servers and tick rate?), that’d be nice. there still seems to be a heavy advantage towards people who have sloppier connections. I seem to recall reading that there was an advantage to having dropped packets in multiplayer, since it let you skip around a bit?

    I appreciate that Blackbeard keeps getting nerfed, since he seemed pretty ridiculous when I first started playing. they’ve definitely got a good thing going here, and it’s nice to see management not completely screwing it up along the way. :D

    • Severion says:

      I think I saw an upgrade on the server tick rate earlier this year, it was one of the first things they addressed. I’ve had countless hours on this game and I count the issues with servers I’ve had on one hand.

      Though I know they do have servers in the UK which might help a lot for me. If you already have servers nearby, maybe you should look at your own internet?

      I think the issues with players having bad connections isn’t quite as one sided. I’m fairly sure that those players aren’t playing smooth on their side and are having lots of connection freezes and stutters.

      I often see Uplay being brought up when talking about servers and I don’t understand why. Each game has its own servers, Uplay is nothing more than the launcher you play on. It’s like having issues with CSGO servers then saying Steam sucks, it doesn’t make sense.

      • Chewbacca says:

        Well I must say that all games that run on Steamworks ALL run fine, while many Uplay games have bad servers. Though my biggest problem with Siege is the time it takes you to get into the main menu so you can reconnect to a game. I don’t want so see logos and stuff like this and especially for a multiplayer focused game where a disconnected player is a HUGE disadvantage that isn’t compromised in any way (e.g. more reinforced walls for the other players in the team) it’s a huge sin to need so much time to get back into the main menu.