RPS Asks: Which festive updates are jingling your bells?

Other holidays are available.

Having spent a LONG time yesterday explaining to Alice why jamming a Santa hat on a character does NOT an acceptable Christmas update make, I’ve decided to ask YOU:

Which games are doing holiday updates well this year?

“Well” could mean anything from creating a truly festive feel with their characters to doing something interesting/weird/subversive. In terms of cosmetics, we’ve been admiring the hardcore Santa paint jobs for American Truck Simulator – they’re just over a quid – and the CS:GO chickens have been coaxed back into their festive wooly jumpers (green this year). If I were a Tracer player in Overwatch I could also be tempted to open a few winter loot boxes in search of her Elf outfit. But in terms of actual gameplay, we’ve been drowning in Advent Calendar entries and end-of-year fun so haven’t had time for a good old pick through when it comes to holiday-related expansions/special game modes/new terrains etc etc!

So, go on – what’s floating your Happy Holiday boat as we coast towards the end of 2016?


  1. ran93r says:

    Overwatch is pretty solid, the event is a decent amount of fun.
    No luck on skins for me so far though and I’m not planning on dropping any cash this time around, elf Tracer is about the only thing I want but after spending quite a bit of real cash to try and get some of the Halloween skins without luck, they can do one.

    • LearningToSmile says:

      I really like the Overwatch event, because I like almost none of the legendaries enough to spend additional time farming boxes to get them.

      And the one I do like(nutcracker Zenyatta) I already got from the free box.

      I have zero desire to play the Mei brawl, but the updated maps look good.

  2. Premium User Badge

    wsjudd says:

    I was surprised to get the Tracer Elf costume in that first free loot box, but no other epic skins since then. It’s actually pretty easy to get skins just by playing the Arcade mode; you get up to three skins per week by winning 9 games (of any Arcade mode), plus one each for your first win of the snowball fight or winter mystery game modes. When added together with the normal level-up rewards and the the first free one, you can get a good half-dozen without paying anything or spending a long time.

  3. bill says:

    Christmas Lemmings!!!

  4. Dorga says:

    Verdun Christmas’ Truce!!

  5. Bobtree says:

    All I want for Christmas is to have holiday stuff in games made optional.

  6. NetharSpinos says:

    I’m not sure christmas hats fit either Genestealers or the Emperor’s finest, but I’d be more than willing to raid a Santa’s Workshop-esque space hulk. Santa could be a festive Broodlord!

    In a similar theme, Corvo would make a cracking Santa; sneaking into people’s houses to leave little gifts under the tree for the good children, and spring razors for the bad.

  7. Nauallis says:

    Destiny’s Dawning has been pretty solid.

  8. Stinkfinger75 says:

    Hitman completely reworked the entire Paris level for a holiday themed event. It’s extremely well done, lots of graphical flourishes, soundtrack music reworked to sound festive, and a teleporting Santa (just like real life!) who can be choked out and impersonated.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Can you emetic poison Santa and drown him in a pisser?

      It’s a holiday tradition in my house.

    • geerad says:

      When dressed as Santa, you can escape up the chimney! Plus, the targets of the mission are the “Wet Bandits” from the popular Christmas movie Home Alone.

  9. Bracknellexile says:

    Planet Coaster’s latest winter update is pretty impressive for a freebie. Three new rides, whole new scenery set, new character, new music, new park biome, ton of bug fixes. Not too shabby….

  10. poliovaccine says:

    This whole article kinda reminds me of one of those focus groups with the big, totally conspicuous one-way mirror on the wall that sometimes seems to be clearing its throat.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      You mean the ones where everyone is wearing blue for some reason and they don’t let you leave? I hate those.

  11. SuicideKing says:

    Not exactly the same kind of christmas update, but Arma 3’s getting 64-bit binaries and a sensor overhaul (so active/passive radars, etc.) in prep for their upcoming Jets DLC. Goodies staged to dev branch.

  12. kode says:

    Hitman’s christmas thing is probably my fav. It has you assassinating the wet bandits from home alone and you can unlock a santa suit you can wear in e.g. Thailand.

  13. Someoldguy says:

    Runescape may be pretty dated in many ways, but I haven’t seen any other MMO make as much effort as they do with seasonal content. Minigames, a short quest, dev led boss fights and all sorts of other stuff, almost all of it open to even the free to play members.