Dead by Daylight free Steam trial weekend now live

1v4 multiplayer psycho killer qu’est-ce que c’est fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far ’em up Dead by Daylight [official site] is free to play in full this weekend. If you keep an eye on what’s popular on Steam, you may have noticed it near the top of the most-played games list – or popping in and out of the charts – and wondered what it’s about. Well! You can now see what The Kids are into and briefly feel like you’re ‘down with The Youth’. Soon you’ll be striking up conversations with them on the bus, “What’s your favourite stabbing sound? I like the bone saw!”

Dead by Daylight, to explain a little more, is a competitive multiplayer game where four teens are trapped in an abstract spooky arena while one horror movie killer is trying to sacrifice them to dark gods. The teens need to fix generators (do boring QTEs, basically) to open doors and escape while the killer needs to hunt the teens and hang them on meat hooks until they snuff it. Throw in different killers with different abilities like traps and cloaking, handy items for teens like flashlights and medkits, and you have some fairly fun tense action with teens scurrying and sneaking while killers tromp around.

Last I saw, it had problems with balance and bots but hey, it’s still stayed pretty popular.

Head on over to Steam to download and play Dead by Daylight. You can play free until 9pm (1pm Pacific) on Sunday. If you dig it, it’s on sale for keepsies until 6pm on Monday, down to £10.49/13,99€/$13.99.

Also free to try on Steam this weekend: Tom Clancy’s The Division (and Uplay too) and a game I’d not heard of, Sombrero: Spaghetti Western Mayhem.


  1. heystreethawk says:

    Better run run run run, run run run awaaaaay

    …That’s all I’ve got.

  2. Kirudub says:

    Yah, yah, yah, yaaaaaah, wah, wah, wah, waaa-aaaah

  3. tbs says:

    I play this game a bit; not as much as some of the more devoted fans but I’ve clocked a reasonable amount of hours in the game.

    I usually always play Survivor. It’s really weird though, as the article mentions playing Survivor is a bunch of QTE’s while you look around in third person trying to catch sight of the killer.

    But there’s something really satisfying about running away, or hiding, or generally out-thinking the killer. And there is a huge rush of anxiety when you hear your heartbeat pick up (indicates the killer is nearby).

    I don’t know; it’s a nice change of pace from other competitive multiplayer games. I still think L4D is the best version of this with friends. But this one is pretty clever. The progression system is pretty interesting. The grind can be frustrating.

    Sometimes deaths can feel pretty cheap. But it’s pretty easy to get into another game.

    New players: I recommend leveling up Meg, as her character specific perks help you run faster.

  4. TeePee says:

    How is DbD these days? I got a little caught up in the hype train pre-release and picked it up, but was kind of disappointed – the balance felt way off, where a single survivor could basically kite a killer through a window endlessly.
    It was also pretty janky as far as stability was concerned (I’ve had my current machine nearly 4 years and nothing has even come close to the number of crashes I experienced in my 2 hours with the game), and the variety of maps was pretty poor – basically proc-gen foliage and a few buildings with a single large prop in the middle.

    For all of that, it still felt like it had the potential to be fun down the line if the devs worked on some of the issues, but I’m a little worried that I seem to have seen quite a few money-spinning tie-in DLCs, and not much in the way of major patches (not to say they haven’t been there, mind – I haven’t been paying super-close attention, so I’d be happy to be corrected!).

    • davebo says:

      Yeah reviews made it sound like a buggy mess. One guy said there’s a loading screen bug that he had to just restart his whole PC any time he got it. That’s the kind of thing that drives people to console gaming.

    • tbs says:

      The balance is actually pretty good right now. Survivors have a bit of a disadvantage in how hard it is to grind levels/perks. The new killer, Michael Meyers, adds a whole new dimension to the start-of-game. He charges up by staring at the survivors. Until that happens his “heartbeat” radius is very low, meaning it’s easy to sneak up on survivors that rush to a generator.

      The endless window kiting has been patched out.

  5. davebo says:

    I was interested in this game so I appreciate the heads-up, but after reading a bunch of Steam reviews it seems it’s a no-go for me. Too many glitches and developers unwilling to fix them and the cheaters exploiting them it looks like.

    One review noted they should use dedicated servers as the killer always being host introduces lag, but when it comes to all these indie games I’d almost rather deal with some lag and know that you and some friends can still buy it for a dollar 5 years from now and connect with each other even after the developers have moved on. That might be the better way to play this game.

  6. ChiefOfBeef says:

    There is no out-witting killers: run to a pallet and drop it when they are close. You are 100% safe thanks to the devs excessively buffing pallets whilst excessively nerfing the anti-pallet Nurse killer.

  7. Cristari says:

    Just a FYI.
    The game does not have any graphic options that are worth a damn. If you play with a single monitor then you are fine however play on anything wider and you will lose the top and bottom of your game display as it maximizes the game to fit the width of your display. If, like me, you prefer to have a large desktop for work and games then you are pretty much screwed.
    I have a 5760×1080 display and I only get to see the middle third of the screen. You can not go windowed and select a resolution as the game only mimics your display and can not be resized from the game options nor through windows or the .ini files.
    The games developer has been well aware of this for the last 7 months or more as I advised them in Alpha, Beta and post launch and they have continued to ignore this issue.
    This is a great game that sadly I can not play unless I disable Nvidia surround and I do not want to do that every time I go to play this game it is more than a hassle it is a hindrance of the highest order.