What are we all playing this weekend?

I don’t mean to alarm you but I should inform you that you’re almost out of 2016 WWAPWPAP?? opportunities. Speak now or forever hold your peace: what are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on.

Adam: I’m playing a complex time management game called Christmas Shopping. It involves checking to see if I can order anything online and get it delivered in time, and then trying to work out how I can make a busy shopping trip in a packed city centre into a pub crawl.
Alec: [Alec has been fired so I can spend his Christmas bonus on a shiny new tea urn for the RPS treehouse. We’re talking thirty litre capacity, a circulation system to diffuse loose leaf tea, user recognition for automatically dispensing milk and sugar, filters able to handle even mulled wine – the works.]
Alice: Grinding out my final Binding of Isaac unlocks before the new expansion hits in the new year is a terrible idea, yet here I am. I’m stalled on Hard mode Lost runs which die in Boss Rush or which could beat Mega Satan but never pick up a way in. I know how to manipulate the odds but do still need luck (and my own skill) to come together. Awful. I’m on a huge losing streak and getting mighty annoyed. And yet! Here I am, still doing it. I’m also back in Devil Daggers a bit, because of course I am.
Brendan: [Brendan has been fired so I can spend his Christmas bonus on a shiny new drinks fridge for the RPS treehouse. We’re talking individual pods for each bottle and can, multiple reservoirs, a shaved ice dispenser, a pneumatic can launcher, and Cruise Control to mix cocktails – the works.]
Graham: After being disappointed by Planet Coaster, I reinstalled Cities: Skylines. It’s the first time I’ve gone back to it in a while, so thus far my time has been mostly spent filtering through mods, downloading expansions and trying to stop the game from crashing due to a lack of memory. I’m pretty sure I’ll stop playing it as soon as I get it to work.
John: [John has been fired so I can spend his Christmas bonus on a shiny new chrome toaster for the RPS treehouse. We’re talking eight slots, 32 wires each, wide enough to accomodate even the most squat sourdough, a pleasing smooth motion, a bagel ring, one of those pods to poach eggs, even a hot dog slot – the works.]
Philippa: I will be playing Subnautica. I have the house to myself all Saturday and don’t have to do out until the evening so I’m heading under the sea to check out the Precursor update and explore me some caves! I also need to ice some Christmas camel biscuits but that can wait, right?

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?


  1. Faldrath says:

    I am playing The Division’s free weekend because I feel like getting some junk food. At first I thought it weird that you start with some 900 bullets… Until I realized it takes some 30 or so to kill a single mob. Ah, MMOs :). Other than that, it’s pretty good junk food!

    • Cyrus says:

      Eager to try it out as well, since it’s a free weekend there’s no reason not to. The word is it has improved greatly since release.

      First time with uplay too.

    • michelangelo says:

      Been there, teased by beta beauty. It’s eye pleasing and worth HUDless exploring, but there is nothing for one’s mind to care. Just a pretty face.

      One of games you buy used for low cost, and sell for pretty much the same money later. That is exactly its value to me.

      One time, I’d love to see game with smart plot of first Deus Ex in such environment )

    • Parrilla says:

      I tried it this weekend too. Lasted about an hour before I thought “nah this is shit” and went back to BF1.

  2. jimjim19681968 says:

    Overwatch! Just picked it up and love it!

  3. Ghostwise says:

    I’ll try to find time to monkey around with Flawless Widescreen and the original Mass Effect game, to set it up on my 21:9 display.

    That’ll eventually be useful for Big Damn HD screenshots for our Mass Effect articles. And maybe some ultrawide screen savers, there are surprisingly few ME1/ME2 ones.

  4. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Not GTA V. Bought it this week (sorry Alec!) on the recommendation of a friend, and yeah…it sucks balls. Just feels like every other 3D GTA ever. Played Single player for about an hour, it’s the same old bullcrap, even when an “exciting setpiece” happened and I had to reclaim a yacht from the back of a speeding lorry all you do is drive to some glowing spots and wait. Also the graphics are so shite. Very evident it started life as a last gen console release. Anyway, gave multiplayer an hour as well, got even more bored and now waiting for my refund.

    Apologies, rant over.

    Trying out the Division free weekend instead, it’s entertaining. Combat isn’t quite as bad as I feared, think I’ll enjoy a couple of days grinding levels.

    • Ghostwise says:

      I think you can ask for Alec’s forgiveness with an all-singing, all-dancing personal rendition of one of the Vengaboys’ many hit songs.

    • gunny1993 says:

      Also the graphics are so shite.

      …. What? Like pretty much objectively not true, definitely the equal of any game released when it was.

      • Ghostwise says:

        You said the “O” word.

        We don’t say the “O” word.

      • malkav11 says:

        It’s so pretty I couldn’t stop taking screenshots when I was actually playing it (which admittedly wasn’t for very long).

      • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

        Really? Maybe I had settings wrong or something but everything was up to max and it just seemed muddy, like when you’re driving it’s hard to read the road and make out what’s coming up ahead so you’re just looking at the mini map the whole time.

        They’re good for the time, I’m sure, probably more a case of we’ve been spoiled since.

    • kregg says:

    • noodlecake says:

      It’s still one of the most staggeringly detailed and pretty games I’ve ever played.

      I generally prefer games that have a more stylised visual style but man there is so much attention to detail. But yeah. It doesn’t have textures that you need the most kick ass graphics card to handle in 2016… Which is a good thing. You don’t have to have a super expensive PC to run it well.

    • noodlecake says:

      Astroneer… in a tiny window on my laptop so it will run at more than 15 fps with massive spikes in lag. It would run fine on my desktop but then I can’t lay on my bed playing it.

    • fish99 says:

      Well, you clearly bought it wanting to hate it so well done I guess. Also there isn’t a better looking open world game IMO.

  5. Mi-24 says:

    Only got my (fairly poor at playing games implied) laptop for the next few weeks. Also it’s ubuntu which can make things tricky. However i am trying to see the positives, because this will force me to play lower spec games which i might otherwise have missed out on in favour of bigger, flashier ones.

    Commence weeks of age of empires 2, point and clicks (rusty lake roots is pretty good/creepy) and other stuff that will actually run.

  6. lglethal says:

    If I get some time to play this weekend, I will probably give the Division free weekend a burl. I’ve been interested in it for a while, but as I dont really like MMO’s, I’m not sure if I will like it, so a free weekend is the way to go.

    Also DX:MD, ShadowRun Chronicles, and Stellaris, will probably get a run out.

    Assuming I get any time to actually play this weekend. Here’s hoping the 40GB download doesnt go to waste…

  7. marmarta says:

    I will be playing “wait why is my country no longer democratic, and here I was wondering what else will die in 2016” (it’s Poland; since yesterday evening we have had police in the Parliament, ruling party passing budget illegally while denying opposition MPs entrance to the room they were voting in, new law denying journalists access to the Parliament…). And Subnautica. Subnautica is good.

    • Truck_Rockpec says:

      Holy cow, are you okay? I was just reading about this on the Guardian.

    • walrus1 says:

      From what I’m reading it’s the excesses of political oppression from the Cold War all over again. They’re even considering scrapping a law that protects women from violence.

      Are you ok? Do you know what the EU is going to do? Surely, the European Human Rights court won’t look favorably on all this.

      • marmarta says:

        We’re… kinda OK? Somewhat OK? Could be much worse? I mean, there has been no actual physical police action against people who are protesting these travesties, but the way our government is speaking (the Prime Minister made an address yesterday) is pretty much straight out of communist playbook (“the opposition is trying to destabilize our country”). Worst thing is, they won’t stop. In the year since Jarosław Kaczyński (yup, neither our president nor our Prime Minister, just a senior citizen and leader of the ruling party, and also the only person who has anything to say here (the president and Prime Minister are basically his puppets, the former just signing every single law the ruling party proposes)) came to power, they have pretty much destroyed all authority of the constitutional court, passed a remarkable amount of unfortunately economically unsustainable laws, did their best to repeal everything that anybody else did since the fall of communism (and it’s actually everything, from reversing the school reform from nearly 20 years ago to repealing a law guaranteeing women in childbirth things such as access to water or pain relief). I don’t believe the current protests have any chance of success (I hope I’ll be disappointed), but probably it’ll go like this: we’ll freeze our behinds off protesting, we will shout, we will march, and then they’ll do what they want anyway. There was only one time protests actually did something: when a large amount of women protested against the govt processing a law proposed by catholic organizations that would completely ban abortion, even in case of a threat to mother’s health. But it wasn’t even the ruling party’s law, and so they could drop it. Otherwise, they backed out of nothing, despite nearly weekly marches in Warsaw and other cities. I mean, for a time my husband and I were joking that anti-government demonstrations are our Sunday mass: every week, always at the same time and the same place, and you get to meet your friends. It was 10-50k people marching almost every week (75%, I think), and the effect was perfectly negligible.

        Mostly, I’m scared for my parents: my dad is going to loose his disability pension, because he had been a cop in the communist Poland (and then continued on as a great cop in free Poland for 20 years, but who cares – all cops were members of the oppressive regime and must lose all retirement and retirement-adjusted benefits), my mum is a judge, and judges are not like by the regime. And for the democracy. PiS (the ruling party) has completely purified public broadcasting and removed all opposition there, including people like “that soft-voiced dude who ran the Top 30 every evening in the radio for last 30 years” and “weathermen”, so a lot of people support them. Also, our opposition is fragmented and terrible. I’m afraid that Poland is actually slowly sliding into authoritarianism and nationalism (oh, because these guys also hate the EU (because it’s anti-catholic, supposedly, and infringes on their rights)(basically they’re Texans of Poland)), and terrifyingly incompetent authoritarian nationalism to boot. I mean, this is all really scary, and also really dumb, because PiS could have passed all their laws anyway! Without those shady shit, without denying journalists access to the parliament, without denying opposition access to the vote, anything: they have complete majority. Ah, this is all exhausting and terrifying, but little people will probably be OK. To a point. I’m thinking about emigrating, but the world is going to hell everywhere.

        (oh wow, sorry for the wall of text)

  8. Rainshine says:

    Stellaris. Grabbed on sale a while back, installed last week. Put hours in this week in the evenings. I do, occasionally, forget I’m playing a Paradox game every once in a while and think I’m playing a normal 4X. Then someone dies of old age and I get drug into a war and am brutally reminded that it isn’t.

    I’m playing a techie empire, because that’s what I usually start as. I’m finding that I must be doing something wrong, as other empires smaller and larger have a 20-30 tech lead on me. Maybe something to do with why I’m perennially capped on minerals, but barely afloat on energy. Also, I foolishly signed a couple D-Pacts. Got hauled into a war against an entire Federation on the other side of the universe through that. OK, learned my lesson, let me drop out of the others. No dice — you can’t break a pact with non-involved parties when you’re in a war with someone else. Reminds me a bit of the perpetual wars you can get into in CK2, where someone you know is in a war and thereby preventing you from doing any number of things

    • brucethemoose says:

      You need at least 1 focused research planet (usually one with some kind of bonus from an event) to get ahead of the AI’s buffed research speed, and you need to avoid the research penalty of colonizing small planets.

      Also you need to be diligent about building and upgrading. I highly recommend the auto build/upgrade mod, as it takes the tedium out of setting up and managing your core planets before you relenquish them to the dumb sector AI.

    • Jonfon says:

      I’m trapped in Stellaris as well. In my last playthru I had the same issue with Defensive pacts. I was playing a xenophobe military type and made loads of pacts with like-minded empires. Turns out Militant Xenophobes like to pick fights. A lot. So ended up in 3 way wars with everyone else (my policy of primitive genocide probably didn’t help make friends either, but they were in the way).

      Switched to ridiculously rapid-breeding xenophiles in my current game and avoided defensive pacts entirely (we’ve always had very good Minerials & Energy generation) so I just bribed empires into liking me enough to make friends and the galaxy has coalesced into 3 similiarly sized federations, all of whom dislike each other. So it’s nicely poised now. I do have to hope the two Fallen Empires sitting side-by-side to my left don’t decide to have a War in Heaven… (or maybe I want them to, just for the Interesting Times).

  9. boundless08 says:

    This morning I’m playing Awfully Hungover From Last Nights Christmas Party but there seems to have been an update called You’re Still Mostly Drunk So Everything Is Fine For Now.

    I was planning on playing Space Hulk Deathwing with the lads after we all pretty much came to the same conclusion as Alec’s review that single player is about as fun as punching yourself in the knackers, but due to severe tenderness and self loathing I’m looking for something more turn based. I did wander into a Games Workshop and picked up a key for Grombindal so might try a new army with him in Total Warhammer. Yes, I also bought some goblins while I was there.

    • KingFunk says:

      I’m playing Somewhat Hungover After Work Jaunt To The Pub Last Night But Need To Get My Shit Together For The Actual Work Xmas Party With Complimentary Bar Tonight.

      Then tomorrow I guess it’ll be Hangover: The Rollover, with a bit of Deadly Premonition. We can handle that, right Zach?

  10. E2E4 says:

    Having bloodloads of fun with Carmageddon: Max Damage, had no idea it was so good. Also, some Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Closed Beta, playing the smaller Skirmish mode.

  11. Solgarmr says:

    Total war : Warhammer wood elves faction is pretty neat, so it’s that and work work.

  12. NetharSpinos says:

    I am continuing my capers as Christmas Corvo, handing out death and destruction to all the bad people. Also sporadically going on GTA:O to scrape together a few more pennies for the next inevitable Big Spend, which is currently a big Doing Up of the MC clubhouse.

    And last but not least, rompy stompy shootybangs in the glorious heart of Deathwing.

  13. aircool says:

    Star Wars Battlefront. Battlefield 1 just isn’t getting a look in at the moment.

  14. Ben King says:

    MGSV I think after finding out my upstairs neighbor also plays it. Might play a little more Sanctuary Black RPG or maybe get back to Shadowrun Dragonfall. I love it when I play it but never come back to it until too much time passes:-/ On the console side I just wrapped up BOUND on the ps4 which is a terribly bland platformer but a gorgeous game to walk through:-)

  15. Stepout says:

    Currently obsessed with Battle for Wesnoth. High highs and low lows.

  16. Risingson says:

    It’s officially holidays for me! Free time! I can play whatever I want! And my flatmates are off! Yay!

    That is why this weekend, if my hangovers allow it, I am going to play “tidying up the house”. With the dlc of ” throwing away things that have been lying over there forever and no one will miss them”.

  17. Lars Westergren says:

    Finishing up Dishonored 2. A few confusing Dota 2 matches, I keep getting lost in the new jungles. After that, I don’t know. Tyranny maybe?

  18. Wowbagger says:

    I’m playing the For Honor Beta but if I tell you about it I will be shot and then savaged by wolves.

  19. Voqar says:

    At minimum…

    CDDA even though most changes to the game over the past few months have sucked – adding tedium and removing fun.

    Rocket League – if I don’t play my little bit of skill erodes (and I love playing it anyways)

    DAI – finally revisited it and nearly have it all done. Probably uninstall the piece of junk Origin after and hope to never have to re-install it.

    Civ 6 with some mods

  20. Herzog says:

    Same procedure as last week. Finishing up Arcane Dimensions 1.5. The new levels are even better than the ones from 1.0.

    Also the occasional round of Reflex. Some ffa and clan arena.

    Spelunky – died three times in the city of gold while trying to get the book of the dead. Must concentrate more!

  21. DevilishEggs says:

    Doom 2 wad called Mutiny, which is cyberpunk, sort of, not nautical in focus, in case you were wondering.

  22. Gomer_Pyle says:

    I will hopefully be getting some Dark Souls in and perhaps continuing my “The Last Days” mod playthrough for Warband.

  23. Thulsa Hex says:

    The big Midwestern winter storm means I didn’t make it to Detroit for my brother-in-law’s wedding, so I’m home alone to do what I please. This will probably mean indulging in a main course of Dishonored 1 and Hitman, served with a side of Pokémon Moon, and a sprinkling of Super Mario Run. It’s -30°C outside, so that sounds lovely.

    Steam also has a pair of decent Star Wars bundles going for relatively cheap. I picked-up the $16 “classic” bundle, which consists of: X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, Rebellion, Rebel Assault I & II, Galactic Battlegrounds, and Rogue Squadron 3D — all of which conveniently plug the gaps in that Humble Star Wars Bundle from a while back. Dropping an additional $3 on Mysteries of the Sith has left me with a nicely-rounded out collection :)

    It’s worth noting that the Steam versions of the X-Wing/TIE games now also include the DOS CD-ROM versions (in addition to the Windows and original DOS variants), which were previously only available on GOG.

  24. Grymlok says:


  25. walrus1 says:

    I’m playing Oh Shit my Flight for X-mas is on Monday and I Need to Get Presents and Pack Simulator. I’m also playing call amazon and complain cause the post office lost ALL of my packages leading to me playing the above simulator.

    With my free time, I’m going to toot around in ATS some more. The rescale makes it a whole new game pretty much. I’ll also play some Division but I usually hate playing MP games during free weekends.

  26. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    Skyrim Special Edition, no mods. Even without them I forgot how engrossing and addictive this world can be. And when I’m not playing it, I’m reading wikis about The Underking and the many identities of Tiber Septim. Hook, line and sinker.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Doesn’t Skyrim feel weirdly festive? It’s now traditional for me to start a new character every winter. Still a wonderful game.

  27. Vurogj says:

    Crusader Kings 2, which I haven’t played in forever, but I remember being fun for when I have the time (like xmas time away from work for example…)

    Except I’m not actually playing the game, but instead playing “Gosh, that’s a lot of DLC, wonder which of it I need” and “So the Wiki says I need to do THAT to make that happen. Interesting” because I’ve forgotten (almost) everything.

  28. Torgen says:

    Playing “clean out the home office so it doesn’t look like an episode of “Hoarders”” while ripping Christmas CDs. Stardew Valley is on tap for breaks, while Darkest Dungeon and some “War of Warships before my premium time runs out” later.

  29. malkav11 says:

    I may just binge watch a lot of TV. But if I game it’ll probably be Batman: Arkham City (just finished the Mr. Freeze fight last time I played), or maybe Dishonored 2 or Tyranny. I may try and participate in the weekend tournament in Hex, also. I’m not really competitive but they say the top 256 players will get an exclusive mercenary and since I don’t know how many people will actually participate, it’s conceivable that I could hit top 256 just by participating. Worth a shot, anyhow.

  30. Ejia says:


    Also I picked up Undertale at the sale a month or so back, to see what all the damn fuss was about, and… noe I know why Hato Moa, Hatoful Boyfriend’s creator, enjoys it so much.

  31. Viral Frog says:

    I plan to keep plugging away at Darkest Dungeon. I got a little frustrated by it last night though. On what should have been a fairly simple encounter, RNGsus decided that every member of my party was going to miss their attacks twice in a row, while suffering either critical hits or damage on the higher end of the pre-critical scale in return. Luckily I managed to clear the encounter, but I ended up having to abandon the mission or lose my party. A shame really, because that was the smoothest run I’d had until that point.

  32. Aitrus says:

    Continuing a no-powers shadow run (I guess it’s not called ghost anymore) of Dishonored 2. I did end up bumping it up to very hard, which is more than manageable. I gotta say, I really really like the game this way. I think the main thing is lack of blink/far reach. If I could unlock the other powers but not that one, it would be a nice compromise.

    Also Overwatch! The first box I opened had a legendary holiday skin, but of course it ended up being Mei’s. Kill me now.

  33. Premium User Badge

    zigguratvertigo says:

    I’ve gone back to The Witcher 2, specifically to the battle with the kayran at the end of Flotsam, that I’ve never made it past before. It seems like a classic obnoxious boss battle to me. It bears little relation to the gameplay leading up to it and just layers on the difficult-for-the-sake-of-it mechanics that haven’t appeared before and likely won’t again. Previously I’ve always decided after many consecutive deaths that there are better ways to spend time, but I’d like to break through to the rest of the game. Wish me luck.

    • Minglefingler says:

      If I remember right that battle is a lot more manageable if you either turn off or turn down the difficuty of quick time events.

    • kud13 says:

      Do all the prep quests (the trap and the Mongoose potions).

      Turn off “hard QTEs” in game options.

      Then Quen + roll dodge until the beastie starts thrashing and spitting mucus (don’t be in the middle at this time, or you’ll g stuck!). While it’s spitting, place Yrden trap by one of the big tentacles. When it gets caught, attack with heavy attack to chop it off (one can be removed with the trap).

      Once you chop off 3, you get to try the tentacle QTE. Then run up the ramp made by collapse bridge to the left and enjoy 2 shiny skill points.

      It took me a few hours to do this on Dark mode (where each hit one-shots you if you don’t have Quen on). On Normal, it’s slightly less punishing.

      but overall, preparation and turning off QTEs is key.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      If you want to cheese it you can get it stuck on some of the trees.

  34. Premium User Badge

    SoundDust says:

    Just finished Fallout 4. Not too happy with some of the choices my character made, but, 90 hours of play and most of it very enjoyable. Now that that’s out of the way, I finally have enough space to install The Witcher 3…

    Also some Orion Trail, for a few good laughs.

  35. Xristo says:

    Don’t know why, but I had an urge to play DA:I (GOTY) from the beginning again. I never finished it when I first played it in 2014, and feel like taking on it + all it’s DLC as a DW Rogue this time around. Playing that and probably some Forza Horizon 3.

    • Blad the impaler says:

      I do a DA: Origins playthough every couple of years, might do another soon. I’m always impressed at how much I’ve committed to memory. You know, like spawns, item locations and order of operations, for lack of a better term.

  36. kud13 says:

    Recently finished Arkham Knight + the epilogue DLCs.

    I was thinking about dipping back into my backlog, maybe starting Bioshock Infinite.

    But then I found out new expansion for Age of Empires II HD is out on Monday, so instead I went back to my (play every Workshop and in-game Campaign in the historical chronological order” project.

    Currently replaying Attila from Age of Conquerors, and then there’s the end of the custom “Barbarian Invasions” campaign where Visigoths are overrunning Hispania.

  37. AutonomyLost says:

    I’ll be mixing and matching Dishonored 2 and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun starting this evening.

  38. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Right now all I’ve got going on is OneShot. I just fixed the elevator so I’m pretty sure I’ve not much longer to go. I’ve been in kind of a funk the last week so I’ve not being playing much.

    I have PS4 in the mail which may arrive Monday and if it does then The Last Guardian, but I might save that for my Xmas time off.

  39. caff says:

    Sorcery for me. It’s an excellent hangover cure.

  40. stuw23 says:

    Got the last achievement on Skyrim: Special Edition last night. Maybe it’s because I was playing without mods for SE, but after some 600 hours total over Skyrim:SE, PS3, and normal PC versions, my enthusiasm for the Elder Scrolls series has totally died. Skyrim was not as good as my memory told me it was; still OK, but that was all.

    Following on from that, I picked Sunless Sea up again, now that all achievements are fixed. I played it for 13 hours over last night and today, yet still somehow found time for housework, writing Xmas cards, and going on a run (until my leg cramped up a mile from home. Fun times). After completing the ambition added with Zumbariner, and finding The Eye whilst diving (which led to an event that actually left me quite shaken, to the extent I had to stop playing for a while – that’s how good the writing can be), I’m now working on the hidden ambition to sail East. I’m quite excited about it, and plan on attempting the voyage south off the map on Sunday, which I believe reduces my crew and hull to 1. Should be interesting!

    Alternatively, I may pick up something new from my backlog, or carry on with an XCOM2 save, to help ensure I don’t burn out on Sunless Sea. I love the game, and don’t want my experiences of it to become jaded.

    • Premium User Badge

      subdog says:

      It takes a special level of self-loathing to spend 600 hours with something that’s just “OK”.

      • malkav11 says:

        One assumes that most of the 600 hours were spent prior to the enthusiasm having waned.

        • stuw23 says:

          malkav11 is exactly right. Those 600 hours have been spread out over several years, and it’s only the last dozen or so where the shine really wore off. And by that stage, I was so close to completing it, that completing those last few achievements was no great strain. To say I spent 600 hours going “eh, it’s OK I guess” is inaccurate.

          • LennyLeonardo says:

            In a certain way, this is the greatest compliment you could give a game: “I have enjoyed this for 582 hours over the space of several years and the fun is just starting to wear off.” What else could you say that about?

  41. Konservenknilch says:

    Finally got around to playing KOTOR II. Yes, I might be a tad late. Enjoying it much more than the first part though, even with the production issues.

    I also grabbed the free Ubi games, but the performance of BGE is abysmal. I followed the usual tips (high quality, disable weirdo effects), but it’s still… bad. Hope I can figure it out.

  42. second_hand_virgin says:

    Mad Max. It’s beautifuly boring: drive, kill, drive, kill, upgrade car, drive, kill, drive, iritated by Chumbucket? Then drive with a dog instead. 70h pumped in the game and I still don’t know why I have fun with it, not being a Mad Max fan at all.

  43. Premium User Badge

    zinzan says:

    My Weekends gaming in order of priority.
    1. Combat Mission (Beyond Normandy, Final Blitzkrieg & Fortress Italy) campaign and touyrnament PBeM games.
    2. Keep kids entertained, try not to annoy wife toooo much & get pre Xmas shop done.
    3. Maybe more Sunless Sea for relaxation (??!!), Dirt 3 for fun.
    4. Staring at all the indepth & superbly detailed wargames I have in my backlog and dream of the BC (Before Children) days when I would take a week to learn then then play 10-20 hours a week until fully satisfied.

  44. fish99 says:

    Slowly plugging away at Dishonored 2. 32 hours in and 5 levels done so there’s a lot of game there if you want to find/explore everything. I’m playing as Gar…errrr Corvo.

  45. Premium User Badge

    Alpha1Dash1 says:

    This article seems like a perfect case study of why people should NEVER do the monthly payroll while watching the Shopping Channel. Think of poor Alec, Brendan & John wandering the streets in the snow. Still, looking on the bright side the treehouse’s new look sounds awesome.

    As for games, Subnautica (dying a lot), FortressCraft Evolved (digging a lot) & Fallout 4 (killing a lot).

  46. geldonyetich says:

    Alice has instilled in me a desire for a toaster with a hot dog slot.

    The Division, Elite: Dangerous, and Divinity: Original Sin (the original Original sin, not the one in early access).