Resident Evil 7 demo now spooking PC

The Resident Evil 7 [official site] demo ‘Beginning Hour’ is now out on PC after six months of haunting consoles. RE7 looks a curious one, ostensibly returning to the series’ roots in spooky mansions but with hillbilly horror and an Amnesia-ish, PT-y first-person style. Most of what Capcom have shown so far is set inside one derelict spookhouse, and now we can visit that place ourselves in the demo. Beginning Hour isn’t the game’s first hour but rather a mood-setting piece, confusingly. As our Adam has written, It’s certainly interesting to see such a bloated series stripped back.

Swing by Steam to grab the Beginning Hour demo now. It’s a 3.2GB download.

Capcom updated the console demo a few times with new areas and mysteries, but sadly we’re missing out on that. Adam tells me this morning:

“It’s a shame that with the demo coming to PC so late, we presumably won’t get to the weird thrill of loading it up and knowing that something had changed. The domestic setting does a good job of making familiar things seem awful and the updates to the demo meant that even when you knew the location of every creaky floorboard and terrifying trigger, you could never be sure that something hadn’t shifted, or been added, while you were away.”

The demo’s updates drifted away from pure hillbilly horror and slightly more towards traditional Resident Evil scares but that taking five months gave an interesting impression of the slow build that Capcom are supposedly shooting for in RE7.

I’m still not convinced that Capcom won’t totally stack this and reveal that the Dulvey Haunted House was built by Bertie Wesker and his superpowered pals to test the BJ Virus or some other nonsense alluded to once in the novelisation of a cutscene seventeen games ago, then Bertie and the roiling mass of muscle that is Chris Redfield will spend four hours punching each other through walls. But if Resident Evil 7 can cast off a lot of the crushing weight of the series’ history, this could be jolly exciting.

Resident Evil 7 is due to launch on January 24th, 2017. It’ll cost £39.99/49,99€/$59.99. Oh, and Capcom have also revealed its graphics options for folks who love that stuff.


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    Oakreef says:

    Haven’t really paid it much attention but I know the playstation version has VR. Has there been any confirmation or denial of VR on the PC version?

    • Eight Rooks says:

      I’d assume that even if there were VR support support confirmed for PC it still definitely wouldn’t be coming for another year…? I mean, there’s no Xbone equivalent for the timed exclusive to lock out, right?

    • UncleLou says:

      There are *rumours* that the Playstation VR version is a *timed* exclusive, mainly based on the wording of the marketing of the PS version, I think.

      Nothing’s been confirmed or denied, afaik.

  2. Whippyice says:

    YAY, i get to play this finally, SPOOOPY

  3. Spacewalk says:

    Is that the door to the RPS tea room?

  4. Howard says:

    Anyone grabbed this yet and got it to work? Myself and some others are having an issue that, when you first launch it, it asks to create save data, but no form of input works to actually select the “YES” option on screen. Mouse, keyboard and controller are all non-responsive.

    • arvinsaja1 says:

      I have the same problem too.Have you find a way to fix it ?????

  5. Kefren says:

    “Beginning Hour isn’t the game’s first hour but rather a mood-setting piece, confusingly.”

    So – if I play this, will it be a spoiler for an hour of the final game? (As in, nearly identical to part of the game, so I would have to play it again if I buy the game)?

    Or is it a separate thing that won’t directly be part of the game? E.g. With the Penumbra games there was a demo that had totally different layout, feel and enemy from the final game, so it made a nice addition and didn’t spoil anything.

    In the former case I’d avoid playing the demo now; in the latter case I would play it, hence my question. Thanks.

    • Vandelay says:

      It is its own thing. You won’t be replaying any of it in the full game (whether the same locations rejigged will feature is anyone’s guess though.) It is enjoyable, if you like this sort of thing, but anyone that wasn’t a fan of things like Amnesia won’t be convinced. As Alice says, how representative it is of the full game is questionable still, but it has piqued my interest.

      Speaking of demos that did similar things, I always liked the FEAR demo, which used locations from the full game cut together in a different way. It was like the gaming equivalent of a trailer. Nice touch, without having to go the whole hog of building brand new environments.

  6. JB says:

    The blurb says “A thrillingly immersive horror experience for the five senses.”

    I’m now wondering how they got touch, taste, and smell into a computer game. And I’m not sure I’d want those three senses in a game with undead things, thanks.

    • gwop_the_derailer says:

      By the five senses they obviously meant sight (graphics), hearing (sound design), equilibrioception (if you have VR goggles strapped on), cutaneous receptors (controller vibration), pulmonary stretch receptors (change in breathing rate during spooky bits) and hunger (to be elicited during the dinner sequence).

  7. Tiamoc75 says:

    Well I am not sure what’s going on, but I installed the demo through steam, and every time I try to start it, I get an error message, followed by the game crashing as soon as I click okay. If I leave it open, and just set it off the screen (mostly), it continues to load, then just sits there like it’s frozen. This is the error I get:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Resident Evil 7 biohazard Demo\re7trial.exe
    dx11.cpp” 4948 createComputeShader failed. HRESULT=0x80070057,
    The parameter is incorrect.

    Anyone can tell me what this means? I can install and play games, even mod them, but I can't figure out what this error is from.

    • Tiamoc75 says:

      So I see that that the one person who responded to me(Gradydad), and actually tried to help, and my response to them was deleted? Why? Don’t want any negative posts to maybe give someone an impartial perspective when people have issues? That’s just a bunch of garbage. Instead of deleting people’s posts stating there are issues with the demo, maybe you should actually offer some support (help, ideas to fix it, or maybe just a friendly word). As of now, I am done with this pathetic site, and the demo is trash. The game will probably be the same, as R.E. games have went to hell anyways. Maybe next time someone says they are having issues, instead of deleting their posts, try to help.

  8. psylocyble says:

    I love the idea of playing this on PC… The thing is, the older I am getting the more jumpy I am becomming. Should I have a heart checkup? Seriously… Sounds mad, but better to be safe?

  9. April March says:

    I don’t have the slightest bit of hope. There’s a part in the demo where they player character descends a ladder by putting hand after hand on the steps, even though our field of vision is supposed to be from a handheld camera he’s heading. This would be a minor picking, but I feel it’s big because 1) it shows the devs didn’t bother to polish an hour-long mood piece, 2) it shows the devs didn’t pay attention to their own setting, and 3) it shows that the dual nature of the demo, in which you are locked in a house, then watch a video of that same house, then come back to the present with a different perspective, has been built for the demo and won’t be anywhere near the full game.

    Long story short, yeah, the house being built by Albert Wesker to test the BJ virus isn’t far from what I’m expecting RE7 to be, and I wouldn’t be suprised if reaction from the demo had caused a bunch of people at Capcom to be hauling ass to try to wipe off the Syfy-Channelness from the game.

  10. racccoon says:

    Where’s the snippet vid. :(