Skyrim megamod Enderal getting own expansion

SureAI’s huge Skyrim total conversion Enderal: The Shards of Order [official site], which builds a whole new game upon Bethesda’s foundations, is getting an expansion of its own in 2017. Enderal’s launch this year was dang impressive – “play this excellent mod,” said Cobbo – but a few bits were cut from the initial release. Now the game’s lead writer has picked those up off the cutting room floor and is polishing them up for Forgotten Stories with 10-20 hours of new quests and new quest lines, along with a few other nice odds and ends. Have a peek in the announcement trailer below.

The announcement says players will get to join the merchants guild for “an exceptional non-linear story that deals with intrigue and greed”, poke around the cult ruling the Undercity, and go on quests fleshing out the stories of several notable characters. A new secret ending is in too.

Forgotten Stories will also fiddle with the Enderal formula. Changes include “hidden talents, rebalanced and overhauled crafting skills, high-level crafting, and enchantment that makes investing in craftsmanship a lot more rewarding.”

Enderal: Forgotten Stories is due to launch some time in 2017. The expansion is mostly the work of Enderal lead writer Nicolas Samuel, though some other folks have chipped in. He stresses that this not being a full team project “does not mean that SureAI doesn’t exist anymore or is somehow compromised: It simply means that Forgotten Stories is more of a private side-project by me as Enderal’s writer.”

Enderal also made Joe’s list of his favourite mods of 2016.


  1. SaintAn says:

    I need to give this a try. Can’t be worse than Fallout 4.

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      It’s pretty good if you like the Skyrim engine. Just have to persist through the in my opinion dragging opening hours then the plot picks up and you reach the hub area.

  2. Mrice says:

    I’ve been debating trying this for a while but im not sure if its worth my time. Can anyone tell me if its closer to the story first style of oblivion or the mechanics/skinnerbox first style of skyrim?

    If its closer to skyrim i think i’ll stay away.

    • ulix says:

      It’s very story-heavy, if that is what you are asking. Factions, Places and People are nicley fleshed out, many with detailed backstories. There’s also a lot of exposition dumping in dialogue… if you choose the dialogue option for it.

  3. DinoSteak says:

    As awesome as this mod is I was hoping they would mention fixing or tuning the game up. The problem I’ve had with Enderal, honestly, is it just doesn’t run well enough. As far as I can tell Skyrim’s engine just can’t “do” the level of assets and scripts SureAI has used to handcraft all the areas of the game. It’s a real shame because it’s a fantastic total conversion, but after about 20 hours in I just gave up. I just couldn’t handle the constant frame dips/stutter and CTD’s… after playing with Onetweak and ini files for hours to get it to run semi-decently anyway (i7, gtx 980, 16gb ram).

  4. DigitalSignalX says:

    A lot of the issues will be solved once a working 64bit scripting tool gets made for the new engine. It’s not a true fix, but it’s a sort of a brute force cure.