Make it sorta: Space Engineers warps into beta status

Space Engineers [official site] is still in early access but has now officially reached beta status. I believe means Keen’s software rocket is still risky enough that they wouldn’t send humans up but if a few monkeys explode in the name of progress, so be it. Perhaps one such monkey is you. The update blasting the space craft-o-build-a-sandbox into beta has brought new multiplayer netcode, a tutorial campaign, redesigned and rebuilt blocks, magnetic boots, improvements to rendering and physics, and other such neat-o improvements.

The update launched last week. Check the patch notes for the full scoop and have a gander at this shiny new trailer:

So when will Space Engineers properly launch? Keen Software House still aren’t sure but do say this about its future:

“The most important thing to remember with this announcement is that there is still more content, improvements and many optimizations to come. As an example, we can confirm that one of the things being worked on currently is a new HUD which should significantly increase your immersion in the game. Beta simply means that we feel the game now has a solid foundation. Some of the new models will be receiving adjustments because of feedback from the community. Multiplayer will be seeing more optimizations and improvements to make it run even better and make it more durable. These are just a few examples of areas still in need of attention.”

I’ve no real sense of how Space Engineers is coming along nowadays, so perhaps some of y’all can share some thoughts with your fellow readers dear? Mmmostly I want to see Pip return to destroy more spacesharks and Homers.


  1. Pogs says:

    I tried with this a few months ago and hopefully it has improved. At the time I found it full of horrendously confusing conveyor belts and tabs and settings. I thought if this is engineering it is probably why I am not an engineer irl!

  2. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Space Engineers for me was always slightly too directionless. There’s no end goal other than continuing what you are doing, and the combat is a joke.

    Also the multiplayer servers are full of jerks and you always, always come back to everything you built being dead.

    That said, the game itself is kinda neat and I like being able to build ships that putter around in space.

  3. mukuste says:

    I’ve never tried this, but it’s always seemed sort of “like StarMade, but a bit crappy”? Now however progress on StarMade appears to have petered out somewhat, so maybe this one has fared better?

  4. mollemannen says:

    There has always been some sort of problem playing space engineers for me and my friends. Either the oxygen/energy not working properly, non-placeable blocks or just falling trough planets. Now i feel the game just doesn’t have anything to offer that you haven’t already tried in creative mode and just starting survival is painful since you never know how far you get before the game breaks.

  5. gi_ty says:

    I have played it for about ten hours since they dropped the big update. It seems quite stable (as long as you stick to the
    “stable branch”). It is certainly a much prettier game. The building is much more streamlined and intuitive now than when I last played a lot back in early 2015. The performance seems to be much much improved as well, including my personal irritation that was the texture pop in. Now if it needs to load textures it kind of phases them in and looks much more pleasing. Its still the same loop of mine build eventually attack NPC ships, but the 3 planets and a moon offer some great exploration and engineering challenges. Mining in high gravity was a fresh new challenge that I am only now starting to become adept at after 10 or so hours of experimental building.
    Definitely not for everyone but I love it for the creative process that becomes even more challenging with some house rules. Like having centralized processing and manufacture sites necessitating drone ore transports. No jump drives until later in the game. Always having to have pressurized environmental support with airlocks on ships rather than relying on your suit. If your not up for self directed challenges though I can see why some people find it aimless.

  6. FS says:

    With 2000+ hours in game i can tell you if you can figure out how to build stuff you get addicted really quick! If you like Puzzles, model building Exedra this is definitely the game for you, learning the ropes is really not easy but if you get on with other players that know how to play it comes quickly to you. The constant learning figuring out stuff getting to and from space all that all that stuff really adds up and is a great time waster!)

  7. kevmscotland says:

    Game still doesn’t work for me. I’ve had the same System Access Violation for ages now. Once in a blue moon they release a version that works and then the next patch breaks it again.

    Combined with the badly needed performance optimisation, I’d argue this ‘beta’ tag is little to get excited about.