Thumper thumping thumpees right in the eyes with VR

If you own a pair of cybergoggles and plan to jack your family into cyberspace this holiday season for giggles, plus do thump Thumper [official site] right in their eyes. The excellent musical hellride, which our Alec described as “knives in my skull” and which made John physically anxious, has now added support for Rift and Vive goggs, y’see. Please do share your videos of Uncle Sean stumbling round the tree holding, Event Horizon-style, his own plucked-out eyes.

Yesterday’s update added support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, along with “basic” support for Vive and Oculus Touch motion controllers. Seeing how the game interprets Auntie Niamh’s terrified flailings is sure to be a treat.

Drool, the makers of Thumper, say they plan to “fine tune” the VR support over the next few weeks, including adding loads more options to fiddle with. Another update, last week, paved the way for all this by bringing the game to DirectX 11, which handily should provide a small performance improvement too.

Anyway, back to why you should definitely record videos of folks playing and share them with the world. The Mechanic’s look at how it feels physical is good, and here are some more words from Alec:

“Its sounds grind and boom and quake, do something to the belly, tweak nerves along the spinal cord, create an overwhelming sensation that I am about to be murdered. Or perhaps that I am about to commit a murder.”

Go on, plug Cousin Niall into that.


  1. Lars Westergren says:

    And I just made it to the final boss yesterday evening. At least I hope it is the final boss? Boss Omega on lvl 9. I’m not even enjoying myself any more. It’s just “I. Won’t. Let. This. Effing. Game. Beat. Me.”

  2. Da5e says:

    I had half an hour with this on t’Vive yesterday, and described it then as ‘like having a sexy panic attack.’

    It’s properly horrible.

  3. G-Lord says:

    Played up to level 5 on the Rift and it’s really intense. I can only stomach one level at the time.

    • spacedyemeerkat says:

      Oh. Bugger.

      • Sinky says:

        Every other VR game that doesn’t involve standing still makes me feel ill, but I’ve had no problems with this.

        • G-Lord says:

          That is really weird, as I usually only get a bit queasy when there is forced headturning in a game and I usually don’t have any problems (even played through Alien Isolation on DK2 when that was still an option, sigh). It’s no dealbreaker, it’s not that I get really sick, I just feel like I need to stop after a while.

  4. Congo says:

    My wallet is hurting with all these great new VR games!

  5. Amphetamine says:

    This is fantastic in VR. Being right there gives the action such clarity that I can focus in on all the important stuff in a way that I couldn’t when it was just on a screen.

    I’d also like to recommend that anyone with an arcade/fighting stick try using that as you input, it feels really right :D