Mafia 3 revs up races and car customisation

Given its pretty open-crimeworld shininess but blah reception, Mafia 3 [official site] seems likely to fall in the category of ‘games to maybe pick up cheap on sale and pootle around over Winterval while clutching our bellies and groaning ‘I should never have drunk all that eggnog”. In which case, you might be interested to know that an update yesterday added races and car customisation. This update comes a month after an update added dressing up, another feature I’d sorta expect to see in a sandbox. But hey, now players can design super cool radcars.

Twelve zoomcar races are now across New Bordeaux, six of ’em circuits and the rest checkpoint ’em ups. Become raceking and you win a super fancy car! Races also unlock new parts for customising cars. Drop by one of the Big Rick’s Garages and you can select different decals, exhausts, bumpers, superchargers, and wheels for your zoomers. That’s all live now, launched in yesterday’s update along with another three dressing-up outfits.

As for future plans, the announcement says:

“We were laser-focused to deliver this racing update so that you could roll into the New Year in style, but we do have more coming early next year. Namely, more customization and the ability to further enhance the performance of the cars in your fleet.”

Fingers crossed for a hefty discount in the Winterval sales, enough that I’m happy buying Mafia 3 just to poke around the city for a bit.

I know what you’re thinking: “What about the eggnog?” This year I’ve made this tequila & sherry eggnog and am quite enjoying it. However, I will warn you about measurements: 1) what the heck, sugar by volume is baffling 2) you may be surprised by how much one gallon is. After one Christmas party and several days of sipping I’ve still got ooh three litres of sickly sweet nog filling our fridge but, with the sweet baby Santa watching over me from his manger, I vow to see this through.


  1. Agnosticus says:

    This is so ridiculous!
    I can’t even run the game with a solid 60fps @ 1080p with low settings on a RX480 OC and an i5 4590…fix the damn performance problems! Even the 19€ that I’ve spent is too much for this horrible port…

    • Ghostwise says:

      The wise person waits in lie like the hibernating cobra of smartness in the tall grass of patience. Then many months later they strike like the lightning of wisdom, spitting the venom of opportunity.

      For is it not written, “by then it’ll be €9.99 and we’ll have Volta GPUs” ?

      • Agnosticus says:

        Sometimes you are the cobra and sometimes the cobra, well, he eats you….

        • Halk says:

          …hopefully leading to a satisfying sexual relationship for both partners.

          EDIT: Much like preordering, one should wait for the final version of a comment before replying. Life truly teaches us at every moment.

  2. amcathlan says:

    I wanted to like this game….really, the time period and setting, looked great….but the sawn-off features, bumbling AI and lack of interesting/immersive interactions with the world made me refund it after roughly an hour, with a heavy heart but no doubts.
    IF they made a patch adding stuff like…eh….Red-Ded-Redempt. style dynamic interactions, anything relevant/interesting to do with all your money, interesting AI or a Vietnam-prequel section for example, I’d seriously consider re-purchasing. Just letting me buy a beer would be a start. Still want to like this mewling, legless mutant.
    However, GTA style car-bullS or alternate models for main (not a clothing system, oh no, just model replacements) just ain’t gonna cut it amigo. For me.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I don’t think they can fix this game with more patching or cosmetic DLC. The problem runs too deep, with the main one being the boring repetition of the core game loop:

      Go to location. Hide, and whistle to attract one guy. Throttle/stab guy, whistle and repeat again until you get bored enough to haul out a gun and start firing. Then repeat at the next location. Often the next location is somewhere you’ve already been and cleared out, and they’re just re-using the game assets.

      Maybe it gets more interesting later in the game, but I bailed out a few missions past the amusement park bit. I did buy the game mainly for a taste of the 60’s New Orleans-ish setting and music, so I don’t feel like I completely wasted my money. But I couldn’t take the repetitive missions after a while.

    • Jetsetlemming says:

      Uses for your money get added later in the game as you progress, just like the (base) car upgrade mechanics and a bunch of other stuff people assumed was cut from the game. There’s also a Vietnam DLC pack announced.

      • Zenicetus says:

        I hadn’t heard about the Vietnam DLC. That might be interesting.

        But it needs to be more than sneak into a VC camp, then hide behind a crate, whistle/throttle/stab, rinse and repeat. Or going full Rambo as the other alternative. If there is an actual storyline there, it could be worth picking up.

  3. G-Lord says:

    Races, the best part of the first Mafia (I’m showing myself out).

  4. Person of Interest says:

    Godspeed with your eggnog backlog, Alice! Me, I’ve always preferred it when it’s the taste and consistency of melted ice cream…

  5. David Mitchell says:

    When I heard they were adding more races, I thought they meant we could play as a white male now? Not forgetting Arabs, Asians, Lions, Tigers, Snakes, Tench, Doormice and Elephants. Oh, and a lady. (Sorry, not talking about Dr “Elephant in the Room” Nusbacher again!)

    Happy Christmas, Alice!