Hopiko is a platformer about nothing but jumping

I keep lamenting that there are so few games about jumping, as most platformers are secretly roguelikes or crafting games or RPGs or. Hopiko [official site] meanwhile is about only jumping, to the extent that it doesn’t include other genre staples like walking. Instead you move simply by using the analogue stick to aim in a direction and then releasing the stick again to set yourself in motion.

The effect feels a little like your flicking your character, shifting them between platforms in space like pinging a subbuteo player across a green cloth sheet. The difference is that instead of balls you’re aiming for platforms, some of which move, or flip when touched, or drift as if in low gravity, and instead of opponent footballers you’re attempting to avoid lasers, angry red platforms and the edges of the level. Your target is a juddering mess of squares, which represents a virus infecting the games console the game takes place within. Here’s a trailer:

And here’s a GIF, which is sort of the game at its best – fast and reflexive and precise:

The reality of playing it is that you’ll be failing a lot, which is fine as restarts are quick, although I found myself frustrated that each failure sets you back to the start of the stage and not the specific level you were on. Stages are five levels long, which means you might end up having to repeat a bunch of easy tasks again and again to get back to the challenge which keeps giving you trouble.

Hopiko is due for release on January 6th and will cost $7/£5/€7 on Steam.


  1. Dare_Wreck says:

    So, Bit.Trip Runner meets Super Meat Boy?

  2. Person of Interest says:

    Does the screen shake and flicker like that in actual gameplay, too?

    Are there graphical options to limit/disable it?

  3. LTK says:

    That is not jumping, that is just moving in a straight line. It’s more like a ball game where you have control of the ball. Surely jumping is characterised by moving in an arc away from, and then back towards, a center of gravity. Take away the gravity and you’re left with something that could ostensibly be called a platformer but which certainly doesn’t involve jumping.

    This is not meant to be a mark against the game but when you say it is only about jumping, I feel a bit cheated when has in fact no jumping at all.

    To avoid my comment being entirely complaining, I’ll give an example of a platformer that is entirely about jumping: Canabalt.

  4. Ericusson says:

    Laser Dog, the studio behind Hopiko, is for me one of the best developer on ios to the point where I just buy each game they release without really thinking too much.
    They are iOs games and not too expensive to begin with.

    My love story for their work began with the title “Alone” which is on iOS a marvel of vector design, game-play and soundtrack.

    Reading here this article, I actually just bought their Don’t Grind game just cause it was the only one of the 4 they released I did not have.

    I highly encourage any gamer with an iOS device to get Alone, grab some headphones if possible and appreciate the vector pixel precise design of the game, its usability and dark soundtrack.

    It’s not a deep game but the game balance is just perfect for those moments where you have some time to waste while commuting of something akin.

    • Ericusson says:

      And don’t grind design is just the same in a different style, super clean graphics in a doodle style.
      These guys are really full of talent.