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For Honor [Official Site ]

Genre: Action, Fighting

Release date: February 14

What is it?
A trinity of historical warrior types – vikings, samurai and knights – come together to put their swords through each other’s bellies and find out who is the best anachronism once and for all. The singleplayer sees you hacking and slashing weaker mobs while getting into slower, more careful bouts with bosses. But the multiplayer duels seek to make every fight a toughie. You have to deflect attacks by guarding left, right or up, while also trying to land your own blows. Alec had a go at it and enjoyed the swordplay of multiplayer.

The Church In The Darkness [Official Site ]

Genre: Stealth, Action, RPG

Release date: Q1

What is it?
Top-down journey into a procedurally-generated jungle cult in South America to find your nephew. Developers Paranoid Productions say that the exact nature of the cult will change with each playthrough, sometimes they may be hardworking, decent folk and other times they will be harsh zealots, or have some mixture of attributes that leaves you conflicted about how you approach the rescue – lethal takedown,, stealthy creeping or diplomatic dealings.

Metal Gear Survive [Official Site ]

Genre: Stealth, Action

Release date: TBC

What is it?
Hideo Kojima may have moved on from Metal Gear but Metal Gear will never die. In its first release following the departure of its creator, the series has turned to zombies for its kicks, with an entirely new game that looks more than a little like The Phantom Pain’s undead cousin. Does it need the Metal Gear name? Probably not. Is chucking zombies at Metal Gear particularly inventive or in keeping with the strengths of the series? Not really. But – whisper it – early videos make it look like a laff.

Agents Of Mayhem [Official Site ]

Genre: Action, sandbox

Release date: TBC

What is it?
OK, the name sounds like a kid’s TV show from 1994, but don’t hold that against it. This is the creators of Saints Row taking their anything-goes sandboxery somewhere new – specifically, a futureworld of supervillains and interplanetary metahuman agencies. Though Saints’ DNA is very much in there, expect a very different affair – for one, you’re a heroic anti-crime group rather than gangsters with hearts of gold, and for another devs Volition this time hope to make an incredible action game first, then stick their trademark wit all over it. For all its other virtues, Saints Row has rarely been more than adequate when it comes to the jumping, thumping, shooting and driving side of things – Agents of Mayhem wants to be the best of the best in all regards. We shall see.

Toejame and Earl: Back in the Groove [Official Site ]

Genre: Adventure, Action, Co-op

Release date: TBA

What is it?
A reimagining of the Sega MegaDrive “classic”, built by Adult Swim and indulging in all the ideas of what being cool meant in the 1990s, including but not limited to: flashing tiled backgrounds, bright pinks, backwards baseball caps, funk, ghettoblasters, splitscreen co-op, and chains.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk [Official Site ]

Genre: Action-adventure, manga, co-op

Release date: February 21

What is it?
Great name, but if you’re not down with Dynasty Warriors-style hacky-slashy combat and bewildering manga stories you might struggle. It’s based on a long-running Japanese comic series and is not the first videogame spin-off, but it stars someone named Guts, features man-sized swords and an egg with a human face nestled in a flesh nest. It looks pretty spectacular too, so let’s hope that – and the precision and excess of its violence – is enough to offset total bafflement for those of us who are not already deeply invested in whatever the hell it is that’s going on here.

Styx: Shards of Darkness [Official Site ]

Genre: Stealth adventure

Release date: Early 2017

What is it?
Styx: Master of Shadows was a solid 6/10 game. If you like unbending stealth games, you might go as high as a 7. That’s unusual for Cyanide, a development studio who tend to have interesting ideas but rarely achieve higher than a 5/10 in execution. Sequel Shards of Darkness is aiming even higher. You again play as Styx, a goblin who can climb up and over buildings, create and command clones of himself, turn briefly invisible and so on. You use these skills to avoid or do-in guards in a pretty world with a lot of verticality, and if you get spotted it’s often as good as game over. We haven’t played the sequel yet but you can read our review of the original here.

Crackdown 3 [Official Site]

Genre: Sandbox, sci-fi, action-adventure

Release date: Q4

What is it?
The series that did what Saints Row does now – and then some – long before Saints Row was truly Saints Row returns, and that means power-jumping, futurecars, building destruction on a massive scale and extremely broad corps vs gangs thrills in one big open world. The original Crackdown was a triumph of chaos in the early days of the Xbox 360, but the series struggled a bit since. With GTA co-creator Dave Jones returning to the Crackdown fold after his APB misadventures, there’s much to pay attention to here.

Echo [Official Site ]

Genre: Stealth, action-adventure, cyberpunk

Release date: TBC

What is it?
It’s a stealth game in which your only opponents are yourself. Specifically, clones of yourself that, allegedly, reflect your playstyle and choice of actions throughout the game. Avoid yourself, or fight yourself. This is somehow our first time posting about Echo, a sin I suspect we shall multiply atone for henceforth. Not only because the concept’s great, but also because it has amazing chandeliers. Visually, it looks a fair bit like Deus Ex: The New Ones, but pushing both the cyberpunk and the Rennaisancey stuff even further.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice [Official Site

Genre: Action

Release date: 2017

What is it?
Rooted in Celtic mythology, Hellblade will tell the story of Senua and explore the world through her eyes and ears. The latter is particularly important as Senua’s reality involves dealing with psychosis, particularly auditory hallucinations. That’s not to be glib – the team have been working with experts including Professor Paul Fletcher at the University of Cambridge to understand how to enfold psychosis into the character and the game, working it into the game alongside melee combat. It’ll be interesting to see how the game actually turns out and whether it manages to convert that research into a meaningful gaming encounter.

Lego City Undercover [Official Site]

Genre: Open world, action-adventure

Release date: Spring

What is it?
A belated PC port of a well-received but inevitably not wildly successful 2013 Wii-U game. Undercover is best described as ‘Grand Theft Auto for kiddywinkles’, parodying ’70s cop movies and TV shows. Expect gangs of punks, big boxes of donuts, deep cop funk, and villains with names like Rex Fury. And, coming as it does from the same stable as the something-for-everyone Lego Star Wars (et al) games, there should be a ton of giggles for grown-ups too.

Sundered [Official Site ]

Genre: Action, Platformer, Metroidvania

Release date: TBA

What is it?
Eldritch metroidvania from the pencil-filled desks of Jotun’s creators. The hand-drawn world has got a bit of procedural generation and is inspired by Lovecraft’s literary scribblings, meaning there’ll be hordes of stuff with too many appendages. But also big boss fights and “corruptible abilities” – whatever that means.

Megaton Rainfall [Official Site]

Genre: Superheroes, first-person action

Release date: TBC

What is it?
Talk about having yer cake and eating it. This is both a first-person, flying superhero game, of the sort it seems genuinely ridiculous we don’t have a dozen of already, and a large-scale, city-trashing alien invasion game. The prospect and the spectacle teased so far is magnificent, though what we’ve seen leans far more towards aliens than Superman. The dev’s also been a bit quiet since last Summer, having last broken cover to say that he was targeting PSVR. Let’s hope this doesn’t end up restricted to experential gamette as a result.

Nine Parchments [Official Site]

Genre: Co-op, action-ARPG

Release date: TBC

What is it?
Trine developers Frozenbyte remain in the realm of magic but switch from the serene to the chaotic, with this co-op wizard-blasting affair. They’re not shy about making comparisons to that other game of butter-fingered mages, Magicka, but are clear that it’s not a clone and will be very much its own game. It retains the beautiful colours of Trine, but should have a very different feel. After a couple of underwhelming games, let’s hope this gets Frozenbyte back on track.

Octogeddon [Official Site]

Genre: Cephalopods, action, wave survival

Release date: Early 2017

What is it?
Initial disappointment that this is not some apocalyptic follow-up to Octodad gives way to delight that it’s a new game from original Plants vs Zombies designer George Fan. You play as a giant octopus bent on the destruction of a fleet of submarines. Though the action starts slow, you’re quickly overwhelmed by faster and more numerous fleets of subs. Fortunately, you can evolve, and that means adding more and more mutant arms, such as spitting snakes and giant wasps. If that makes little to no sense to you as a concept, fear not, you can try it yourself with the free Ludum Dare version.

Rise & Shine [Official Site]

Genre: Shmup, side-scrolling action

Release date:

What is it?
A comical, band dessinee-lookin’ side-scrolling shooty-jumpy game, in the vein of yer Metal Slugs. Promises ‘ruthless gun based combat’ as though 99% of games don’t do that already, but it’s got Adult Swim money pumped into it, and has some lovely trashed-world environments with massive bosses. It is very much A Videogame, of the sort that isn’t often done with much of a budget these days, hence may well scratch a few itches.

Scalebound [Official Site]

Genre: Fighting, action

Release date: TBC

What is it?
Another Platinum Games joint, but unlike NieR, Transformers and Toitles, this time they’re back on their own turf, with their own idea – which, given the glorious excess of Bayonetta, might just be a very good thing indeed. It’s a game about a headphone-wearing young lad and his dragon pal duffing up nasties, including a giganto-crab, and evidence would seem to suggest we’re in for a co-op mode too. The bad news is it’s one of those Xbox Play Anywhere jobbies, so you’ll need Windows 10 and the fortitude to use its store if you want to play it.

Prey [Official Site]

Genre: Action, stealth, horror

Release date: Q1/Q2

What is it?
Depending on who you ask, it’s either that game where you can turn into a mug or the next step in Arkane’s mission to breathe new life into first-person games. Developed by a different Arkane studio than that responsible for Dishonored 2, Prey is a sci-fi game about exploring a space station, fighting shadowy, liquidy aliens, and, yes, turning into a mug. Early footage has divided opinions at RPS a little – some think the combat looks UNFUN – but we’re hoping for great things.

Tokyo 42 [Official Site]

Genre: Action, tactics

Release date: Q1/Q2

What is it?

What walks like Syndicate, shoots like Syndicate and looks almost nothing at all like Syndicate…it’s probably Tokyo 42. Isometric kills, thrills and spills in the most colourful cityscapes we’ve seen in a long time. Frozen Synapse studio Mode 7 are the publishers, but not the developers, of this gorgeous shootin’ and sneakin’ game that made us all stop what we were doing and gawk at the screenshots when they were first released.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    Happy New Year RPS!

    Love and wishes and hugs and tequlia shoots for all!

  2. pringles says:

    Sundered(?) appears to be missing its title.

  3. Johnny Law says:

    If games hitting Early Access in 2017 are fodder for this list, then Deadhold should be in there too. Anything that pulls that much from Myth immediately has my interest.

    link to

  4. Andy_Panthro says:

    I’m still very hopeful that Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord will be released in 2017 (perhaps as early access?). After all, they do have a Steam store page now.

    • Gebert says:

      I’m pretty sure the Steam page is not official.

    • Papageno says:

      I should hope so. It’s only been in development since shortly after the Earth’s crust cooled.

  5. anevilyak says:

    Just an FYI, Night in the Woods has seen a slight delay, and will consequently most likely be sometime in February instead.

    • shoptroll says:

      I think they’re just waiting on Sony to get them a release slot before they can finalize the date. From the last couple of updates it sounded vaguely like they probably got snagged on some certification issues with Sony at the last minute.

      • anevilyak says:

        Indeed (I’m a backer), was simply pointing out that the Jan 10 date listed in the article is no longer accurate.

  6. Jimbo Jones says:

    Just a heads up, the link to Outcast’s official site takes you here link to

    • April March says:

      Also, the link to the free Ludum Dare version of Octogeddon leads to an RPS page that talks about the Ludum Dare it was made for, but not about it specifically.

  7. shoptroll says:

    One of the games in the action category is missing a title, and the links on Them’s Fighting Herds are broken/wrong.

    Also, no mention of Wadjet Eye’s new game “Unavowed” in the Adventure game category? :(

  8. Chillicothe says:

    That RPG page alone is making my wallet sweat.

    • Ghostwise says:

      Ditto. Almost half the listed games look interesting, which is amazingly high.

      (Though of course out of this half, a robust percentage will be drek that’ll go unbought, because creating games is hard.)

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        I’m thrilled that there are so many interesting games coming, but I’m also split, seeing as I consider games from 2012 to be new, because backlog.

        • Ghostwise says:

          I’m currently upgrading my articles about the 1997 Fallout setting and story, so I ain’t gonna cast nobody a stone about backlog.

        • syllopsium says:

          I was about to say even 2012 is optimistic, and that I’m still catching up to 2006 and previous, but I’ve finished Driftmoon (2013) and played some of Legend of Grimrock, so it’s not that bad.

          Still haven’t played *any* of the Witchers, the Gothics despite owning several of them, or any Fallout after 2..

          Going to try and finish KOTOR 2 this year, 1 was brilliant.

  9. Frank says:

    My fav genre, strategy, looks pretty thin, but I see a lot to look forward to elsewhere (Little Nightmares, Vampyr, Oxygen not Included, and, to my surprise, most of the adventure category). I guess I’m also sort of looking forward to whatever Civ 6 expansion gets released.

    • Zenicetus says:

      For some reason Endless Space 2 was left off the Strategy list. I don’t think there’s an official release date, but it’s reasonable to expect a release in 2017. The Early Access is a bit rough but it’s moving forward.

  10. Infinitron says:

    Wrote this a while ago, huh? There was a Bard’s Tale IV Kickstarter update just recently.

    • Themadcow says:

      I’d be somewhat surprised if BT4 makes an appearance in 2017, and positively fall off my stool if my backer awards arrive any time before mid 2018…

      Still, the promise of a combat demo/video in late Jan might mean progress is better than it seems by the terribly infrequent updates.

  11. BobbyDylan says:

    Star Citizen was on 2016 preview.
    And It’ll be on 2018’s.
    And 2019…..

    • Stellar Duck says:

      Yea, strikes me as optimistic to the point of admiration.

    • milligna says:

      I wonder where the heck they got the idea that three episodes of Squadron 42 will come out in 2017? Roberts would be lucky if he managed one — or even just the prelude demo.

  12. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    Hey RPS – the release date for Night in the Woods was pushed back before this went to press (it was only announced on the kickstarter updates weirdly). Game is done but it sounds like they have been caught in the nets of Sony’s bureaucracy and are waiting to be told when they can have their multi-platform release.

  13. Stellar Duck says:

    I hereby declare that the person who wrote the bit on Bulletstorm has no humour and is basically a Dickens bad guy! Shame, mr or miss Murdstone!

    Bulletstorm was lovely and silly and I want a sequel.

    Also happy new year all!

  14. zergrush says:

    Wow, I didn’t know about Absolver but those are some nice looking Seguleh they’ve got there. Sign me up.

  15. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    The page select chevron buttons at the top of the page go away after the first page (Action), really wrecking the readability of this list.

    • Premium User Badge

      subdog says:

      It actually shows up on all the pages after Shooters, so it’s not completely broken?

      • Scandalon says:

        But how do you get to them?

        (I’m on a small touchscreen device at the moment)

        • Sarfrin says:

          Go back to the main post and select the category after action from the list. I have the same problem.

          Wait, it’s not missing, it’s just getting moved on top of the first picture so it’s hard to spot.

    • Raoul Duke says:

      The mobile version of RPS is a crime against humanity. Navigation totally borked and more ads than content. And such offensive ads, too.

  16. dangermouse76 says:

    Have a great night people’s.
    Or have had one.

  17. DragonDai says:

    Star Citizen in 2017…lololololol

    Ah…that was a good chuckle.

  18. SaintAn says:

    There’s a mistake. You have Mass Effect Andromeda in the RPG section when it should be in the shooter section. Only the first game was an RPG.

    • MasterPrudent says:

      I never understood this point of view and have always considered all three games to be shooter-RPG hybrids. Does your shooting have to be unpleasant and clunky for your game to also be an RPG? Do you have to have lots of buttons to choose from when leveling up even though those choices have less of an impact than the fewer choices of the later games? Do you have to have a million guns (in your terrible inventory that doesn’t put stuff in alphabetical order) even though they are all nearly indistinguishable in look and feel? Oh wait it’s the exposed numbers, isn’t it? It’s all about fondling lovely exposed numbers.

      • leeder krenon says:

        Yeah in what universe is ME2 not an RPG. All that time getting to know your buddies then having to pick them for the best job at the end. Fewer times in gaming have you been required to play more of a role.

        • malkav11 says:

          It is extraordinarily imprecise and useless to cite “playing a role” as the defining characteristic of the RPG as a videogame genre. You can argue that of a vast swathe of games that are in no useful sense an RPG and there are a fair number of games that are pretty clearly RPGs that arguably don’t fit that criterion. Same with “story driven” – there are tons of story-driven games that aren’t RPGs, and there’s quite a few early CRPGs that have little to no story. It’s much more useful to look at the defining characteristics of the games that pioneered the genre, and those are things like character stats being prioritized over player skill, character progression, an inventory/equipment system that isn’t just for puzzle solving and isn’t doled out entirely as fixed plot rewards, etc. I think ME1 features more RPG mechanics than later games in the series (particularly 2), but they all feature enough to at least fit on the edges of the genre proper.

      • April March says:

        ME is as much of an RPG as Zelda is.

        Either you think it means they are both RPG’s or neither is, I’m cool with it.

  19. malkav11 says:

    Crackdown 3 might end up being more interesting, but I heartily disagree with the assertion that Crackdown did what Saints Row did better. I think it’s likely to be an inspiration for the orbs (and only the orbs – a lot of the rest of the gameplay feels much more like Prototype), but SRIV’s superpowers are much more varied and a lot more fun to use than Crackdown. And of course, Crackdown barely had a story or gameplay variety to speak of. I still enjoyed it quite a bit, mind. And I welcome a PC entry in the franchise as long as it’s more like the first game than the (sadly dull) second. Though I wouldn’t mind more story and more types of objectives.

  20. Xocrates says:

    Okay, I need to ask: Why is Sonic 2 considered the best one?

    Sonic 3 always felt like such a huge improvement in terms of look, feel, and level design that I never got the love Sonic 2 has. It’s not a bad game, certainly, but why the best?

    Even looking up why largely gives me no answer or some very subjective ones (often openly so).

    So, out of genuine curiosity, why?

    • Rao Dao Zao says:

      Agreed, Sonic 2 only stands up as a prototype for Sonic 3 — it had a couple of the mechanics but had not mastered them. Maybe it’s just because it Came First?

    • welverin says:

      I thought people in the know prefer Sonic CD.

    • Rivalus says:

      Because it’s jettison Sonic the Hedgehog as the mascot Sega need. And, the problem with 3 that it came out in two separate game that need to be combined to unlock it’s full potential, Sonic 3 and Knuckles. And many people think because of this, 3 is not a complete game (which is silly!). Oh, Sonic CD is overrated, it’s better than one but not more than 2, Sonic 3 is where Sonic perform the best.

  21. Banks says:

    No Quake on this list? Bunch of casuls…

  22. Captain Narol says:

    Apart from Conan Exiles (and Star Citizen if it miraculously get out in 2017), no new MMO incoming ?

    Gives me the feeling that genre is slowly getting out of trend…

    Btw, I’m looking for a good MMO with classical MMO stuff (exploration, levelling, quests, etc…) AND specifically Tactical Turn-Based combat (something like a “Blackguards MMO”, “XCOM MMO” or even “Wesnoth MMO” would be perfect), does anyone here know one ?

    There is Atlantica Online that fits the description but I have heard it’s badly Pay-To-Win so that’s a big “no way, thanks” for me. Anything else to suggest ?

  23. AutonomyLost says:

    This is indeed an exciting list. One specific game I wanted to comment on is Nier: Automata. I downloaded and played the PS4 demo today and… god damn. REALLY enjoyable, and lots of depth to the combat systems with next-to-nothing unlocked, obviously, as it’s a mere demo. Enough to sell me though, for sure. It played and ran so well (actually holding 60 fps at nearly all times as far as I could tell, though I was using a PS4 Pro) I would be purchasing it in a heartbeat for console if I didn’t know the PC version was confirmed. I can only imagine what it’ll be like at a liquid 90 fps in full detail on the desktop. This, Scalebound, and Hellblade are going to scratch a terrible itch for me this year.

    Also, fuck 2016 for a great variety of reasons. Bring on 2017. Happy New Year, all.

    • malkav11 says:

      The first Nier (console only, sadly) was IMO the best JRPG of its generation. And that was mostly based on its story rather than the fairly bland combat. Mix in Platinum-style action and Automata could be one for the ages.

  24. TΛPETRVE says:

    Bulletstorm wasn’t “fast-paced”. Quite the contrary, it was a sluggish, clunky bore. I’d rather wait for the upcoming DESYNC, which takes the same base mechanics and adds some actual speed to the formula, as well as weapons that are not just completely inefficient gimmick nonsense.

  25. cckerberos says:

    The picture used for Atelier Sophie is actually from Nights of Azure.

  26. Doomsayer says:

    But what about Half-Life 3? Surely it’ll come this year!

    • fco says:

      Heart Forth, Alicia
      Moon Magnate

    • Person of Interest says:

      These all look interesting enough that they could have had their own mentions in the article. Thanks for the links!

  27. Malleus says:

    Lords of the Fallen 2 “Development ‘changed course’ in 2015, losing its executive producer in the process”

    Actually, Tomasz Gop returned to CI in march 2016. Just saying.

    EDIT: Also, you might mention The Surge while you’re at it, a game that will actually come out in 2017 (hopefully), by the LotF devs.

  28. caff says:

    Happy New Year all!

    I’ve only had a quick look, but Thimbleweed Park excites me (backed on Kickstarter), Hand of Fate 2, and Night in the Woods.

    Also, I’m hoping that the final part of Kentucky Route Zero is finally released this year, so I can play the parts I’ve been saving up.

  29. Red3eard says:

    Quite looking forward to Terraria Otherworld as well!

  30. Lars Westergren says:

    My fav categories – RPG, adventure, strategy have so many interesting games coming.

    Is it just me, or are there rather few AAA announced games? I see one here and there, but not that many. Maybe they are waiting for expos and similar for the big “dropping the bomb” announcements followed by advertising blitzes.

    • Turkey says:

      Yeah. We’ll probably get a better idea of the AAA fall lineup around E3. Seems like most of the big publishers have started trying to ape Bethesda’s success by announcing the games 4-9 months before release instead of over a year ahead.

  31. SOulFUNk says:

    i am getting hyper for Agents of Mayhem, HellBlade, Rise&Shine, The Prey, ToeJam & Earl.

  32. DaftPunk says:

    Not impressed by the list at all.

    • Turkey says:

      Me neither. Hopefully there will be a few surprises along the way.

    • Raoul Duke says:

      Me three. Very little that looks innovative or just fun.

  33. Oozo says:

    The Pathologic remake could also make it in 2017 — no wonder that you haven’t included it, though, since I’d have no idea of which category to put it in.

    • Oozo says:

      Also, On a Roll, the rollerblading game that was a kickstarted a while ago released a new trailer in December and a message that said the game should come out in 2017. It looks really good — at least if you’re into the sport yourself.

    • Don Reba says:

      The Pathologic remake could also make it in 2017 — no wonder that you haven’t included it, though, since I’d have no idea of which category to put it in.

      It’s “horror”, clearly.

  34. PikaBot says:

    “non-politically correct themes”

    Ooooh boy.

  35. Yachmenev says:

    Interesting to see that bit of snark towards the graphics in Double Fine’s remasters, considering how well received the remaster of DOTT was, both here at RPS and at other sites.

  36. El Mariachi says:

    This list is missing Murder Man, SHRILL HARPY, and XTREME FACE TRIUMPH PRO CLASSIC EXTREMELY FOR MEN, among others.

    More info here.

  37. Dave L. says:

    Most interesting thing about Star Trek Bridge Crew is that Ubisoft is making their multiplayer VR titles playable across Vive, Oculus, and Playstation VR, so between those three you’re likely to be able to land in a game with some randoms no matter what.

    Also RE: Star Control: Origins. It is a ‘prequel’ but it is also totally unrelated to the original two games, as none of the original races will make an appearance, nor any references to the original story.

  38. poliovaccine says:

    I just wanna be the mug.

    Gotta say tho.. the nav buttons being broken, revisiting this page was a nice surprise – the first time, I thought the entirety of this post was just the games listed under Action… coming back now, tho, and realizing all the great looking titles listed under RPG, Survival, even *strategy*…??

    …and I still just wanna be the mug. Goddammit that really shouldnt excite me so much.

  39. and its man says:

    Happy New Year RPS !
    David O’Reilly’s Everything should be released this year.
    Just yaying.

    link to

  40. and its man says:

    Milkmaid of the Milky Way. This point-and-click by Mattis Folkestad has been greenlit last year and will be available on Steam this thursday.
    Blonde plaits, UFOs & cosmobasslines. Looks and sounds adorable.

  41. trashbat says:

    Are there no driving games/sims due in 2017?

  42. Grobmotoriker says:

    I miss Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, Squad and Escape from Tarkov in the Shooter Section.

  43. Lars Westergren says:

    That was supposed to be “No Truce With The Furies” in the link name. The “allowed code” comments below the form don’t seem to be correct.

    • KillahMate says:

      No Truce With The Furies is scheduled for 2017? Lovely!

    • Lars Westergren says:

      And this is the link I tried to post, but editing the post twice got it removed, I must have triggered some anti-spam filter. Check out the trailer, dynamic light and shadows on hand-painted backgrounds sure is gorgeous.

      link to

      It don’t know if it will be relased this year though, I just assumed that.

      But seriously, how do you format links properly? The regular a href HTML tag didn’t work obviously even though the “allowed code” block below says it does.

  44. Bartack says:

    I need Sudden Strike 4 now.

  45. Rince says:

    I’m pretty hyped by the new Atelier finally on PC (And there’s not an Atelier picture in the article, by the way, there are two for Nights of Azure).
    And very very hyped by the Lesbian Vampires… I mean, Nights of Azure.

    Why isn’t already February?

    And the Conan Survival thingie could be interesting.

  46. NailBombed says:

    Binding Of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is high on my getting agenda. Purely because of being able to mod Isaac to my delight. Soon… soon…

  47. Jenuall says:

    No Underworld Ascendant in the RPG section? For shame!

  48. Rainshine says:

    Thank you! While I’m already playing Planescape again to get hyped for Torment, I had not heard about Klei and their Oxygen game yet. Urban Empires also looks interesting and possibly decent. And the Frostpunk.

  49. Lars Westergren says:

    Rime is a nice looking puzzle adventure game, was supposed to be a PS4 exclusive but they split with Sony and now it is multiplatform, including PC.

    I associate the art of the island a bit with The Witness, the rest perhaps a bit Ico inspired?