Heavy Gear Assault stomps onto Steam Early Access

Heavy Gear Assault [official site], a multiplayer shoot-o-sim adaptation of the mechtastic wargame/loreworld/doodad, has arrived on Steam Early Access. You might remember Heavy Gear from the games Activision made in the ’90s after losing the MechWarrior license. In a similar memory-jogging vein, Heavy Gear Assault is made by MekTek, the folks behind that expanded free release of MechWarrior 4 a few years back. Heavy Gear isn’t a renamed MechWarrior, mind, not least of all because its battlebots are smaller and scrappier. Also, they can wear rollerskates, which I think is a wonderful treat for the robots. Maybe the winners get to go to the rollerdisco.

Heavy Gear Assault has been in early access since 2015 but now it’s on Steam Early Access, which means: 1) it’s on Steam, duh; 2) development has progressed enough for MekTek to bring the game to a wider audience.

At the moment, Heavy Gear Assault has its core elements of mechs fighting through lobbies and matchmaking and whatnot, along a Gear Bay to customise your fightbots. Still to come are more maps, more mechs, more weapons, more equipment, more features, a dash of singleplayer and co-op PvE, and a whole heap of polish.

If you want in now, you can pick Heavy Gear Assault up for £25.49/31,44€/$33.99 on Steam (with a launch discount ending in a few hours). If you’d rather wait until it’s done, hey, that’s expected to be in December.


  1. Kapouille says:

    Looks great! Nah, just joking, Looks quite… Dated, to put gently.

    • magogjack says:

      I like how at the start of the video they let us know that its ‘in-game footage.’

      Dawg that better be in game footage, cause if thats your touched up engine….

  2. emotionengine says:

    Steam keys for this are currently being given away for free here: link to lootxp.com Limited to only 2000 keys so you should probably hurry if you want in.

    Geniunely interested in this, I hope they… mech it good. I’ll get my coat.

  3. Pelaf says:

    The map aesthetic is reminding me of Tribes. Oh Tribes, my long lost friend, where have you gone?

    This game looks alright. Enjoyable, but not top of the line, I suppose. That’s just my opinion, anyway.

    • Vedharta says:

      Starsiege/Tribes yet another series started from ‘We also need a Mech Sim franchise!’

  4. Gunsmith says:

    I enjoyed heavy gear back in the day but being multiplayer only is doing this a massive disservice, especially when there’s far too many MP focused games these days.

  5. Kaeoschassis says:

    I have no interest in a multiplayer-only Heavy Gear, but I’m still glad that another Heavy Gear game now EXISTS, even if it’s not for me. Loved those games back in the day.

    Tangentially on-topic, anybody know of a place you can pick up that old mektek-made MW4 release these days? I actually still have my Mercenaries discs (and MW4, and Black Knight, I’m pretty lucky in that regard), but this is somehow the first I’ve ever heard of their version and I’d like to see what changes they made.

    • magogjack says:

      link to reddit.com
      It is the first link in the post, didn’t want to directly link the download.
      This is where I got my copy, had the odd crash but managed to get to the last mission (so many assault mechs…).

      They added an crazy amount of mechs.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        Much appreciated! It’s been far too long since I last meched, now I think about it…

  6. vahnn says:

    I started playing it earlier today. It’s a mess. The latency seems okay when the are only a couple players, but every time the server gets more than 6 or so players, things start going wonky. And the framerates are alllll over the place, especially on the daytime desert map. There’s actually a cool-looking dust storm looming in the background that gets closer until it fills the skyand you’re enveloped in it. Everything goes dark, visibility is drastically cut, radar seems to be less effective, and there’s a neat patter sound of dust pelting your gear. But my god,does it kill the framerate. Combined with the latency, it’s impossible to be effective in combat.

    There are a host of other small bugs, and the menus are inexcusably bad, but on the whole I quite enjoyed myself for a couple hours. The hit boxes are well done, with a large number of destructible parts, many having distinct effects on your abilities and effectiveness. Time to kill is refreshingly long, as the gears are more nimble and agile than what you’ll find in Mechwarrior or World of Tanks, resulting in prolonged engagements where making use of cover,tactical retreats, and flanking maneuvers are key. It also seems you can toggle your radar on/off to ruin silent and avoid non-visual detection at the expense of being sensor-blind your self, allowing you to make a hasty retreat or sneak around the enemy, especially on the night map when you also shut off your lights.

    I loved HG 1 and 2 in their prime. While I frequented the ai practice arena, I didn’t care much for the single player and most battled other players online, so personally I’m fine with mp only. It’s got a long ways to go, but let’s hope they do it justice, because I’d love to see the series make a return.

  7. Jig says:

    The performance issues have a lot to do with developing in UE4. As the game receives more polish and features get finalized, the performance should improve substantially.