Zul’jin going wild in Heroes of the Storm

Continuing the merry romp across the Blizzard Entertainment Transmedia Franchise Expanded Universe, Zul’jin–no, you’re thinking of Vol’jin; this one is the Warcraft II fella, the Zul’Aman WoW boss–has arrived in Heroes of the Storm [official site]. No, you’re thinking of Hearthstone or Heart of the Swarm; this one is the MOBA. With the confusion cleared up, yup, the forest troll warlord is now flinging axes with gay abandon around… ah, Summoner’s Rift? The Nexus. warworld is called the Nexus in HotS. Heroes of the Storm, that is, not Heart of… ah, nuts to this. Just watch this video of ZJ getting angry:

As you can see, Zul’jin is one of those there troll berserker types. He attacks faster as he gets injured, can fling an arc of axes that slow enemies, and generally dances around trading health for huge buffs. Check out all his abilities on the game’s site.

As a Dota player, Zul’jin reminds me of Dota 2’s troll berserker Huskar. It is funny how these heroes work out, with Dota borrowing from Warcraft then Heroes of the Storm borrowing from Dota and round and round it all goes. What a magical melting pot MOBAs are. I do sometimes quite like finding familiar-but-not things in MOBAs new to me, these distorted reflections.

Zul’jin arrives in today’s HotS update, which also brings a handful of balance tweaks and bug fixes. Blizzard have also added Tournament Draft to the list of custom game modes, explaining it “allows players to swap their Hero Picks at-will at the end of a draft.”


  1. rondertaker says:

    nostalgia for my WoW troll character combined with having some extra $ lying around in my battle.net wallet made zully my first ever instant buy new hero :O luckily hes actually pretty fun!

  2. int says:


  3. Muffintop says:

    So why does he have two arms?