Project IGI veterans nab rights to ye olde tactical FPS

The rights to open-ended tactical fly-o-drive-a-walk-y shooter Project IGI are now in the Norwegian hands of Artplant, a studio founded by former members of IGI devs Innerloop. Artplant have, in recent years, made games from Battlestar Galactica Online to horse ’em up Riding Club Championships and now they sound ready to Go In again. Because the IGI stands for I’m Going In, yeah? They’re Going In. Again. At some point, anyway – they’ve yet to formally announce a specific game.

Artplant CEO Jack Wulff told that he’s keen to be “creating new experiences for fans of the old game and introducing the IP to a new audience”. GI say it won’t be a rerelease or remaster as those rights are still with Square Enix.

Artplant have nabbed the IGI rights off Square Enix, who picked them up through Eidos. Squeenix have started pucking old franchises from beneath their buttocks in their gamenest and holding them up in the morning light for all to see. This has mostly been an attempt to get folks to crowdfund new sequels to old games they own. They’ve invited pitches for games including Anachronox and Gex, and some folks actually managed to Kickstart a new Fear Effect. No word yet on whether IGI will be crowdfunded but I wouldn’t be surprised. Artplant currently have a Kickstarter up to add cross-country horsing about to their equine ’em up.

Oh, and what is IGI? Here are some of Graham’s thoughts on IGI from his times playing the demo over and over:

“To be clear, IGI had its problems even upon release and I wouldn’t recommend anyone return to it today, but it was the closest you could get to Metal Gear Solid V in 2000 – closer than the original Metal Gear Solid. It was a realistic-ish military shooter in which you infiltrated and attacked enclosed, fortified bases, shuffling between patrol routes or crawling through buildings or sniping down upon your hapless foes from a distant ledge. To my young mind, it played like a first-person Commandos and felt part of the same revolution of first-person simulation that included the first Hitman.”

I wonder how this small studio will manage with something so ambitious. Well, I mean, I guess about the same as the first time – wonkily but endearingly?


  1. DrollRemark says:

    I would be amenable to this.

  2. FFabian says:

    There was (or probably still is?) a Battlestar Galactica Online?

  3. Deadly Habit says:

    Hopefully this means IGI 1 will pop on GOG soon.
    I remember having a blast with it as a teen and well IGI 2 that’s available there, not so much.

    • N'Al says:

      I must’ve played the first level about a hundred times. Never did beat the game, though.

      • Sakkura says:

        It was damn hard. I’m split between wanting to go back for nostalgia and wanting to stay the heck away so I don’t get wrecked repeatedly.

    • G_Man_007 says:

      Shame IGI 1 won’t work on modern systems, or did they solve that (it was to do with CPU cores wasn’t it)? I remember playing it and loving it, IGI was one of my first forays into (then) modern FPSing. Hard levels and a lot of memorising who and what was where. I loved those levels in the snow, and I would heartily wish for a new game and enabling the original to work in modern systems.

  4. fuggles says:

    Loved igi1, but goddamn that last level with respawning guards.

    Igi2. Eugh. As I recall you lose all you gear 4 times.

    In both games the highlight was measuring your health by what clothes your energy metre appeared to be wearing “your down to trainers!”

    • tayete says:

      I agree. I was loving the game so much…and I quitted as I noticed an area I had completely sweeped had again that same standing guard I had killed a minute before. It is a pity, as the game was really good!

  5. TillEulenspiegel says:

    It’s been a very long time, but I definitely remember seeing poor reviews for IGI, then playing it and actually enjoying it. Nothing exceptional, but a good shooter.

  6. Syrion says:

    I think I’ve only really played the demo. But, I’ve loved that you were just thrown into an open level with a base in the middle, and all about the approach was up to you. I really enjoy that kind of gameplay, but it seems only few games nowadays offer that. There are the Far Crys, but the last time I really enjoyed it was in Far Cry 2. And the quirky japanese indiegame X Operations.
    Does anybody know any other games like that? Basically “Free-form FPS base infiltration”.

    • bbungle says:

      As mentioned in the article, “Free-form FPS base infiltration” is an accurate description of Metal Gear Solid V.

      • Premium User Badge

        alison says:

        I’m not sure I would recommend Metal Gear Solid V to fans of Far Cry 2. I loved Far Cry 2, but I do not love MGSV.

        Granted, since I bought it in the Steam winter sales, I have already sunk a ridiculous amount of time into it, but that’s primarily because you can’t save in the middle of your mission, which forces you to repeat the same mission over and over and over again till you can advance the story. It’s extremely frustrating, especially given that apparently after 30-odd hours I am still only about 10% into the game. Oh, and it’s not first-person view either.

        Which isn’t to say I’m not happy I played it. The cut scenes are fucking EPIC. I wish you could skip all the missions and just play the cut scenes. I’ve never seen anything like them in gaming or film.

        Cut scenes aside, if you don’t mind playing the same mission over and over, and you don’t mind a third person view, and you don’t mind (vague spoilers) ludicrous science fiction stuff getting in your military sim, then yes MGSV has some great moments as a base infiltration game.

  7. Psychomorph says:

    IGI was a crappy mess of a game, but one of the best and immersive games I’ve played! The musical score was a real gem.
    Unlike many I actually prefer the second title, Covert Strike.

    I dreamt of the day the original devs would return to it an make a worthy sequel. And here we are. Except “worthy sequel” is a problem given how this industry goes.

    However, I am fan of Scandinavian and East European game design. So there is hope still.

  8. ludde says:

    Ooh, IGI brings back memories. I miss those sandboxy type of games.

  9. mika76 says:

    I remember it was the first game where you could shoot through certain walls and doors (if they were made of wood), so I would lay back and snipe to my hearts content…