RPS Asks: What’s in your Christmas haul?

There was a time when I’d have been absolutely gutted if I hadn’t found at least a couple of games underneath the Christmas tree, but now that my entire collection is digital, I’m more likely to find a gift in my inbox or Steam account than under any trees. This is good – it prepares me for a future without either gifts or trees.

I miss unwrapping boxes with games in them though so allow me to live vicariously through you. What did your PC get for Christmas? Not just games, but peripherals, VR goggles, new hardware…whatever you got, share your haul with us all. Since I can’t participate this year, having received nowt but booze and vouchers, below you’ll find my favourite PC-related Christmas gifts of yesteryear.

1988 – Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

A copy of Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders for the family Amiga. I’m increasingly convinced this was a dodgy copy bought from the local market, where things tended to have photocopied manuals and incorrect box art. I never finished it but I made loads of eggs explode on an in-flight microwave, which seems like the kind of thing that’d get you chucked into an illegal prison compound these days.

1993 – First PC + Doom

My first PC! That is if you don’t count the old Atari ST and Amiga as PCs. I wish I could remember the specs but it probably had more memory packed into its chunky RAM sticks than I have in my entire head. I think it was a DX2-50 and know that my next was a DX4-100, but the specifics of the specs escape me. Whatever the case, it was the best thing ever, obviously, and I pretended it was for schoolwork and all the rest even though I really wanted it because I’d played Doom shareware at a mate’s house and needed that hot demon action.

I went from Zool to Doom in one beautiful day.

1994 – Educational Software

You know that whole thing about the computer being educational? In 1994 I got the Encarta CD-ROM encyclopedia and Microsoft Cinemania, which was like imdb but on a CD and not free. In those pre-internet days, Cinemania was legitimately one of my favourite things. I spent hours going through the films alphabetically, listening to the sparse audio samples (there weren’t even trailers), hoping that I’d be able to see them all one day. Now that so many of them are available to stream or buy online, I have seen most of them.

I remember Adam’s Rib being one of the first titles alphabetically, and I developed an obsession with it. A 1940’s romcom worming its way into a young lad’s brain. That’s the magic of Cinemania.

1995 – Transport Tycoon Deluxe

Late to the party, I finally got Transport Tycoon. It might have been the previous year, truth be told, but let’s go with 1995 because I think it was the Deluxe edition. I was a bit bored of shooting things and the isometric landscapes I’d seen on the pages of PC Gamer looked sedate and lovely, and, yes, I wanted to build train tracks. So I did.

Transport Tycoon wasn’t my first management rodeo, but it’s the one that sticks with me and I’ve never quite shaken off my love of transport.

1998 – Die By The Sword

Die By The Sword! Who wouldn’t be happy to find something so preposterously named waiting for them on Christmas day. Shite controls and erratic difficulty couldn’t prevent me from falling in love with this limb-severing oddity and I still remember it fondly.

2000 – Ultima VII

A good friend gave me an original boxed copy of Ultima VII complete with cloth map. The only physical copy of a game I still own!

What did you get, this year or in previous years, that’s made your PC sing with joy right into the new year?


  1. Herzog says:

    Got myself a RX470 as an upgrade for a gtx750ti. And because it didn’t fit into my small mini itx case I had to get a new sfx psu. Which was broken. So currently waiting for a replacement unit. And still rocking the old gpu!

  2. Gothnak says:

    My greatest xmas gaming gift was Powermonger in 1990. I remember playing it and was amazed at how real the sheep and birds sounded on my 386sx-15.

  3. bramble says:

    I was 14 in 1999, and at my request, my parents bought me Half-Life. However, I knew where the presents were hidden, and I snuck into the hiding place weeks before Christmas and found the box. Like a master thief, I carefully opened the box, making sure to not break the plastic seal taping it shut. For weeks I played it, my parents had no idea what it was not being gamers themselves. When I finally “received” the gift, Christmas morning, I had already beaten it.

    It wasn’t until a few years ago, drinking with my dad and brother during a visit, that I finally revealed the extent of my treachery.

    • Lava says:

      That’s a great story. How did they respond?

    • caff says:

      Good work, Mr. Freeman!

    • Kala says:

      Ha! I did a similar thing. Two box sets of Dizzy games for the Spectrum, hidden in the wardrobe. Out they came when parents went out.

      (Didn’t finish any of the games before Xmas, though. That shit was hard :( )

    • A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

      Haha, I once did this over a copy of Lylat Wars on N64. Stayed at a friends house when parents went out one night so we snuck back to mine, used the key under the flowerpot to get in and spent an evening playing it.

      I got busted when a few days later mum asked if I’d gone home that night, which of course I denied, but this almost caused an argument when Dad said he was calling the police cause he thought someone had been snooping round our house and had moved the plant pot with the key under it! I confessed to save the stress. Now I think about it, it might have just been excellent parental acting to catch me out!

    • Runty McTall says:

      My parents always hid the presents at the top of their wardrobe. One year my mum had to go pick up my dad from the airport so my brother and I took down the SNES, opened it and played a good couple of hours of Mario. Still remember the car headlights on the curtains and trying to shove it back into the box in a mad scramble. Far as I know they never rumbled us, despite the saved game sat right there when we fired it up on Christmas day.

  4. Rituro says:

    I can vividly remember getting my boxed copy of StarCraft. That was truly a joyous day, as it allowed me to get rid of the cracked trial copy I had borrowed from a friend.

    As for this year, Portal Knights might end up being my surprise pick for best winter purchase. Minecraft meets Zelda? Why, yes, please and thank you.

    • mgardner says:

      I am surprised I had not heard of Portal Knights, thanks for the mention. If you have a PS 3 or 4 or Vita, Dragon Quest Builders is a Minecraft + questing game I’ve really enjoyed.

  5. Sin Vega says:

    In 1994 I got both K240 and Theme Park for christmas. Why even bother counting any others after that?

  6. cpt_freakout says:

    Among various games, I got Rocket League, and I foresee it making me extremely happy throughout the year. Best PC gaming gift I ever got when I was a kid was when my dad got me Baldur’s Gate II. Didn’t have a ton of $ so it was a pirated copy, but man did I wear down those old pen-marked CDs. I even re-burned them eventually when we moved homes, just in case.

    • caff says:

      Rocket League will take over your gaming life. Trust me. I need counselling.

      • cpt_freakout says:

        It’s amazing – I never thought it would be so much fun! When it came out I wasn’t too sold on the idea, even after RPS and the community praised it so much, but man, it just works so, so well. I want some friends to buy it but they’re like me, so they’re gonna take some convincing…

        • Scandalon says:

          Me too, it wasn’t until a coworker pushed it, that I gave it a try. One of the few things to bring back the joyus glee that almost all games once had as a kid.

          So good I bought it “for” my brother-in-law for his Xbone.

  7. fish99 says:

    If we’re talking memorable gaming-related Christmas presents, we got an Atari 2600 as a surprise when I was very young, which really sticks in the memory. I can also remember the Christmas we got a ZX Spectrum, playing Jetpack and Jumping Jack on Christmas day, and I can remember the year my brother got a Commodore 64.

    More recently I can definitely remember watching my brother play the first Half Life on boxing day, and the year we imported the then unreleased Demon’s Souls was pretty memorable too. I also associate the first Diablo and Tomb Raider with playing them during the holidays.

    Bought myself a GTX 1070 this December.

  8. Lava says:

    My first console, a Genesis, was the most memorable Christmas gift I ever received.

    Must have been the very early 90’s, and “Santa” had left it out and set up, with DJ Boy playing on a loop. Researching it now, it seems like DJ Boy was kind of a crappy Streets of Rage knock off, but the “press start demo loop” that was playing is forever etched into my brain.

  9. LewdPenguin says:

    This year things have been incredibly sparse, I bought myself Oxenfree on the back of so many glowing recommendations here, although since my view on in so far is pretty much ‘meh’ that’s hardly a grand highlight.

    Best PC gaming related moments would probably be the first laptop I bought myself to edge into the PC arena having lived on console gaming nigh exclusively for many many years, then a year or two later when also just in time for the winter holidays I splurged on my first ‘proper’ PC going all in with the shiniest (at the time) i7EE, 8Gb of RAM (at the time also preposterous overkill) and a quad-sli setup (yeah, that part was actually kind of stupid) that meant I could suddenly run everything maxed out in all it’s glory.
    Given the many years of fun that system provided it’s probably the best single thing PC gaming related I’ve ever bought, sure some games since have been reliable friends for a number of years, but they pretty much all relied on that PC for me to get to play them at all.

  10. Horg says:

    This chair:

    link to overclockers.co.uk

    After a few years using a cheap £60 faux leather piece of crap I found on amazon, I cannot express how good it feels to sit in something that respects the natural shape of the spine.

  11. TomxJ says:

    Digital copies are not as much fun, but I do treat myself to a near full price game every year – This year it was Tyranny, which is brilliant.

    Yesteryear My good Ol’ parents won christmas with Warcraft II and its expansion under the tree. They failed by giving my the spare parts from my fathers machine after he had upgraded one November.

  12. CartonofMilk says:

    my favorite xmas gift of all time story (yes it involves a vidya game):

    I wanna say this is maybe july 1991. So a good 5 months before xmas. And i’m on a trip to the city (i come from a very small town 360km north of montreal, which is the closest and aforementioned city) and we’re in a mall and my mom indulges me for a games browsing session in a computer store, one of my favorite things to do when in the city. So i’m there browsing the games on the wall, all these great looking games i’ll never get to play unless somehow a pirated copy makes it into the hands of friends at school. One box soon catches my whole attention. It features a first person view of a spaceship’s cockpit, you can see the legs and hand of the pilot on the stick, lasers are coming out of the ships cannons and something is exploding. I’d never heard of this game, PC magazines didn’t even make it to my hometown’s newstands. I grab it, look at the back, i’m in awe. This looks like the best and prettiest game of all time. Surely this can’t be as good as it looks, and those graphics must be doctored (actually, slightly as it turns out, or maybe it was from a prerelease version of the game). In any case i’m there with the box in my hands for probably 5 mins, my mom comes to me to ask if i’m done here, i can’t remember what i said exactly but i know that in my excitement I did mention that that game looked amazing, put it back and walked out. I never mentioned the name, and that’s the last i ever talked of it (to her at least, i’m sure i must have went on about it to my brother).

    And now it’s xmas mornign 1991 and i’m unwrapping this rectangular gift and what do i see at the first rip of paper. This can’t be. Wing Commander proclaims the box. How the!?!?…what??!? I’m absolutely thrilled and shocked. I have a picture of that moment in one of my photo albums, i look as happy as any 13 years old could ever hope to look.

    Now for the somewhat less thrilling bit..the game did run, i kid you not, at maybe 5 frames per second if even on our 8086 computer. And you may not believe this but i still played it through and finished it. And enjoyed it. Despite obviously not being meant to be played on such a shit pc. Less than a year later we got a 486 though and then i could play this classic at its normal speed finally.

    I’ll never forget that. That’s being a stellar parent, folks (not that my mom has always been but she has tried, perfection is not of this world). my mom mentally made note of the name of the game i was looking at five months before and asked my uncle (who lives in montreal) to go and grab it before he came for the xmas holidays. There was no way i could have ever expected this.

    • heretic says:

      Aww nice story, thanks for sharing! :)

    • sege says:

      Wonderful story! You should remind your mum of how much that meant (and obviously still means) to you :)

  13. MarkLarD says:

    My favourite present will remain the 2mb RAM module which allowed me to play Command & Conquer which I got for my birthday months earlier. Long time having a shiny but useless CD finally ended.

  14. caff says:

    I bought myself loads of stuff this year. I don’t generally ask the family for expensive tech pressies as they either get it wrong or it’s just too expensive.

    Bought myself a Surface Pro 4, which is a lot of fun as a tablet / drawing thing. It plays some games beautifully, such as Human Resource Machine, Little Inferno, and Mini Metro.

    For games, I picked up Glittermitten Grove (completed, it’s BRILLIANT!) and Orwell, which someone else recommended in one of the end-of-year best games comment threads.

    • Turkey says:

      Be super careful with your surface pro. The warranty doesn’t cover cracked screens. Mine got a tiny crack from falling off the bed and now it’s basically just an underpowered laptop.

  15. mgardner says:

    When I was 10, oh how I loved playing Wizardry (the first) at my best friend’s house. Our family had but a TI-99/4A, a computer that had its own amazing dungeon crawler called Tunnels of Doom. I coveted that game like none other! That Christmas, it was at the top of my wishlist. If that was the only present I received, I would be happy. I was sure I was going to get it. On Christmas Eve, my parents allowed my sister and me to open a single present each – this was unprecedented! I rummaged around under the tree until I found the one box that was the correct size, it MUST be Tunnels of Doom, it simply must! I shredded the paper to reveal the computer game – Alpiner. This was also on my wish list, but way near the bottom. I was crushed. I tried so very hard to hide my true feelings, I loved my parents who have sacrificed so much for me over the years and I did not want to sound ungrateful. “Alpiner! Thank you so much!” I managed to croak through my tears. I was ashamed at my reaction, but I could not conceal my massive disappointment. I knew they could see right through my charade, and I knew I was a horrible boy who did not deserve any presents that year.

    15 minutes later, my parents entered the computer room where I was playing my new game, and revealed they had changed their minds and would allow us to open all our presents that Christmas Eve. God bless them! I knew they could see how disappointed I was, and more than ever I knew how much they cared for me and wanted me to be happy that Christmas. Of course I did get Tunnels of Doom, and played it as often as I could while the family had the TI. That Christmas was one of the strongest and most lasting memories of my childhood, and I got choked up recording this story even now. I am sorry for the length of this post, and if you have made it this far, thanks for reading and I hope everyone has had a Happy Holiday season!

  16. frobishlumpkin says:

    My main PC didn’t get anything (it got a lot of its parts on my summer birthday). BUT, my laptop finally got a battery that allows me to unplug it, which means Stardew Valley in more comfortable places.

  17. Rao Dao Zao says:

    My best PC-gaming crimbo has to be the year my parents got me Unreal Tournament. I mean, after being all “videogames are so violent!” they got me one of the most violent on the market, and I didn’t even ask Santa for it? Presumably they didn’t really know what it was (probably still don’t). Oh well, I certainly never looked back after that!

  18. Barberetti says:

    For Christmas this year I received money, beer and a salami.

    I treated myself to Rebel Galaxy, and have been playing and modding it (had to shut the ships voice up, driving me nuts) for the last few nights. Enjoyable game so far, and a cracking soundtrack.

    The salami was lovely.

  19. heretic says:

    This xmas I got the Deus Ex art book and Alien Isolation art book!

    Also some Lego, because after the excess of spending 100+ GBP on the Steam winter sale back in 2015 I never want to do that again.

  20. wodin says:

    Due to a fortunate Tax Rebate in time for Xmas I got an AMD 480 8gig, AOC 144hz 24inch Freesync monitor and a new mechanical keyboard oh an a new water cooler for my CPU which is amazing, an Artic 120.

  21. melnificent says:

    Due to circumstances I ended up with extra presents. So in addition to the planned chinese clone tablet/laptop from the kids, I also got a new monitor and a UMPC.

  22. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Historic highlight was definitely 1997 (I think?), parents had split up that year and me and mum moved in with the guy who caused the breakup (20 years later he’s still my stepdad, so fair enough) so of course everyone was trying to buy my love, which manifested in a long overdue PC replacement and Half-fucking-Life. It had a Voodoo 2 and everything! I still remember how amazed I was by that game. Along with the Shigeru Miyamoto aceing 3D on N64 it was the biggest leap in gaming before or since, IMHO.

    This year I treated myself to Battlefield 1 with some Xmas money (seems odd that an aunt still gives me it at my age, but I’m not complaining!). It’s definitely the best Battlefield in a long while (whatever that means to you), have been having a lot of fun. The WW1 setting really suits the manic, shell shocked, school playground-ness of it all. It’s like Battlefront if they had a Biggles license instead of Star Wars.

    Also picked up Oxenfree and Pony Island but ain’t had a chance to play yet.

  23. Spacewalk says:

    First PC with Doom was a pretty good one but that was a birthday for me so I’m going with getting Klik n Play for XMas 1995. For someone who couldn’t code having an easy way to make simple games was a huge thing for me.

  24. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    Didn’t get any PC gaming related bits or bobs for Xmas this year but I did finally get my hands on a copy of Cosmic Encounter. Played my first game the other night and apart from some hiccups getting the rules straight for everyone I had a blast playing it. First game I pulled The Philanthropist and proceeded to feed my cousin all my shitty shitty cards. Love at first game.

    Best Christmas ever? Definitely the one where I got my Game Boy Colour.

  25. killkenny1 says:

    Grabbed Ultimate DOOM, DOOM II, Final DOOM and Return To Castle Wolfenstein from GOG.
    From Steam I decided to buy Wolfenstein Old Blood, which I already finished and quite liked up until the zombies arrived…
    But my main, or rather more expensive, purchases were addons for Prepar3D v3, as well as the sim itself. Sim, Active Sky 2016, and PMDG 737NGX (which I had to re-buy for P3D, because PMDG tax) cost me a pretty penny, more than 200 bucks. Good thing I was eligible to get Academic version of the sim, otherwise it would be even worse.
    Also got gifted Metal Slug game pack on Steam. In return the gift giver received a collection of old DOOM games.

    On hardware front – a pair of AKG K702. They sound so majestic!

  26. SingularityParadigm says:

    This year from my parents:
    Oculus Touch
    Third Constellation Tracking Sensor

    This year to myself:


    Onward (mil-sim FPS with artificial locomotion)
    Smashbox Arena (teleportation dodge-ball with powerups)
    Climbey (first to the finish-line climbing race)
    Dead & Buried (western themed gallery shooter)
    The Unspoken (wizard dueling 1v1 free with Oculus Touch pre-order)
    Bomb U! (first-person bomberman)
    Edge of Nowhere (third-person Lovecraftian action-adventure)

    Left-Hand Path (first-person spell-casting dungeon crawler w/artifical locomotion)
    The Solus Project (first-person sci-fi exploration)
    The Gallery: Episode 1 Call of the Starseed (fantasy puzzle adventure)
    The Assembly (first-person sci-fi adventure narrative)
    Abode (escape room)
    I Expect You to Die (escape room)
    Space Pirate Trainer (wave shooter)
    Windlands (spiderman simulator)
    Cosmic Trip (first-person sci-fi tower-defense)
    Thirst (first-person rail shooter)
    QuiVR (first-person archery tower-defense)

    Oculus Quill (drawing app free with Oculus Touch)
    Oculus Medium (sculpting app free with Oculus Touch)
    Kingspray (spraypaint graffiti app)
    SoundStage (music creation)

    Cockpit Simulator:
    Elite: Dangerous Commander Deluxe Edition
    Project Cars GOTY
    House of the Dying Sun

    Cloudlands: VR Minigolf
    Eleven: Table Tennis VR

    VR games I intend to use for exercise:
    The Thrill of the Fight (Boxing)
    Holopoint (Archery)
    Holodance (Rhythm)
    Sword Master VR
    Soundboxing (Rhythm)

    Flat games with excellent VR mods:
    Penumbra Overture
    Doom 3: BFG Edition

    _____Flat games_____

    Pony Island + Soundtrack

  27. Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

    I got the Dishonored 2 art book and an Deus Ex Adam Jensen action figure. Both are awesome.

  28. syllopsium says:

    Way back in the mists of 1983 we got a Spectravideo 318 (similar to an MSX), I remember that being an awesome xmas. I think the MSX was on a subsequent xmas, used that for years and still have it!

    Otherwise I’ve definitely been bought the Siberia games (still unplayed, really must), KOTOR (awesome), and this year HOMM (from my nephew (perhaps with help, he’s 3..)) after the recent recommendation on here.

    For myself, I’ve bought the last few bits for my new system to be built. Dual Xeon E5-2690 (v1, second hand), case, mb, memory, psu, etc.. It’ll be a lot faster than my old system and enable me to run games I couldn’t previously, but it’s mostly for productivity and virtualisation.

  29. Salmackis says:

    After reading many PC magazines reviews, I asked my parents to get me Baldur’s Gate as my first PC game. The “CD case” was a shitty piece of cardboard, my heart stopped as CDs flew everywhere when I opened it. Those CDs didn’t last long. I ended up buying 3 copies of BG over the years.

  30. King in Winter says:

    This year, Hearts of Iron IV. Great game, as I had expected it to be. From earlier years, one of the very best must be – probably in 1984 – the C64. Fantastic machine that pretty much set me on my current career path.

  31. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    I think the greatest PC-related haul for me was in around 2000, when I got an “SB Live 5.1 x-gamer” or something like that. The sound improved greatly (more speakers, EAX, …), but it also came with UT99, Deus Ex, Thief II, and I think MDK2. Deus Ex remains my favorite, but what a crazy package!

    Subjectively as impactful for me was a year or so earlier when I got the original Unreal. At the time, I was still playing Quake II in software mode with the uncolored lighting of its gray & brown world, and then Unreal came, also in software mode, and blew it away in every way possible.

  32. yapper says:

    Got myself an i3 and an RX 480. First Christmas since starting my job so decided I should treat myself. Never had a actual decent rig before – its normally just junk cobbled together from various places

    • yapper says:

      And some memorable ones:

      One christmas I unwrapped a present from my brother. It was a box of Persil. And inside the box of persil was Wario Ware: Touched! Pretty happy about that one

      Also a couple of years later he gave me the orange box. Next christmas, I’ll have been getting a good 10 years usage out of it – still playing TF2

  33. Premium User Badge

    Waltorious says:

    Didn’t really do gifts this year, but I did buy myself a couple of board games: Cry Havoc and Star Trek Ascendancy, neither of which I’ve actually played yet.

    My most memorable Christmas gaming gift was probably when I got Daggerfall in 1996. It was on my list, so wasn’t really a surprise, but I sure played the hell out of that game. What’s interesting now is that as a young-un I skipped a lot of things that are now considered the most remarkable parts of the game. I played a straight fighter and just followed the main quest and did some side quests. I never tried becoming a thief, or doing many non-combat activities. I re-loaded saved games when “bad” things happened (like becoming a werewolf) rather than playing them out. I didn’t explore too much of the massive world. But that world really enriches one’s experience of the game, even when sticking to the straight and narrow. The fact that there was so much stuff in it, even if I wasn’t actively experiencing it all, made the experience so much more rewarding. It certainly felt like the future of games at the time.

    I’ve been meaning to go back and play it again and try all that other stuff. In fact, I may go all the way back and try Arena, which I’ve never played. Perhaps this year is the year I’ll do it!

  34. waltC says:

    This year I got *six* ISIS candied heads in my fav Christmas stocking! Before you laugh–really–no kidding–these were *authenticated* heads with attached ISIS-Army serial numbers, ranks, in-life photos, and birth certificates (when possible)! (I got an ISIS General this year! Woot!) Yeah, I know–who could be so lucky, right? Try not to be jealous…

    BUT…not only were these heads candied, they were *tarred* with official LaBrea(TM) applique, SHRUNKEN BY HAND “The old-fashioned way!” which makes them suitable for wearing in public!–AND–this blew me away–Perma-Scented(TM) to “Always have that pine-tree fresh smell, just like on the day you received your very first ISIS head-on-a-stick when you were a small tot!” You know what? That was a quote from the promotional brochure–and IT IS TRUE! The heads smell like Pine-Sol! Very pleasant–so much so that even my mom notices when I’m not wearing them–get this–she says, “So you aren’t wearing your heads today I see. Awwwww-w-w-w-www. They smell so good!”

    Mom’s a good sport. Dad’s great, too. Here’s the phone number if you want some for yourself–maybe your folks will spring for a few–it’s 9999-BR%-4974! I’m not sure if I believe the cool brochure my dad gave me when I got my first ISIS STICKHEAD(TM), but *it says*…”Authentic heads of authentic ISIS-Army savages caught in the act of butchering innocents in various parts of the world before being appropriated for the the MetelloToys “ISIS Heads-on-a-Rope collection”! Amaze your friends and excite your girlfriends with these *real* collectors items! Authentic! Unique! (Sold wherever all fine models and toys are sold!)

    Last thing…not sure I know what to think about this..but *my Dad* says that the truth is these items are collected by aliens! True story! At least, I believe my Dad, anyway. He says that some sort of “Justice” group roams the galaxy seeking out perpetrators of savagery and preserving them as commercially available relics so that the rest of the sector never forgets what its own future will be should it decide to revert to savagery itself. I don’t know if all of that is true…but it does makes a certain amount of sense, now, doesn’t it?

  35. dogwaddle says:

    Picked up a bunch of stuff on Steam Sale

    – Witcher 3 – all DLC
    – Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen
    – Total War Attila & Age of Charlemagne DLC
    – Sunless Sea
    – Sorcery! 1-4

  36. grundus says:

    This year I got Fallout 4 and Shadow of Mordor from friends, I gave Brigador and Beginner’s Guide to friends and got myself DXMD, Shenzen I/O and an Asus PG279Q that hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve just had to use the money I was saving for a GTX 1080 to bail someone out of some money trouble, though, so we’ll see if I get that back.

  37. geldonyetich says:

    I bought my first ultrawide monitor, an Acer Z35. It’s very big, and I probably should have got the X34 instead because it doesn’t have an issue with black pixel ghosting.

  38. savagegump says:

    For me it was the original Tomb Raider in *quick google* 1996 so I would have been nearly 12. My parents didn’t get me many games (I don’t think they wanted to encourage my unhealthy gaming obsession..) so I was damn chuffed to get it. I had been playing the demo from a coverdisc to death (which I think was a slightly janky beta build with a level that was not in the final game) and it was awesome. It seemed like such a leap forward, it was like Prince of Persia but 3D! With a girl with pointy boobs! It probably wouldn’t stand up much to today’s standards but I enjoyed the exploring and puzzles alot a the time.

    Also it was my first taste of being in the “PC Master Race”. I had always been envious of my friends consoles (and still was for several years), but for once I had the edge. While they had to save their games at disparate save points, I could save anywhere! Difficult jump, better save game, tough battle, I’ll just save here… I’m not sure I would have completed it otherwise!