All The Delicate Duplicates gets a release date

What’s your favourite thing about spacetime? Mine is that it… goes… wobbly? Sorry, I just had the strangest feeling. Anyway, I’m here to say that time-bending first-person mystery All The Delicate Duplicates [official site] has a release date – it’s coming out February 17, whereupon we are promised that wobbliness will occur. It will tell the story of John, a computer engineer, as he inherits a bunch of strange objects from ‘Aunt Mo’. Along with his daughter Charlotte, he starts to notice that… he starts to notice that… Excuse me, I’m just getting the strangest sensation.

Sorry, let’s carry on. The more you look at these objects, we’re told, the more reality bends. The developers describe it as “a single player first person narrative game that toys with the concept of time: reality isn’t stable or linear here, but unfurls across a storyworld that bends, flexes and (in some instances) duplicates.” Doesn’t that look sufficiently strange? I think it does.

We are getting more and more of these first-person mysteries, with the vibes of Gone Home, Firewatch and the like. But there is also a smidgen of… a smidgen of Kitty Horrorshow‘s eerie tales in this particular trailer, what with all the creepy ambient music… surreal landscapes and… handwritten… scrawls… Sorry, I could have sworn I’ve spoken to you about all this before…

Never mind. It’s destined to hit Steam costing £6.99/$7.99, and a VR version is also planned for some time late this year.


  1. Urthman says:

    Not really looking forward to role-playing the kind of jerk Dad who messes with his daughter’s stuff when she’s not around when she’s explicitly asked him not to.

    • Augustin82 says:

      Urthman, must be tough to play any kind of game at all, if you must be able to fully identify with the protagonist and adhere unreservedly to their principles and moral stances, isn’t it?

      • Chalky says:

        I hate playing Crusader Kings 2 because it forces me to play as a monarch when the concept of monarchy is inherently unjust and furthermore…

        • Premium User Badge

          phuzz says:

          I can’t play Halflife because Gordon Freeman subscribes to the ‘Many Worlds’ interpretation of quantum mechanics, not the Copenhagen interpretation :(