Bleed 2’s shot-parrying platforming coming to February

I adore a good parry/counterattack combo. Perhaps it’s from careful Black Knight duels in Dark Souls, or maybe absurd fights with robotic dinosaurs in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, but I adore actively turning enemies’ attacks against them. So aah sure, go on, I’ll peek at upcoming arcade shoot-o-jumper Bleed 2 [official site] now I’ve heard it’s got neat-o parries. Creator Ian Campbell today announced it’ll launch on February 8th so here, let’s coo at a trailer:

Yeah, I reckon I’m up for that. I’ve not played the first Bleed but I see now it has a demo so I’ll have a pop at that when I get time. Reviews on Steam look mighty positive too.

Anyway! As for Bleed 2, let’s recap. It’s a twin-stick shoot-o-platformer with an alien-busting hero who can air-dodge, slow time, and parry certain attacks (the purple ones). Knocking those shots back looks a lark in the trailer. The other player in its two-player co-op can knock back the other (yellow) shots and all. All of this sounds great.

As does the sound! It’s got noises by Joonas Turner, who made bleepybloops for Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne, and tunes from Jukio Kallio, a musician who’s also worked on Nuclear Throne and Luftrausers.

Bleed 2 is coming February 8th to Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam and Humble, priced at $9.99.

[Disclosure: Jukio Kallio has performed at Wild Rumpus events.]


  1. kwyjibo says:

    Sure, this looks good, but it doesn’t look as good as Blood 2: The Chosen. Write about Blood 2 more, surely it’s crying out for an HD remaster.

  2. Neuromancing the Boil says:

    The original Bleed is a work of sheer, unmitigated genius. I’d blather about it more, but my words would only sully its perfection.

    Seriously, it is fun, fun, fun, and the skill ceiling is stratospheric. I’ve been following the development for a couple years, and this is honestly the game I’m most anticipating in 2017. Well, Strafe too, but this one’s at the very tippy-top.

  3. Agnosticus says:

    I’d highly recommend the first one, great fun! Looking forward to the sequel!

  4. anon459 says:

    The first game had mechanics and level design more refined than very many games have bothered to be in the past few years. It just feels so good to move around in Bleed. Playing through the difficulty settings until I beat the hardest one is satisfying in a way most games aren’t anymore.