Have You Played… Samurai Gunn?

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You’re at a party and people are starting to get tired of Nidhogg (it’s a nerd party). Someone has eaten all the Twiglets, the Fanta is nearly finished. It looks like Kelly might go home. All hope seems lost.

“Wait,” says Thaddeus, “let’s play Samurai Gunn!”

Yes, Thaddeus. Let’s.

What’s Samurai Gunn? Speedy, murderous local multiplayer for people who don’t have time to listen to your bullshit. That’s what Samurai Gunn is. Four people crowd into a tiny arena. Each of you has a gun with three bullets, each of you has a sword, each of you is a fearless warrior. Jump, run, shoot, leap off the wall, avoid the spikes, oh no, you are dead, you were killed by: deadly katana.

Everything about the feel of your character in this is note-perfect. It is a brawl of reflexes, yes, but also of observation, focus and control. Measured movements almost always triumph over panicked ones. A careful strike can even reflect an otherwise lethal bullet. On top of that it is damn stylish – the granulated pixel art, the breathlike swish of your sword, the way it freezes, just for half a second, as someone lands the killing blow. You can’t see it now but I am doing a chef kiss. Mwah. Open a second bottle of Fanta, Thaddeus! This party is just getting started.


  1. crazyd says:

    This is a game that got lost in the shadow of Nidhogg and Towerfall for me and my friends.

  2. Halk says:

    So much more fun than Nidhogg.

  3. MadTinkerer says:

    Oh man, I forgot about this! When I finally bought Nidhogg I was thinking “wasn’t there another one like this I was excited about?”. THIS. Samurai Gunn is the game I couldn’t quite remember!

    Well it’s on my wishlist now.

  4. oyog says:

    I absolutely adore TeknoPants’ games. Seriously, some of my favorite local multiplayer ever.

    I’ve been meaning to buy this and the payed for version of 0Space for a while now. Guess I’ll do it, before I forget again.

  5. Beefenstein says:

    This game is one of the best local MP experiences I’ve ever had, and I had an Amiga 600 with Gravity Power.

  6. Premium User Badge

    The Almighty Moo says:

    So much fun with a few friends, especially as it’s so easy to just pick up and play.

  7. EgoMaster says:

    Oh, yes. Have You Played returns from its long slumber. This was what got me addicted to RPS in the first place.