Fsck off, Cleopatra: Civilization VI coming to Linux

Recompile your kernel, grep your vim, and prepare yourself for The Year Of The Linux Desktop For Really Real This Time: Civilization 6 [official site] is coming to Linux. Porting house Aspyr Media announced yesterday that they’re turning the latest Civ penguinoid, as they have several Civs before it. They’ve already brought Civ 6 to Mac. Unlike The Old Days, Aspyr’s ports tend to come free for folks who already own the game on other OSs, so hooray huzzah for l33t Linux d00dz.

The official announcement doesn’t give an idea of when it’s coming, beyond “soon”, but one Aspyrian commented on Steam:

“It’s going through QA approvals as I type. I should note that QA sweeps on a game this large is no small task… but we are talking a matter of weeks, not months.”

If you’ve been holding back for a Linux release, hey, you’re sort of lucky as the Civ 6 you experience first will have several handy patches already rolled in so you should get a better first experience. This is why I only play games two decades after release, when fan-made patches and engine ports have left them gleaming, on ancient nicotine-stained Gateway PCs I find dumped on farmland. Fag ash coughs out the fans and I think field mice live in the 4x CD-ROM drive but it’s the only way to game, if you ask me.

Just watch your backs, Linuxeers: I’ve seen Gandhi loose nukes over Vi vs. Emacs debates.


  1. Grizzly says:

    Don’t worry. Gandhi will spare you from the nukes if you can give him a valid tar command without alt-tabbing.

    • carewolf says:

      tar -xvf gandhi.tar

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      tar was specifically hand-coded by sysadmin monks on the slopes of Mount Stallman in order to have a syntax which is not only different from every other known program, but is also alien to the structures of the human brain, making it’s command line arguments impossible to remember.
      Some say it’s because the gods hate and fear unix users, others that tar uses forbidden technology from dimensions at right-angles to our own.
      All I know is that I have to consult the man page every bloody time.

  2. rustybroomhandle says:

    Linux players felt a bit left out and asked very nicely for the port.

    From the Aspyr announcement linked in the article: “Besides daily inquiries asking for Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI, we’ve also received 12 dozen warm chocolate chip cookies as well as squishy Linux penguins toys for the entire office.”

    That’s around 70+ squishy penguins.

  3. TauPhraim says:

    Thanks for making a new of this, it’s appreciated !

    I like how they (apparently) handled the announcement, not promising anything until they could confirm it was feasible (probably after having solved the bigger issues already).

  4. jackflash says:

    It’s incredible how far Linux has come as a gaming platform over the past ten years – largely thanks to valve. I’m nearly 100% on Ubuntu now thanks to Steam’s excellent support, and only occasionally boot into windows 10 for the stragglers like Elite: Dangerous.

    • reitrop says:

      Totally agree, although i am more like 50% Ubuntu (16.04) and 50% Win7. Remember what games were available on Linux apart from TuxKart and Metal Blob Solid…. Sure, you lost the open source spirit on the way, but now you can start your machine and spend the whole night not wondering when you are going to reboot to Windows for some game.

      So very happy for this news. I’ve been waiting to buy Civ6 as it was almost sure it would be ported (previous episodes + Aspyr announcements on Twitter). Go back to my wish list, game!