All Heroes of the Storm wizards playable this weekend

Hey, you! You there in the Blizzard-branded t-shirt, with the Blizzard flat cap, the Blizzard denim vest, the Blizzard cashmere scarf, the Blizard pocketwatch, and the Blizzard gardening gloves: fancy seeing your favourite Blizzardmen in a new way? Blizzard are making all characters in their crossover MOBA Heroes of the Storm [official site] free to play with this weekend. What would Zarya out Overwatch say if she met a Murloc? What do the Lost Vikings make of Zergmen? And for god’s sake, will you push mid and win? Find out from Friday.

The full Heroes of the Storm hero will be open to everyone from 6pm UK time until 6pm on Monday, Blizzard announced.

Normally, a rotating selection of heroes is free for everyone. To play a specific hero whenever they please, players need to unlock them by paying real or fake money.

That’s fairly common in the F2P MOBAworld but I must say I do prefer the Dota 2 method of making all wizards open to everyone all the time, then making money by selling virtual wizard hats, scarves, vests, pocketwatches, and gardening gloves. Valve have the benefit of a well-established modding ecosystem to funnel new hats, vests, etc. into the game, mind. Still, that was enough to make Dota 2 one of 2016’s highest-grossing games on Steam even though it’s free-to-play.

I just really like wizard hats, okay.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    So the servers will be flooded with people playing given heroes the first time and having no idea how to play? Awesome, I can go in and be even more frustrated!

    • TehK says:

      Or you could be happy that new players might come into the game… you know… just a suggestion ;)

  2. Ghostwise says:

    What would Zarya out Overwatch say if she met a Murloc?

    “Mmrrggllblmrrrgglmbll !”, whilst staring hard at her Lonely Planet travel guide’s language section.

  3. CowboyCurtis says:

    Man, I tried to get into MOBAs, but the genre just bounced off me hard. They seem to be pretty huge now though, which is cool if that’s your thing. Just never saw the appeal. I haven’t tried this one yet though. To those who play: how is the HOtS community? Is it more newbie friendly and less toxic than the others? Will I need to dedicate years of my life to learning how to play?

    • Xocrates says:

      I haven’t played this properly in about a year or so, but I never had any significant problem with the community and the fact that you’re limited to team chat only helps.

      That said, I have many problems with the game itself. It may not be a bad entry point into the genre, and there are many things that it does well and I wish more games copied, but it’s so team oriented that playing solo is a pretty crap experience and the heroes are so focused on being fun to play as that many are horrendous to play against.

      So frankly, try it out, but I wouldn’t make long term plans regarding it.

    • Arathain says:

      The community is actually not too bad. Caveat: it’s humans online. Specifically, mostly strangers required to work together in very complex ways, in which often the team that screws up the least wins. There are trolls and ragers to encounter regularly. Still, there are fewer of those than I’ve encountered elsewhere, and plenty of decent, helpful folk. The sub-Reddit is actually a pretty decent place, and the devs are responsive and communicative.

      I do suggest giving it a try. The barrier to entry is smaller than League or Dota by a long way. Shared XP, all basic abilities usable from level 1 and no items to learn shorten the on-ramp considerably. Also, all the cheapest characters are straightforward to learn and viable at all levels of play. If you’re ever not sure what you should be doing there will be a map objective starting soon, so group up and go do that.