Tales and trials: Tales of Berseria demo released

Dear sirs...

A demo for Tales of Berseria [official site] is now out on Steam, offering a sample of Bandai Namco’s JRPG ahead of its full launch on January 27th. Tales may be an old series but it’s relatively new to PC, so do have a bash if you’re curious. If you’re less interested in games than options menus and framerates, hey, I can tell you about that.

Swing by Steam and click that ‘Download Demo’ button to get the 874MB download started. Can your PC run it? Handily, Bamco unveiled system requirements and PC specifics and things yesterday. You’ll find details on resolution option (lots of ’em), framerate caps (60fps, with an option for 30) and so on through there, as well as a preemptive defense of using the Denuvo DRM-enhancement software. Bamco say:

“We love the community: it is you guys that ensure that we continually bring more Tales games out, and to a high caliber. It wouldn’t be fair to you if we didn’t put any systems in place to prevent people who try to acquire the game through illegitimate means as it eventually will slow us down bringing games onto PC. Denuvo has been proven to be a reliable way to fight piracy. So far, no conclusive evidence is proven to disrupt the player experience.”

Stories of Denuvo trashing performance may still be only stories but it does definitely require online activation and that has proven disruptive for some players who don’t live perma-online.

Tales of Berseria is due on January 27th (or the 26th for most people west of Japan?), priced at £39.99/49,99€/$49.99. Here’s a dose of drama to explain what it’s about:


  1. Spuzzell says:

    Dear Denuvo,

    you have never bothered me or anyone I’ve ever known.

    Keep doing your thing, pirates bitching just means you’re winning.

    Yours, etc

    • Ghostwise says:

      Keep doing your thing, pirates bitching just means you’re winning.

      Clearly, every person who runs into an issue with DRM is “a pirate”.

      In the same vein, my personal rule is that anybody who disagrees with me on anything is “a terrorist”.

  2. Chillicothe says:

    Yeah, that shadows what Harada said about cross-play reguarding Tekken 7, ie, that there’s elements in the company that fears the wilder side of PC gaming so the Denuvo licensing isn’t a shock (better than Securom 2 that Symphonia came with amirite?)

    Still, on-line is for that which innately requires your computer to talk to the open net except in specific circumstances reguarding earned credits, so I will purchase after Denuvo is gone.

  3. Creeping Death says:

    After playing the demo this game has me so conflicted. I absolutely adored Zestiria and love the way this game plays… but when your main character looks that dumb and the demo literally opens with a skit about how all women are difficult… Does the game not want me to like it?