For Honor closed beta cutting into the end of January

Our Alec had a lark when he romped around stabbing knights and samurai as a viking (a viqueen?) in Ubisoft’s sword ’em up For Honor [official site] and soon more of us will get a go. Ahead of For Honor’s launch on February 14th, Ubi have announced a closed beta test will run from January 26th to the 29th – and you can sign up for a chance to get in. Murders!

Some words from Alec, who was delighted with the burly female vikings:

“I suspect it will be popular, and I think it deserves to be, a little finessing on the controls notwithstanding. I hope the mania for unlocks can be controlled somewhat in order that it stays focused on tight battles, which hopefully will eventually give rise to feinting and psyching out too. I am also very much looking forwards to more wonderfully excessive character models. Viqueens4lyfe.”

Oh, and here are Ubi to show off three newly-revealed classes and another of the multiplayer modes:

It will have singleplayer too, mind. A story about something something SWORDS!

Would you play viking, knight, or samurai? How would ninjas fit into this? And can your dad beat up my dad?


  1. 2helix4u says:

    Wow Ubisoft really need to have more faith in their art and animation team and stop stamping UI elements over the top of everything, it looks quite nice and everyone has very obvious visible colours and shapes to tell you what they are, then they also have to have UI elements everywhere shouting at you and model-obscuring white flashes on top of animation telegraphs, even your own in case you forgot that you pressed a button.

    Big white rings around the feet of the person you’re locked onto in case you forgot who you were locked on to.
    It looks nice but would look much better without all that tat on top of it.

    • Lieutenant_Scrotes says:

      In recent Ubisoft games (Watch Dogs 2, AC: Syndicate) you can customise the HUD to your liking so I doubt this will be an issue.

  2. flagoon says:

    I bought Rainbow Six Siege lately. I can’t play with people from my friend list. I forward ports, disable antivirus, firewall and anything any guide suggested. I’m not going to buy another Ubisoft game.