WWE 2K17 rumbling onto PC February 7th


In what has become an annual wrasslin’ tradition, WWE 2K17 [official site] is coming to PC on February 7th, months after its console launch. The console version is the best WWE release in the last few years, with marginal improvements in the career mode and creation suites, and better in-ring action. Most notable is the fact that triple threat matches and the like are actually enjoyable now, thanks to longer rest spots outside the ring for battered wrestlers, allowing for better match flow. I still wouldn’t go so far as to recommend it, but it’s on the right track.

The biggest disappointment is that the game was already well into production when the WWE had its Raw/Smackdown brand split, so none of that is reflected in-game. That doesn’t just mean it feels outdated, it also means there’s no room for a brand vs brand management mode, which could be fantastic. The Universe mode here, which allows you to modify existing rosters and shows and then play out the company’s future, is the most appealing part of the game to me, but it’s still undercooked. A new UI can’t disguise the fact that there aren’t actually many changes under the hood. Rivalries play out without any sense of excitement or momentum, and you need to bring your own creativity to the mode to make it worthwhile.

This is the game that brought Goldberg back to the squared circle, and he’s included in every version, having been a preorder bonus on console. I’ve actually spent less time using him in the ring since WWE have in real life since his return. If you want all of the other DLC, there’s a season pass to buy, which’ll set you back an extra £24.99 on top of the £39.99 recommended retail price. All DLC already released, which includes some wrestling legends and NXT folks (Nakamura isn’t in the base game, which I find very upsetting), will be available at launch on PC, but the season pass stuff that isn’t yet on console will be available “at a later time”.


  1. DashingDorm says:

    It doesn’t even have Bobby Roode’s entrance with a karaoke mode.
    Seriously though, I’ll probably somehow end up buying it again, as I do every year, but last couple of years the series wasn’t exactly fun.

    • Premium User Badge

      alison says:

      For serious, where’s Roode tho. I only watch NXT, so aside from recent graduates like Bayley I have little interest in the main roster guys. I would mark out if I got to replay Tye Dillinger vs Bobby Roode in Toronto, though.

      I kinda like the idea of a wrestling game set in NXT because there is a win condition – once you’re over enough you’re called up and the game is over. Do these games even have a storyline? The last fighting games I played were MK2 and OMF2097 and they had very thin storylines but enough world-building the fighting felt meaningful somehow.

      It’d be aces to play through a several year storyline where you come in as an indie darling, get cut right down to size by having to job for a while and successfully sell getting your ass kicked, only to innovate some peculiar gimmick and come back an unlikely underdog. Get called up, you win.

      On a side note, I am a little scared to watch last night’s NXT, because during the hiatus I watched the entire 2.5 seasons of Lucha Underground and fear no wrestling show will ever be able to measure up.

      • CartonofMilk says:

        Roode came to nxt in june. The game came out on consoles in October and pretty much you can assume that any wrestler not on the WWE roster by something like march or april is not gonna make it in the game. It’s frustrating that the the roster in the game upon release on PC (and even on consoles) is so outdated but that’s how ti is. that being said, you’ve always got insanely talented people to create the wrestlers not in the game and yes minus specific things like entrances, they usually manage to recreate them very accurately. The game has such a deep selection of moves, you can even find finishers from famous wrestlers NOT in WWE. Like Styles wasn’t in 2k16, but you could still find his forearm and i wanna say maybe his styles clash even? Not 100% sure on that one. maybe it’s not in there.

        But yeah the only way to have an up to date roster is players created wrestlers..

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          alison says:

          Urg. I’ve never bought a game featuring real present-day people in it before, but I guess it makes sense that game development lifecycles don’t track well with real world events. The thing for me is that next year if people like Tye or Roode or Nikki Cross or DIY get big enough to appear in the game, then they will probably have been called up anyway and I’ll be hyped about whoever the next new guys are.

          I wonder if there is space in the market for the Lucha Underground of wrestling gaming – a story-based series that exists both parallel to and outside of the real world of wrestling, since then the devs could build a storyline in the game that doesn’t depend on real world developments.

  2. Imbecile says:

    Why is Wayne Rooney refereeing?

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Asset reuse. You know how in some FPSs you can tell they’ve basically copy/pasted the same corridor a bunch of times? This is the same thing but with referees. Basically all referees are Wayne Rooney. And in the game; FACT.

  3. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    I saw this on Steam earlier and just wanted to say that Brock Lesnar has possibly the worst tattoo ever. Is he trying to look like the poster child for the Hitler Youth?

  4. CartonofMilk says:

    This news has made my day. I thought it was gonna be April. Last year was march and i read somewhere a few months back this one would be April.

    2k16 was my return to wrestling games after something like 15 years (No mercy was my last and i bought everything form World tour to No mercy on n64 and played the shit out of them). At the beginning of the 00’s i went PC only and anyway all i would hear from people is that they’d never topped the THQ games so i would shrug and not think i was really missing anything.

    These people had been so wrong. I was absolutely thrilled with 2k16 (well…minus a good bunch annoying things of course that playing the game a lot eventually made obvious…but the gameplay!), there is no way these games don’t top the THQ games in every way (though of course those games set the blueprint). If the wrestling games of 4 or 5 years back were better, well i’m blissfully ignorant of it.

    I’ve just 5 minutes ago exited 2k16. I still play it daily. Now though i wish i hadn’t made all those 40 wrestlers last month, a lot of effort went into it and now it seems i’ll have to start over in a new game in less than a month…

    • Jalan says:

      Having played No Mercy, you should know that nothing has topped it since. One or two entries in the SmackDown series have come close, but everything else pales in comparison.

  5. CartonofMilk says:

    reality warfare just got fantastic…(again?)

    Except you can’t beat brock in 2 minutes and 3 moves even with Goldberg.

    (i stop posting in this section now)

  6. Big Squidge says:

    Were there any improvements to load times with last year’s PC release? I have this on my PS4 but, dramatic though it may sound, I honestly can’t make time to play it due to the load times. If I want to get through half a dozen matches in the career mode I need to dedicate at least half a Saturday to it; all those thirty second waits to upgrade one’s character between matches swiftly add up!

  7. jezcentral says:

    Best alt text ever.

  8. Premium User Badge

    ooshp says:

    How does this even work? Does the game ignore your input and just go through a scripted sequence just like the “sport”?