Trine devs announce roguelikelike Has-Been Heroes

Trine developers Frozenbyte have announced Has-Been Heroes [official site, a roguelikelike action-RPG about fantasy fogies cutting through hordes of monsters as they escort the kingdom’s princesses to school. I am very sorry to say that, as far as I can see, Frozenbyte have turned their back on the truth and the light and the way that is grappling hooks. I will forgive them, mind, as their hersey does seem to involve a whole lot of magical explosions. Here, see for yourself in the announcement trailer:

So! You have a lineup of heroes from regular fantasyfolk like rogues and wizards to more esoteric ones like, ah, luchadors. Frozenbyte say they can be powered up with hundreds of different items and spells. They talk about combining spells and learning new elements too, which sounds a bit Magicka-y.

As for the roguelikelike part, it looks like it’s made into runs, with each deadly try bringing new level layouts (made of rooms connected by branching paths) and the luck of the drop. To my eyes, at least; I can only see what you see.

Has-Been Heroes is due to launch this March. Frozenbyte are also working on a Magicka-lookin’ wizard ’em up, Nine Parchments.


  1. Halk says:

    Cool. Is it going to just end in the middle again with an unresolved story?

    • Jalan says:

      Instead of 50%, you’ll get 25% and the chance to throw a poster of the game’s art into a digital dumpster.

      (I joke, though I wasn’t really happen with the way Trine 3 played out both in how it was released and the content of it)

      • Jalan says:

        Wow, happy auto-corrected to “happen” and I didn’t catch it after I initially edited the post. Oh well.

  2. RuySan says:

    Too bad it doesn’t seem to have the loveliness of Trine’s graphics.

  3. Zorn says:

    I’m afraid, after Trine 2, Frozenbyte just… well…
    I don’t know. I did even enjoy Shadowgrounds. They
    lost me with Trine 3. I just looked at Trine 1, and
    it was no question for me, to get it, the same went
    for Trine 2. But with Trine 3, I didn’t even have
    the interest to give it a try. I liked the Shadwen
    demo, it felt like a solid idea, but just not quiet
    up my alley. I’m quiet sorry to say, already with
    the looks of it, it will not be my thing. I wish
    Frozenbyte best of luck though. Maybe, once upon
    a game, we shall find together again.

    • Premium User Badge

      DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Shadwen was OK. The best idea it had was being able to rewind time. It makes the game a lot less repetitive as you don’t need to constantly load or go back to a checkpoint. It also solves the problem a lot of stealth games have where they give you murder tools but you may not use them if you are trying to play pacifist. This way if you see a fun way to make someone die you can do it then just zip back and continue on like nothing happened.

      The whole hiding bodies from a little girl was interesting too as it added another layer to stealth.

  4. horrorgasm says:

    The screenshot makes it look like a comedy Darkest Dungeon, but then if you watch the video the enemies are all walking towards you down lanes, in waves? So it’s like one of those crappy old lane defense phone games? Eugh.

    • Frank says:

      Or, you know, like Plants vs Zombies, which is excellent.

      • nanotechnics says:

        Have you tried Plants vs Zombies 2?. I’ve been thinking of getting it, how is it?.

  5. nanotechnics says:

    This certainly looks interesting.

  6. Suits says:

    Seems like something low budget to recover from Trine 3, but who knows