Constructor HD’s grand opening coming February 28th

Constructor HD [official site], System 3’s remake of their funny and violent town-building strategy game from 1997, finally has a release date: February 28th. The game is running a year late but have you ever tried to make a video game while skinheads pogo outside your window chanting and burping, a ghost keeps spooking you, a hippy is picketing the lot, and a hitman is trying to off your gaffer? I’m quite looking forward to picking it up again and building my empire back up amongst all this this silly Beano-grade Britishness.

Constructor, to explain, is a town-building game with a pleasingly low-level scale. Rather than some omnipotent citygod, carving the landscape to your will, you’re simply a contractor working at the mercy of the town council to build and manage estates.

As you build out and tech up, your problems aren’t traffic jams or failing businesses but more on the level of tenants demanding a new kitchen or complaining about their neighbours’ garden gnomes. Or a rival contractor sending ‘undesirables’ to mess with your estates (you can send your own after your rivals too, of course). Hippies, malicious plumbers, ghosts, clowns, thugs, chainsaw-wielding psychos… maybe these towns are set in the world of The Young Ones?

Like many games from developers who started in the eighties, it has that gentle sense of British silliness that’s obsessed with class, standing, and what the neighbours might think. Also, it sounds like they’ve got Boycie off Only Fools and Horses to voice the announcer in this remake? That sort of silliness.

As well as tarting the game up with HD-o-vision graphics, Constructor HD also brings a level editor, a tutorial, and other new odds and ends.

February 28th it is! Before then, on January 31st System 3 will give the original game to everyone who Likes ’em on Facebook along with a demo for the remake. Presumably they’ll release the demo for everyone else after a while?


  1. FFabian says:

    British real estate? So I’m going to play the role of a russian/chinese criminal oligarch?

  2. jonfitt says:

    Why are there water hoses pouring out of every building in the screenshot?

    • Shazbut says:

      One of your characters can destroy the plumbing in a property. I think it’s that

  3. Shazbut says:

    I was prepared to be cynical that the remake would be sharper graphics but otherwise identical to the original, but that’s an encouraging gesture to give out the original for free.

  4. Yserbius says:

    Does this mean we’ll see a Mob Rule HD in the future too? For those complaining, I went back to the original Constructor relatively recently. I’ve got to say, it really held up after all these years.

    • Premium User Badge

      duquessheep says:

      Oh goodness I hope so. Mob Rule is one of my all time favorites.

      I haven’t played Constructor but it seems much in the same vein as Mob Rule; if that’s the case I’ll happily give this demo a shot when it arrives.

  5. Someoldguy says:

    This would be an instant sale but I’ll be plumbing the depths of Torment thanks to the unfortunate timing. Hopefully I’ll remember to check wot you think when (if) I ever resurface.

  6. satan says:

    Ah the game that started my obsession with double glazing on windows.

  7. geldonyetich says:

    I remember playing the original back in the day. This HD remix gives me a chance to learn to hate squatters all over again.

  8. frakswe says:

    warms my c64-heart to see these guys/girls still around.

  9. caff says:

    How “HD” is it though? Does it go up to 4K? All the screenshots I’ve seen are tiny.

  10. Lieutenant_Scrotes says:

    I remember playing this on the original Playstation back when I was 8 and getting so frustrated that I couldn’t figure out why I always ended up running out of money.

    I’m really looking forward to this remake and the opportunity to conquer my old nemesis.