Tangiers is still coming, still looks fantastic

The makers of Tangiers have shared a little look at recent additions to their surreal first-person stealth sim with notes of Ballard and Burroughs, and I’m as delighted as ever to see more of it. I’m less delighted to hear of the personal upsets that stalled its development because, y’know, I’m not a monster. Who would take pleasure in someone’s suffering? Tch! But I am very interested in seeing trees morph and untwist into streetlights and, as luck would have it, that’s just one of the lovelies that developers Andalusian are showing off in this short video.

Nice stuff, innit? Andalusian are quite clear that “This isn’t a trailer, just a very rough proof of existence”, so don’t you go grumbling that it doesn’t have bwamps and drops. It sounds like they’ve had a right old time of things, going by a Twitter thread from Alex Harvey and this formal Kickstarter update. Harvey says:

“I’ll skip on a sob story and finer details, but the stress of pulling the project back together, getting by with minimal funds and of some very difficult life challenges on top of that led to, for all practicalities, a very prolonged breakdown. I’ve not been able to maintain much functionality, and accordingly I’ve been doing a rancid job of everything.

“But it’s a new year now, so that makes a good a time as any to try and rectify things.

“I haven’t let go of working on the game, though things have moved very slowly indeed. I have got a bit of breathing room now, and we can get to moving things forward a bit more competently.”

They’re still working on finalising funding, and I do hope everything comes together for them. I’ll happily keep waiting for this game.


  1. Dorga says:

    Nice to hear from them

  2. Ben King says:


  3. planet Jane says:

    What an interesting-looking game. I wish more titles opted to be overtly surreal, I think it’s something games do incomparably well when handled correctly.

    I do hope the developer’s personal troubles are resolved. Both–somewhat selfishly–because I want this to come out, and also just well, who would want someone else to have problems?

  4. caff says:

    Looks great. Got my eyes on this.

  5. racccoon says:

    Has to be the greatest new way of crafting ever!

  6. April March says:

    Oh, I thought development for this one had ended definitively. Very glad to see that such isn’t the case. It looks great. The forest that turns into a parking lot was brilliant.