Out of the Park Baseball 18 dives for March

A new year means new annual sequels means a new take-me-out ’em up. Out of the Park Baseball 18 [official site] will slide home on March 24th, Out of the Park Developments have announced, expanding and improving the baseball management sim in the usual annual sportsquel ways. Expect a new Challenge Mode, AI improvements and a redesigned interface along with the usual current team data and the addition of historical ‘Negro league’ teams. We’ve not had a good hard look at OotP Baseball in ages but what Adam liked in 2014 is, as I understand it, still a solid foundation for the series.

Look, I’ll spare you my shite patter and simply dump a big blast of press release because hey, it’s an annual sequel to an established series so you mostly know what to expect and what really matters is what’s different this time. Which is:

  • 2017 roster sets with all Opening Day MLB rosters, as well as the complete minor league system from Triple-A to rookie leagues as well as the Arizona Fall League. All major league (and over a thousand minor league) player ratings will be based on the popular ZiPS player projection system. The 8 international leagues, as well as independent minor leagues in the US, also return this year with accurate rosters.
  • Historical Negro League clubs, thanks to a partnership with OOTP’s acclaimed historical database experts and Seamheads.com. This feature will allow baseball fans to explore the league’s rich history, create compelling what-if scenarios, pit major league clubs against their Negro League counterparts, and much more.
  • Improvements to 3D mode, including: Even more ballpark detail; better on-field player models and enhanced on-field decisions; and the ability to save all 3D highlights and watch a highlight reel, whether the game was played out or simulated.
  • Custom and real world tournaments for all the teams included in the game. National and international tournaments are a breeze to create, as is the ability to import historical teams.
  • Extensive AI improvements, including roster management, trades, and in-game decision-making.
  • A redesigned injury system that features detailed injury histories for all players, little nagging and long-term injuries, and more.
  • Many more improvements, including:
  • – A beautiful new interface
    – Improved game recaps
    – An upgraded player morale/team chemistry system
    – Enhanced play-by-play text and league news
    – A sophisticated system for team relegation and promotion between leagues
    – The ability to retain player salaries in trades
    – The incorporation of many 2017 rule changes
    – Faster import speeds of historical minor league seasons
    – And more to be announced prior to release

Out of the Park Baseball 18 is coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux on March 24th.


  1. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    If they have the Negro League in the game, does this mean they also have the all women league? Can I finally live out my dream of playing as Tom Hanks from A League Of Their Own?

  2. Danley says:

    Hopefully the Negro League teams will have 200-game schedules and different playstyles, and there’s a segregation override so you can start acquiring them onto MLB teams sooner rather than later. The foreign leagues in the game were always spotted with meager talent, but the Negro Leagues were arguably filled with as many superstars as MLB. Maybe the scouts will have a bias that makes them terribly underrate the players, otherwise they’d have to justify segregation through some other gameplay mechanics (besides just chronology) like trade boycotts or the owner telling you no. But if you’re the owner, what would stop you, especially if it made you immediately competitive? There were many teams like the Pirates who would have happily added Negro League players but would have had to deal with the backlash from other owners. (The story of the Red Sox being the first team to give Jackie Robinson a tryout only to be the last team to eventually integrate is one famous example.)