Have You Played… Sensible Golf?

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By the time I played Sensible Golf, I already had access to golf games which more closely resembled the pastime. That didn’t stop me from loving its top-down simplicity, though, for many of the same reasons I loved the developer’s other games.

Sensible Golf takes its cues from Sensible Software’s other better known sports game, Sensible Soccer. Which is… sensible. In short: it’s top down, the people are small (a little larger than in SWOS), and it’s a cute distillation of what makes its inspiration fun. I enjoyed putting in Sensible Golf more than I ever did in a PGA Tour game, for example.

Still, it’s not a classic like SWOS, and other people didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. Sensible Golf was the beginning of the end of its developer: a low review score, poor sales, and the last game they released other than Sensible Train Spotting (which I also played and enjoyed, but which I will spare you a HYP about). My love affair with the world’s best Amiga developer ended here.


  1. Eraysor says:

    I miss Sid Meier’s SimGolf.

    • alexgem says:

      Me too;)! I hope someday we’ll have some remake of it

    • pringles says:

      SimGolf was a really fun game. I might have even spent more time playing the courses than managing them. One game’s reboot that I could see myself agreeing with.

    • Premium User Badge

      Drib says:

      I thought of SimGolf immediately on seeing the screenshot.

      I enjoyed that game tremendously.

  2. idiotapocs says:

    Same here, loved SimGolf to death. Might just reinstall it. Please do a reinstall article ;)

    • Someoldguy says:

      Detailed info on how to get it working in Win 10 would be really useful.

      • Someoldguy says:

        Seems it’s the antiquated copy protection causing the problem.

        • Gigglesworth says:

          I worked on this for a bit after buying it off ebay. To get sid’s simgolf working I did the following

          If you are using windows 64bit you need the 64 bit version of the secdrv.sys file. The one included on the simgolf CD is the 32 bit version and you will get errors

          I picked up the 64 bit version from from opendll.

          Virus scan it, Just in case is bad

          Put it in your windows\system32\drivers\

          Sign the file using the DSEO13B from NGOHQ.

          Reboot windows while holding shift down to enter the safemode boot up. This will send you to a screen which gives you several options. I selected the troubleshoot —>Advanced—>Startup settings and chose #7 which is to disable driver signature enforcement. Once it reboots you should then be able to run your game. At this point i believe that if you try to use the use command prompt with administrator privilages and type SC START SECDRV….it should already be running.

          After you are done playing just reboot out of safemode and secdrv shouldn’t be able to load again until you repeat the safemode process.

          Theoretically this should work.

  3. thekelvingreen says:

    Sensible Golf wasn’t brilliant, but it wasn’t bad. I think reviewers were harsh towards it because Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer were so good that even a minor step down in quality was magnified.

  4. BuckyKat says:

    Play it now, badly, just like i did!
    link to playdosgamesonline.com

    • LessThanNothing says:

      Just gave it a try as well… had a hard time with the controls but fun for a bit

  5. JackMultiple says:

    What is SWOS?

    • purpledoggames says:

      SWOS was one of the two dominant religions of the time, along with Kick Off. Although disciples of both still exist, the newer churches of FIFA and PES are now most popular, although many found that as their twitch skills diminished the more methodical mega church of FM took over their lives.

      Sensible World of Soccer. Every player in the world, every club, every league. Full promotion, relegation and cups. Customisable tactics, players who responded to new tactics and got better and worse with experience and age. Games that were over in 3 minutes so you could knock out a few seasons in a weekend. Probably the reason joysticks with 10mm steel shafts in the middle of them and solid microswitches sold so well.

      Sensible Golf was probably just slightly too sensible. SWOS had speed of play and no offside, CF had the feeling of the Dirty Dozen or Rambo in that you could face mega odds and win, whereas golf was just golf. It seemed a strange choice for Sensible.

      • Neurotic says:

        Bloody hell Purple, your comment caused me to flash back 25 years to those good old days of KO vs Sensi! My best friend was always a Kick Off fan, the barmy fool. Thanks for the trip!