Whoah! Rainbow Six Siege is going to Ibiza

Proving that military operation name generators inevitably cough up titles which sound like elegant personal massagers sold in bourgeois boutiques, Ubisoft have announced Operation Velvet Shell for Rainbow Six Siege [official site]. The first content update of the wall-smashing shooter’s second season will, as ever, introduce a new map and two new characters, and Ubi now share a peek at that new map. Operation Eternity Rose’s map, Coastline, is — whoah! — going to Ibiza. Whoah! Back to the island. Whoah! It’s gonna have a party. Whoah! [That’s enough biting Alec’s act, thank you -ed.]

Coastline really is going to the Spanish island of Ibiza, mind. It’s set in a swish mansion-o-hotel-a-bar on the shore, which does look like a place the Vengaboys would wanna have a party. Whoah!

Ubi say:

“The vivid new multiplayer map ‘Coastline’ both available in PVP and PVE is designed to drive a surround flow of combat for a final rush at its core.

“Get ready for an effervescent night ambiance with neon lights of bars and open-air parties, which Ibiza is famous for. Daytime is a hazy afternoon on a hot summer day after a long night out.”

Some of those sentences make sense? Someone’s been pre-loading a little too hard.

Ubisoft haven’t yet revealed the new characters coming with Operation Pleasure Seed nor a release date. They will be showing more of it during the Rainbow Six Invitational tournament next weekend, so maybe expect the update to launch in a few weeks?


  1. Taverius says:

    Remember, it’s pronounced “OI-BEEF-AH”

    • Harlander says:

      Wait, you mean that song wasn’t “We’re going to eat pizza”?

  2. Sgt_Big_Bubbaloola says:

    We so need more erotic sounding operation names. It’ll be a darn sight more kinky than anything in the Fifty Shades sequel.

  3. HigoChumbo says:

    I’m sure this was just just the dev’s excuse to get a paid “vacation” there arguing they needed some field experience.

    As for the characters, it would be interesting if they added the some Spanish counter-terrorist units, like the GEOs who became specialists in the field by fighting the terrorist group ETA for several decades.

    • CMaster says:

      There will be two Spanish operators joining with this update. I don’t think we know which organisation they will be representing at this point.

  4. Isendur says:

    Are we going to have a party?

  5. brucethemoose says:

    Anyone remember Ibiza in TDU2?