Steam Charts: The Awakening

Heavens to Murgatroyd, it’s only the weekly Steam charts! That is to say, the ten games which sold best on Steam last week.

After a string of backwards-looking weeks, it’s beginning to look a lot like 2017 at last.

10. The Forest

While last week this was here because of a sale, this placement is based only on full price (still a relatively low $15) purchases. I.e. it seems that this 2014-vintage survival-o-craft ’em up has put down new roots in the top ten based on good word of mouth. It’s still in early access but it’s in a good, polished, atmospheric shape, as I discovered when I made my first foray into its cannibal-haunted woods last week.

9. Pit People

Called it. Didn’t I call it? I so like it when I’m right. Apart from when it’s about short-fingered vulgarians. This comedy ‘toon strategy game had ‘brief Steam smash hit’ written all over it, and I’m glad to see both that this happened and that it was deserved. Brendy reckons it’s the comedy that sings far more than does the strategy element per se, and given the great dearth of genuinely zingy laugh ’em ups, that’s recommendation enough for me.

8. ARK: Survival Evolved

I’ve been playing Plants vs Zombies with my little one. A few weeks ago she wanted to know what zombies were – a memory of sights seen around Halloween – and I baulked at trying to explain the icky truth to her. I raided my thin reserves of genuinely worthwhile knowledge in the hope of something to sanitise or divert from the subject, and instead my brain whispered “she likes flowers! There are flowers and zombies in Plants vs Zombies! And the zombies aren’t scary and don’t kill people! Go go go!”

And now I have to play and attempt to explain PvZ to her for a half hour every bedtime, instead of her usual brief TV. It’s fun, it’s sweet, she’s really interested, she’s learning a few things about e.g. the differences between mushroom and plants, I get to see the game through a refreshed lens of charm rather than total over-familiarity, and most importantly she too thinks Wall-Nut and Tall-Nut are bestest best. But: I don’t want to create a gateway drug here.

That said, I really want to show her Abzu.

7. Planet Coaster

Speaking of which, it feels like a long wait until she can overcome those ‘you must be this high to ride…” signs. I wanna take her to Universal Studios. Anyway: has this made David Braben more money than Elite Dangerous has yet?

6. RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard / BIOHAZARD 7 resident evil

That’s two actual 2017 videogames in a 2017 videogames chart. What’s going on here? These aren’t the rules. New things scare me. Can’t I just carry on tiresomely pretending that mentioning Grand Theft Auto V every week is somehow causing an actual mental breakdown instead?

In fact I’m dead (dead like a zombie haha!) excited about Resi 7. The demo was genuinely unsettling, as well as beautiful in a totally horrific way, and I’m keen to see how its super-mystery, contained-spaces vibe can be extended into a full a game. Adam’s working on the full review, but plan is I’ll bung up some knee-jerk impressions of the initial hours a bit later today.

5. Grand Theft Auto V

Oh NOoooo GTA V I can’t bear it this is the worst thing that ever happened to anyone ever I’m losing my miiiiiiiiind I’m so maaaaad aaaargh wooorgh Mr Flibble wakka wakka wakka we like to party.

4. Endless Grand Master Collection

Just for a moment, I hoped that some kind of chess collection had become a surprise smash hit. That’s exactly the sort of unpredictability I’d like to see in these charts. Not because I’m a chess fan (quite the opposite; I sort of loathe it due to being forced to join the school chess club by default because I looked so nerdy, only to find that I was consistently terrible at it) but because PC gaming is the broadest of churches and it’s lovely whenever that’s reflected.

The disappointment that this is in fact a bundle of Amplitude’s excellent, genre-straddling Endless games was minor and brief, for they too are a fine reflection of PC gaming’s breadth.

The package was discounted to by 85%, from $119.99 to $17.99, last week, which is yer actual incredi-bargain, given that it includes the following:

Dungeon of the Endless, Dungeon of the Endless – Australium Update, Dungeon of the Endless – Crystal Edition Upgrade, Dungeon of the Endless – Rescue Team Add-on, Endless Legend, Endless Legend – Echoes of Auriga, Endless Legend – Emperor Edition Upgrade, Endless Legend – Guardians, Endless Legend – Shadows, Endless Legend – Shifters, Endless Legend – Tempest, Endless Legend – The Lost Tales, Endless Space – Disharmony, Endless Space – Emperor Edition.

Unfortunately, the deal’s over now. I shall have to immediately fire RPS’ entire staff for not posting about this at the time, myself included. See ya!

3. Astroneer

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

1. H1Z1: King of the Kill

Alright, alright, I’m still here really. Come on, I have no practical skills, what else am I going to do for a living?

Anyway: Daybreak seem to be doing extraordinarily well with their battle royale spin-off of their initially DayZ-esque survival game. There’s a lot of this belated comeback success going around lately – see also Ubisoft with Rainbow Six Siege.

So: odds on Resi 7 taking the top spot next week? Reviews I’ve read so far claim good things, and I think that everyone’s been waiting for a solid new game, hence the hitherto relative scarcity of 2017 games in these charts.


  1. pentraksil says:

    A part of humanity dies each time the abomination that is H1Z1 makes this list.

    • fish99 says:

      The survival part may be a soulless DayZ clone, but the Battle Royale part (i.e. the one in the charts) which Player Unknown directed is a pretty fun game.

    • engion3 says:

      I thought it looked discustingly awful and my buddy bought it for me. It’s pretty fun and a great game to play drunk.

  2. Derpkovsky says:

    Hey pssst, Alec, I know we’re not supposed to mention it here, but I thought you’d like to know that over in de PS4 world there have already been two really good actual 2017 games! Gravity Rush 2 and Yakuza 0 are both worth checking out.

  3. Lars Westergren says:

    Grab bag of idle thoughts: I also don’t love it when you are right about horrible things like Short Fingered Vulgarians, Alec.

    Resident Evil is the first RE game I’m excited to play since the first.

    I can’t see that image of the little girl under Astroneer anymore without thinking of Scarfolk propaganda posters.

    The clickbait ads hilariously have run their garbage through Google Translate. One promises me (in Swedish) “anesthesia Russian women”.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      All I get is a picture of a shirtless John Travolta and the rest are Tim Horton’s employees winning $362,000.

    • bonuswavepilot says:

      I dunno man, this week might benefit from anasthesia Russian women…

  4. Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:


  5. Tartrazine says:

    Don’t know why it bothers me, but the tags below the ‘read the rest of this story” link is effectively a spoiler for the list.

    Also, I played the Resi 7 demo in broad daylight and I was too freaked out to finish it. ironically then that’s a no sale for being too bloody good at what you were trying for.

  6. Roest says:

    So with GTA5 in the charts every week I cannot help but think that sales numbers must be really low overall or Rockstar is swimming in money now. Anyway it doesn’t really make sense.

    • Whiskey Jak says:

      According to Steam Spy, GTAV had 44K new owners per week on average last year. The estimated average revenue per new owner/copy was 32$. Averaging 1.4M per week in revenue. That seems to be enough to get included in top sellers on most weeks. New owners=/ sales on Steam itself though has it includes steam keys acquired anywhere else if I’m not mistaken. All estimates of course, but it gives some perspective.

      link to

      • Premium User Badge

        Arnvidr says:

        Can you buy GTAV steam keys anywhere else though? I thought I read that keys on every other site is Rockstar keys.

    • fish99 says:

      I wouldn’t be that surprised if Steam didn’t sell a lot of any game when they’re not on sale, especially after release week. Steam has taught everyone to wait for the inevitable sales, and their new game prices are pretty much the highest you can pay.

    • Laurentius says:

      There is nothing strange about it, game is one of the biggest hit in the history of video game. According to wikipedia, game sold 34 million copies on Xbox360 and PS3. At november 2016 sales were up to 70 milion adding PS4, Xbone and PC. That’s 36 milion copies more, you don’t reach that number in three months, game keeps selling to this very day, and is in top ten sales on console as well. The same goes with Minecraft, it just keep selling, if Minecraft had been on Steam, it would probably be in top ten for 6 years now.

  7. AbyssUK says:

    PvZ, my 6 year old loves it too… I just told her zombies are monsters.. that seemed to be enough.. for now.

  8. Creeping Death says:

    I’m glad to see RE 7 is selling well on PC even if the demo did leave me a bit unimpressed (it just came off as a poor attempt to emulate Outlast to me). I’ll probably not pick it up, but I am really curious to see an LP of it just to see if it expands beyond the house and how it incorporates some of the weirder RE elements.

  9. InfamousPotato says:

    I’m not feeling particularly great today, but you made me smile. Thanks for your writing.