Take me on: Take On Mars official release 9 Feb

Take On Mars

Bohemia Interactive’s Mars ’em up, Take On Mars [official site], is launching out of Early Access and into full game status on 9 February. It has a new trailer to mark the occasion which you can watch after the jump. The trailer focuses on the story mission which was recently introduced and deals with a The Martian-esque plotline where one person survives a descent into Mars’s atmosphere but they’ve lost connection to Earth.

In said story mode you’re playing as astronaut Mark Willis:

“Marooned on Mars, Mark’s first priority is to survive. This means managing resources such as oxygen, water, and food, and creating shelter from Mars’ unforgiving sandstorms and solar events. By relying on a background as a botanist and engineer, you will have to extract raw materials from the Martian soil, refine them into real compounds, and make use of a 3D printer to construct the equipment and machines needed for a chance to return home.”

I was taking a look through our Take On Mars coverage to see if we had a recent Premature Evaluation I could crib from to see how the game was shaping up. Our closest look at the game seems to come from late 2015 and at that point the game’s physics engine gave Rob Zacny a slapstick rather than serious experience.

I also took a peek at the comments and reviews on Steam but encountered that heady mix of people complaining that their specific bug wasn’t fixed, people who felt the game wasn’t ready for release, people who felt the game was ready for release, people asking other people to flame the devs in the reviews and game detail questions that didn’t make much sense without playing the game. I should probably know better by now!

Are any of you playing? Is it good? Are you having fun? Does the physics work?

Oh, also: the official release of the game will also see a slight bump in the game’s price as compared with the current early access version. Worth bearing in mind if you’re thinking of picking it up.


  1. Shiloh says:

    Coincidentally, I was watching an old-ish recording of Scott Manley playing this last night on You Tube – think I’ll stick with Arma to be honest, much as I enjoy stuff about Mars and that.

  2. BobbyDylan says:

    I’ve always like the idea of this game, but the interface is a massive turn off, and the magic 3d printer kind of ruins the whole experience, IMHO>

  3. modzero says:

    I got it back when it was purely a robots thing, and liked it in a weird, ETS way. The move to the crewed stuff both distracted development from robots (bah! Silly carbon-based people…) and in itself didn’t work out too well.

    Movement is sluggish, physics is weird, and as BobbyDylan said, the 3d printer makes the entire thing extremely silly. And the game is neither as pretty as, say, Subnautica (it is a frozen chunk of dust, after all), nor as free-form as Minecraft, so I don’t see it being great for pure base-building.

    The robots remain kinda fun, though. Just a note of warning: it’s not explained, but bad weather will really ruin your robots, way more than the pitiful excuse for atmosphere that Mars has should. The wind ripped the wheels off my robot once.

  4. Harlander says:

    It’s a very The Martian-esque plotline, to the extent of having the protagonist be a botanist named Mark.

    I’m a little surprised they’re getting away with it.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Drib says:

    Geez, it’s close to The Martian, you say?

    With a mechanical engineer / botanist protagonist alone on mars, named Mark W?

    They couldn’t be closer to the mark without just literally calling it “The Martian: The Game”.

    That said, looks pretty at least.

  6. Hydrogene says:

    Is that a Martian hiding in the barrel in the teaser video at 34 sec??

    link to youtu.be

  7. superm18 says:

    That’s funny…that’s my birthday. I wish “Take On: Mars” for my 34’th birthday :)

  8. JuStX2 says:

    Same Old RPS propoganda – while there is plenty of people on the forums worried about release (of which I am one) there is no directly hostile reference on the forums to the devs in particular. Some of them have been rather emotionally charged however. Most everyone on Steam is pretty concerned but not neccessarily angry. IF RPS bothered to dig a little deeper they’d even see that much of the game has changed since 2015 – obviously they didn’t bother to start-up the test branch to see for themselves.

  9. baq99 says:

    So against many reviews on Steam I bought Take On Mars. I focused on the manned missions rather than the robotic ones. I really enjoyed it… But. It has a great single player that evokes feelings of loneliness, isolation and panic at times but it is also full of bugs, some of which are funny (being flung into the air or falling over for no reason) others which are game breaking (player character shaking violently until nothing can be selected or objectives list strobing and disappearing). The single player has you sampling atmosphere, soil and rock to see if you can use it but when translated to multiplayer this mechanic is ignored as you can mine anywhere garnering the same results. This renders the laboratory table, soil, atmosphere and rock samplers useless but for some reason they are still there. Also the fact you can mine everything anywhere means you set up shop next to the lander and never have a reason to explore the vast maps. Also the vast maps are not of the entirety of mars. Just sections of it meaning you are not able to explore all of the famous locations if you may want to. I also got massive frame rate drops at times in the game. There is huge promise in this game and I could have easily seen myself losing hours to the pursuit of survival on mars but the game really isn’t finished. A final release should never have as many bugs and holes in the game mechanics. I sincerely hope Bohemia Interactive continue to develop this title and see the great potential it has through to completion.