Hunt those monsters with Toukiden 2 on PC in March

Toukiden 2 [official site], a follow-up to the Monster Hunter-ish action-RPG, will indeed be coming to PC. Tecmo Koei today confirmed a PC release and announced a release date of March 21st, also blorping up a new trailer with folks duffing up some big ol’ demons. I’ve not played the first Toukiden myself but hear it’s fairly solid Monster Hunting with a dodgy PC port so, er, here’s hoping for more of the former and less of the latter. Anyway, have a gander:

It’s an action-RPG set in an open world full of monsters to bash, mash, cripple, and cut into pieces. In that Monster Hunter way, there’s a whole lot of crafting and upgrading. And you get the powers of a Demon Hand (not to be confused with a God Hand) to fling yourself into the air and slam monsters. Biff!

And apparently you can bathe with a robot?

I’m out of my element here (even Monster Hunter I know mostly from the silly Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker crossover missions, where you can learn to roar like a dinosaur), so, er, if you’re one for hunting monsters and lopping bits off them, what have you made of Toukiden?

Toukiden 2 is coming to Windows via Steam on March 21st.


  1. -Spooky- says:

    .. and again? 30 fps lock? *pff*

  2. Suits says:

    In case you weren’t interested in playing Mass Effect Andromeda

  3. Kits says:

    Never played the PC port, but I did enjoy Kiwami on the vita. The weapons all felt pleasantly different to other hunting games and the combat was nice.
    Being a Koei Tecmo game I would be surprised if this one does not also get a Kiwami/Ultimate version some time down the line though.

  4. Dushanan says:

    Nice! With this and Atelier, I actually have a couple games to look forward to in March now. Which is kinda cool.

  5. Ralphomon says:

    As a fan of both Monster Hunter and Toukiden, I can say that Toukiden is the closest I’ve come to finding a game that scratches the MH itch when I’ve got sick of MH itself. Not as obnoxious as your God Eaters and far less unrelentingly grim than Soul Sacrifice. It’s got fun combat, the weapons types are all satisfyingly different to use, the story is fine, and while it’s nowhere near as deep as MH with its crafting and gathering and so on, it’s good for when you don’t want to grind the same monster 15 times to get one thing that has a 1% chance of dropping to make the last armour piece for a set that you need to beat a monster that you can then use that parts of to make a weapon to beat the newest monster.