Crypt of the NecroDancer DLC Amplified boogies into Early Access

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Rhythmic dungeon crawler Crypt of the Necrodancer [official site] was one of my games of the year back in 2015. It would probably have made the list for the shopkeeper’s song alone but the game itself is ace, beat-based combat. Anyhoodle, the base game now has DLC prequel, Amplified, available in early access as the devs fine tune the experience.

Included in the DLC is a new protagonist, Nocturna, who you can hear a bit from in the trailer. Her deal is that she can switch between human and bat form. There’s also a new zone, new enemies, the addition of familiars who help you fight, a new boss battle, more than 20 new tracks and some other bits and pieces.

Not everything is in place yet because Early Access. That means some more gameplay modes, items, playable characters and the like will trickle in.

Brace Yourself Games explain the early access decision as follows:

“Crypt of the NecroDancer is a MUCH better game because of all the great feedback we received from our community during Early Access, and we know that the same will be true of Early Access for Crypt of the NecroDancer: Amplified. Also, Early Access permits us to get the DLC into your hands more quickly, and we know that there are many of you who are anxious to start playing!”

They add that “The full version will include the complete story mode for our new protagonist, Nocturna. (The Early Access version will not yet have all of her story cutscenes, nor her final boss.) The full version will also include at least 1 more playable character, new modes, new items, and more!”

They also clarify that the DLC’s price will not change between early access and its full release (£4.99/$6.99 on Steam and a bit more on GOG) so there’s no financial pressure to pick it up immediately which is nice.

The base game is actually on sale at the moment on Steam and GOG so you can pick that up for a few quid. Like I say, I absolutely love it so it sounds like a pretty good deal to me, even if you’re not interested in the DLC.


  1. ButteringSundays says:

    I’m looking forward to this but I’m gonna wait till it’s done.

    Nothing worse than burning out on something that hasn’t even been finished.

    Tangentially related: Is QA even a job in the games industry anymore?

    • k47 says:

      Yes, it very much is. I’ve been working as QA for 6 years, 2 of which on games (some AAA, some on web browsers and mobile), it pains me a bit how often I hear this question.

      I can’t speak for very small indie teams, since those probably do their QA themselves and aren’t particularly trained for it, but anything bigger than that most likely has at least a single person dedicated exclusively to QA.

      Without any sort of QA you woudn’t even have playable builds, not even for Early Access standards. But Early Access gives you player feedback; a ton of it. That’s the intended benefit, and no amount of QA will give you something remotely similar to it.

      It’s a very big difference.


      Back on topic, these news made my day. Crypt of the Necrodancer is the only roguelike I’ve gone back to after beating it (in this case, I beat it with the 3 Story Mode characters, not the extra extra harder challenge ones), and has been a reliable game to wind down after a stressful day.

      I may or may not buy it before it’s release, but I’m in no hurry being stuck in XCOM 2 LW2 for the foreseable future.

      • ButteringSundays says:

        Good points! I think there is some variety in what the customer receives when buying Early Access. Sometimes it really does feel like you’re doing the QA…

    • Crafter says:

      QA-ing and playtesting are two entirely different things.

  2. Syrion says:

    This seems to be like a game that could really use a demo. At least I think I could love it, but I have absolutely no idea if I would, so with a healthy backlog I suppose I will wait for when it is featured in a Humble Bundle. Or maybe there will be another free weekend some time. According to an older post the devs are strictly against making a demo, though. I wonder why that is.

    • StevieW says:

      With Steam refunds, you don’t technically need demo’s anymore, you effectively get 2 hours to try it out beforehand.

      Not saying this is ethically correct, fair, right, etc, but it’s out there nonetheless.

  3. Rizlar says:

    The current discounted price is worth it for the soundtrack alone. Just buy it.

  4. Couchfighter says:

    I’d pay the full price for this game just for the Zone 3-1 OST alone.

    Doesn’t hurt also that its the freshest take on actual roguelikes I’ve seen in years and that it is super fun to play. :)