This Death Star ride in Planet Coaster is ace

Goodness me, this new Death Star ride someone has made in Planet Coaster [official site] is jolly impressive. Or, as Star Warriors would say, “Oie boie! Disa dowopee isa bombad, all-n youse!” We’ve looked at Star Wars rides before, amongst other neat-o constructions, but this is certainly the fanciest I’ve seen. It hits warp factor 10, weaves through a battle, dives inside the starguts, and jogs down that infamous gutter. Watch a video below and hey, you can download the coaster to ride it round in own park too.

The start of that video shows the queue, then a first-person view of the ride starts at 1:50. Or swing on by the Steam Workshop to download it into Planet Coaster. I couldn’t tell you how effective a ride it is within the Planet Coaster sim but coo, it is pretty to watch as a real, unsimulated human. Rides for humans, ridden in the body of a simhuman.

The ride is the work of ‘Chuck Maurice’, who explains this took about 100 hours to make and uses a few bits made by other Planet Coaster designers.

I’ve grumbled that Planet Coaster’s creation is too mechanical for my fancy but I’m mighty glad it lets people create stuff like this.



  1. BobbyDylan says:

    Holey shit!

  2. Silvarin says:

    Applause for mouse-over text.

    And that’s one awesome ride!

  3. ColonelFlanders says:

    Gosh I feel awfully sorry for Silvarett, who did the idea first, better, and has received no credit whatsoever.

  4. Arathorn says:

    That’s a great-looking coaster, but crappy hell isn’t that Star Wars theme overused. Didn’t those movies have any other music that can be pasted into related creations?

    • Bimble says:

      Her name was Leia, she was a princess,
      with a danish on each ear, and Darth Vader drawing near etc…

    • PseudoKnight says:

      Almost all the themes in Star Wars are overused. I’d just choose the most fitting one and move on.

  5. barashkukor says:

    Yes, they’ve also got that one that goes “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb-ba-bomb, bom-ba-baom. BA RUMP BA, bomb-ba-bomb, bomb-ba-bomb”. I hear it’s the theme tune for a guy who likes bombing stuff.

    To be fair if you've got two tunes that have wormed their way into culture that hard, you'd be a fool not to use them.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      And where better to play it than in front of a hotel with a certain president’s name on it?
      [youtube link to

      (How do you embed a youtube video like that? I can’t work it out)