Dead Rising 4 adding higher difficulty, Street Fighter gear

Tougher new difficulty modes are coming to Dead Rising 4 [official site] next week, Capcom have announced. Low difficulty undercutting purpose and tension was one of Adam’s big complaints in his review of the open-world zombiekiller — but not his only complaint — so this sounds a promising addition. Over on the wackier side of whacking walking corpses, Monday’s update will also bring five Street Fighter outfits for Frank. I must say, I am surprised by how perky his buttocks look in that ↑ Cammy costume.

“Frank will need to be a lot more careful and aware of his surroundings when trying to survive on a higher difficulty,” Capcom say of the two new difficulty settings. “Enemies do more damage; Frank’s weapons break faster and food restores less health than before. Keep your eyes peeled, watch your back, and don’t forget to scrounge for every weapon – you are going to need them.”

Hmm. Breaky weapons and empty tummies won’t mean tedium rather than challenge, will they? I suppose we’ll see. Hopefully these do work out, as Adam wasn’t super keen on how quickly the game became simply mindless slaughter. He wrote:

“A decent enough lost weekend. But I don’t think I’ll be coming back afterwards. I don’t have purpose – or, rather, my purpose has repeatedly been ‘kill everything with everything’ and there’s only so many times that can retain its pull. Even finding new weapon crafting blueprints largely seems pointless after you’ve got a handful in the bank, as you’ve seen the outside margins of lethal potential so very early on and understand that new kill-tools won’t really achieve anything new.”

The two new difficulty settings and five outfits (Zangief, Guile, Cammy, M. Bison, and… I do not know) will arrive free with Monday’s update. Capcom say this will also fix “several bugs we’ve been tracking since launch”. I know some folks suffered a fair few crashes at launch – how’s it been since then, gang?

Oh! And Dead Rising 4 is getting a German release on Tuesday, January 31st. Capcom say this is the first time a Dead Rising game is officially released in Germany. Couldn’t say no to Cammy, could you Germany?

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  1. Rizlar says:

    Two posts featuring beautiful costumes in one day, what a treat!

  2. Fiatil says:

    Heh, for a website that does such a good job of covering women in games (which is a big part of why I read it), the authors seem incredibly willing and eager to point out and accentuate male sexuality in games. Warrior woman in bikini is derided as it should be, but warrior man in bikini is great fun and almost guaranteed to get a news post.

    • Jalan says:

      The eyes want to fixate on the Cammy outfit, but the attention to the bulge detail on the Zangief outfit is like a crying child… on fire. Holding an air horn.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      It’s quite clearly a monokini. Like that Studio Ghibli film

    • Premium User Badge

      Thirith says:

      Provided you’re posting in good faith and aren’t just pouncing on what you perceive to be double standards: RPS isn’t advocating for no sex in games, they’re consistently arguing for better representation for women (and minorities). Since women are much more frequently represented in clearly sexualised ways in games, reducing this sexualised representation in favour of other kinds of representation (i.e. more diverse representation) is one approach. Another is to subvert common gendered roles in games, which is what is happening here. By putting a guy in this kind of an outfit, you’re defamiliarising it and therefore highlighting how silly such outfits and poses are, in particular in the contexts in which they’re usually presented.

  3. thedosbox says:

    Fiatil said:

    Heh, for a website that does such a good job of covering women in games (which is a big part of why I read it), the authors seem incredibly willing and eager to point out and accentuate male sexuality in games.

    I’m not so sure that outfit is “accentuating” male sexuality in quite the same way that boob armor on women does. Though if that’s your kink, have at it :p