Warner Brothers re-opens Avalanche Software for Cars 3

Some dark cartoon necromancers have been at work. Avalanche Software, the developers who were shut down after Disney Infinity laid out its roadmap of slow death, marking an end for Disney as a games publisher, have been reopened under Warner Brothers. And they’re going to make the tie-in game for Cars 3. Why are Time Warner making Disney’s videogames for them? I don’t know. That’s just how the childhood dream barons work these days.

On the bright side, this means some jobs have been either saved or recreated (we’re not sure which), as Avalanche will now be working under Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment. They’re not alone under that bannerlord, joining LEGO magnates TT Games and Rocksteady Studios, the warlords in charge of the Batman Arkham fiefdom. It’s all very bloody and showbiz under there.

Cars 3 will be the developers’ first game since their return (here’s a surprisingly serious trailer for the movie) but there’s no word of what subsequent games will be made by the studio. Will there be some ongoing deal to pump out licensed Disney trinkets, or will Warner Bros let the team go their own way? Given the Bros current license-heavy output, I’m going to predict the former, or some other plan. Again, it’s a bit odd to see two cinema giants, normally happy to savage each other for superheroes and comic book franchises, work together to make something. But stranger things have happened. The other day my cat ate a gecko. Yesterday a volcano went off 30 km from my house. Everything is covered in thin dust. I’m treating this as just another omen.


  1. liquidsoap89 says:

    Wait, is this THE Avalanche Software? ie: The Just Cause folks? If so, when the hell did that happen!?

    • scudly says:

      Nope this is the Avalanche studio out of Salt Lake City in Utah who were involved in the Disney Infinity series, like the post says in the first paragraph.

    • BLACKOUT-MK2 says:

      Avalanche STUDIO are the ones that made Just Cause. Avalanche SOFTWARE made a few Disney games. I’ll admit it surprised me at first, too, since I often just hear them referred to as ‘Avalanche’.

      • Thankmar says:

        And Avalanche Studios made “Mad Max” for Warner Bros. Interactive.

  2. automatic says:

    That’s just business I guess. I won’t be surprised if those studios, that supposedly brawl for HQ franchises, eventually come up with a Marvel/DC crossover, just like it happened a lot in the comic books world already. Creativity is a rare commodity on the land of big numbers it seems.

  3. gwop_the_derailer says:

    *watches Cars 3 teaser*

    Looks like what Disney should have reopened was Black Rock Studio.

    • Vandelay says:

      Yeah, the teaser is bizarre. It is even weirder when I saw it in the cinema before Moana and it was just the crash sequence. At least the full teaser shows the characters.

      Cars is generally an oddball series though. The first came out at a time when Pixar were top of their game making hit after hit, but it was merely average. Then Cars 2 came along and they become international spies or something (I never saw it) and looked like something a lesser animation studio would be making. Now they are selling this as some kind gritty tale in which the first piece doesn’t show that the cars are even personified.

      Yet it keeps coming back. Let’s remember that this is the third Cars film, as many as Toy Story, one of the greatest and most consistently good franchises made. Cars even has had a spin off! Yet, each one is met with mixed at best reaction. I can only assume that it is very popular with someone, but I don’t really understand why.

      • Thankmar says:

        I don’t get it either. The first one was alright, the second one boring as hell, easily the worst Pixar movie ever made. The Trailer really looks offbeat. But the kids are just nuts about them. My son (4 years) is crazy about them, but the first movie was too scary for him. He just does not care, there must be something in humanized cars that sings to little boys.

      • bill says:

        The toys and merchandising are incredibly successful.

        Kids love Cars products, and I’d imagine it’s by far Pixar’s most successful franchise in terms of profits from licensing deals.

        I also imagine that Pixar probably didn’t want to make a Cars 2 or 3, but their corporate overlords demanded it.

        – So it is very weird that that teaser trailer would scare the crap out of most 3 year olds.

  4. GallonOfAlan says:

    Cars 3 the film is a bad idea, never mind a game.

  5. Marian says:

    I mean, i guess that nobody was actually waiting for a new cars movie… But man Disney really knows how to make trailers for developing a hype that never exist…