Three laggy hours with Conan Exi ConCona Conan Exiles

Oh, Early Access!

Sorry, just stubbed my toe. Yes, it’s certainly worked in places, but goodness me if it isn’t sometimes the most infuriating way of releasing barely functioning games for a fee. Time was it cost a developer lots of money to have their game concepts tested and QAd – now they charge £27 for the privilege. That’s how much it’ll cost you to get into Funcom’s Conan Exiles [official site] right now. The store page describes a game where you discover ancient secrets, enslave your own army, ride around on rhinos, build entire cities – it sounds stunning. Right now it’s a game where you’re more likely to die because a menu won’t load. [Nudey Warning: There are some pictures of naked characters below]

It’s a risk, Early Access. A game’s reputation can be hard to shake at the best of times – ask Arkham Knight. Deliberately launching your game long before its finished, and purposefully inviting people in while all the edges are jaggedly rough, is courting such a reputation to become attached, no matter how many caveats you plaster over it. And when you’re a well-known name, a company that’s been around for years with multiple MMOs to your name, it’s hard not to consider it a little… dare I say unprofessional? Funcom, they behind Anarchy Online, Age Of Conan, The Secret World and others, have put Conan Exiles out there before they’ve got the server code close to ready, and the result is a laggy, broken time. And when you’re charging serious prices for access, you can put your “Yes, but”s back in their box.

It seems that the term “rubberbanding” changed its gaming definition when I wasn’t looking. Once it defaulted to meaning where racing games deliberately let you catch up with leading cars. Today it’s more immediately understood to refer to Conan Exiles’ largest problem – when latency sends your character kwa-pinging backward as they try to move forward. I’ve spent an afternoon watching myself teleport all over beaches, unable to do so much as pick up a stick, let alone begin my foray into surviving the barbaric wastelands. That or get killed by the seemingly invincible enemies that stalk the opening areas. It’s not made a good first impression for me.

Appearing to be a very deliberate mix of ARK and Rust, Exiles starts you off as a nudey man or lady (here you get to choose, along with a character creator that lets you decide the length of your willy, or the size of your boobs) of one of a number of Hyborian races. You run around a sandy land of falling ruins and other naked players jiggedy-jaggeding their skitterish trajectories around you, breasts and balls frenetically spasming in the assumed wind. No players I’ve encountered have chosen to have anything less than the maximum length of penis, the great big thing lolloping around uncomfortably between their legs. (I opted for the smallest winky available, because it’s important to roleplay characters very dissimilar to yourself.)

You pick up sticks and rocks, sort of waft your hand near vegetation, and quickly level up a few times to unlock crafting recipes. Then you’ll have an axe, a pick, a torch, some bedding to create a one-time spawn point, maybe some rudimentary clothes if you’re feeling modest, and then campfires, equipment to fix your tools, and of course the ability to build walls, floors, ceilings and doors. It is, to put it more briefly, every other crafting game.

History has proven that being every other crafting game can be no inhibition to ludicrous popularity and success on Steam. For reasons known only to the gaming angels, the community will latch onto one game in particular, irrespective of its quality, and it’ll sell 800 billion copies a week. One assumes it’s this that Funcom is after here, since Exiles feels deeply derivative within its genre, feeling more like a result of, “How can we try to make something else from this Conan license we’re paying so much for?” than of an auteur’s genius inspiration. The descriptions of features like, “Enslave the criminals of the exiled lands and force them to join your cause and defend your territory” and “use explosives and see their fortifications crumble to dust, then unleash your savage fury with brutal attacks that will see heads rolling and limbs flying” sound fantastic, and perhaps the most very dedicated have managed to find such things already. I’ve found the starting area, the first pool of water, and lag.

For large periods of my time with the game I wasn’t even able to move off the spot, capable of jumping up and down and nothing else. Then it’ll let me walk forward at last, only to keep teleporting backward to the same spot. Sometimes it eases up and lets you do a sort of ‘three steps forward, two steps back’ affair. At other points I’ve been able to move freely, although I don’t think there’s been a time when the monsters have maintained a steady gait.

Monsters are very aggressive, with enormous aggro areas, and your life at the start is very fragile. Which is to say, I’ve died an awful lot. There’s one enemy type I hit with my axe maybe twelve, fifteen times and it didn’t display any signs of damage, and it can kill me in three or four swipes. There are NPC humanoid characters too, and if they catch your eye you’re absolutely done for. And these all exist near water, and you have to go to the water, so you’re propelled directly into a lot of difficulty. That may be exactly your sort of thing – it’s clearly desired in lots of these survival games from which I bounce. I would prefer to be getting on with setting up my own private little hovel of safety, at least getting a chance to settle in.

But right now, it’s the tech that’s more likely to finish you. I finally managed to live long enough to have built all the tools I needed, then collect the absolutely idiotic number of sticks needed to build a campfire. It’s 50. FIFTY sticks. And guess what – you then have to add fuel to that campfire before it will build anything. It’s tiny! Anyway, I did that, I popped on a couple of steaks I’d cut from killing a boar-like thing (who had apparently teleported to my location while we were both stuck in the lagswamp) and then couldn’t get anything to happen. It seems it was trying to load a guide screen for me, but that wasn’t happening, and I was rapidly starving. I tried to take the food out of the fire and just eat it raw, but then it changed the menus all back to the fire ones again so I couldn’t, and then somewhere behind all this ludicrous screen clutter I’d died.

I wouldn’t mind if this were, as MMOs once did, a free beta! If they said, “Guys, the game’s a mess, we need to stress test it, get your feedback on it, so we’re having an open beta that will stop working after three weeks.” That’s what used to happen in this industry! But instead they’re charging the full price of the game (let’s hope – making it cost more would be a rather daft move when Ark is £23 (£7.60 this week, by the way) and Rust is £15), and it’s clearly not ready for the public.

We’ll obviously come back to it later, once they’ve got their server issues ironed out, but gosh, first impressions and all.

Conan Exiles is out on Early Access for Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam, for £27/$30/€30.


  1. Firkragg says:

    They released a patch about an hour ago to try and fix the rubberbanding. Don’t know how well it works, i’ve been playing the game singleplayer all day, mostly because I like playing alone (would love to play this with other RPSsers when the online part is more stable). I found the crafting requirements ridiculous as well, so I upped the multiplier for crafting resources (among other things, theres a lot of multipliers you can drag around when setting up SP) to make it less grindy and more fun. I’m having a blast making my hillfort.

  2. Bennie Boo Boo says:

    I played on a private server hosted in Europe (I’m in Japan) with around 6 people playing at any given time. While not ground breaking high numbers I experienced the infamous rubber band on only two occasions and they were both very short lived. Playing with friends was an absolute joy for myself personally and I think it had to do with the fact that the world was so unforgiving. By the end of my 4 hours of play we had a small camp on the north end of the broken bridge and light armor being crafted for general use.

    As for the willies it seems more people appreciate the smaller ones because apparently everyone in the Conan world is hung like an elephant.

  3. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    The main feature I’ve heard about this is, because all the genitalia are physics objects, it is actually possible to teabag a slain enemy in a videogame now.

    What a time to be alive.

  4. HoboDragon says:

    I guess I will wait with this, thanks for the (p)review.
    That Funcom charges that much – is it really surprising? From what I recall, they aren’t doing too well, so, why not charge while you can….

    • Imperialist says:

      How exactly is the price a complaint? Sure, its not finished, but $30 USD is like…2 days of me NOT getting a nice lunch at the cafe down the street, and many days of definitely hacking things to bits and building forts. Are we going to complain that things ARENT F2P? Might as well lash some poor design students to the wheel of pain and make them churn out free stuff.

      • lglethal says:

        I think People are complaining that they are being asked to shill out $30 for what is in effect a very early Beta or more likely, a late Alpha build.

        If you’re paying that sort of coin, you expect a game to work, be tested and be, at the very least, stable, which this obviously is not. Admittedly, if your paying $30 for an Early Access game then you’re a bit of a mug, but you really should be able to expect to be getting a relatively late beta build. Releasing an Alpha build on EA and charging full Price is a bit sh&t.

        • BuLLeTZ says:

          Agreed @ $30.00 you would expect the game to be performing better and NO server issues. You’ve just shown how inept you are for this being released so early, without having quality servers up and ready to handle some serious traffic.

      • Sarfrin says:

        The sensible thing to do would have been to compare the price to other, similar games that work better. Oh, wait…

      • Ethaor says:

        You can think like that every single day of the week and never have coffee anymore to play more games. 30$ is a different value to you than someone else who isn’t used to/can’t afford to be going out every two days like you are.

        Not to mention there are a plethora of games out there to enjoy, for most people there are choices to make (read concessions), so when you are conceding one game in stead of another you kinda want it to be worth it in comparison to what other games offer for that price point.

      • Shinard says:

        Basically, it doesn’t work. For $30, I expect a game that works. I could spend $30 on… maybe 4 or 5 top notch, working games (from a few years ago, mind, but still). More in a sale.

        That said, it’s not really that the price is a complaint in and of itself (though, y’know, I think it’s reasonable to complain about), but more that it removes an excuse. Because the game’s in Early Access, you could argue away the broken features with “it’s not finished!”. If you’re charging money for it, it’s finished, or finished enough to critique.

      • cribber says:

        I have to honestly say, I think you are ridiculous. You complain about the price. Hmm. Alright, fair enough at first thought. BUT YOU SEE WHAT YOU GET FOR IT BEFOREHAND! Complaining the game isnt finished for 30 bucks, when YOU KNEW it was early access (thos funny big fat letters next to the price) is just utterly ridiculous. Go play ARK; nobody forced you to buy CExiles. And about early access politics , if you are so against that kind of behavior by companies, then just dont buy the freakin game. But reading the offer, then buying it and then complaining it wasnt what you wished for just makes me lol.

  5. MadJax says:

    Average willy player here, I’ve spent most of this evening playing single player (Partly to get a feel of the game, mostly because Funcom and Servers = Not good bedfellows)

    So far seems fun, yes you’re extremely vulnerable to everything, but after an hour and crafting some basic equipment, a medium size hut to hide in, and the expensive Altar of Set, I can safely say I’m having fun with it. It’s got the right “Conan” feel in brutality (You didn’t see that Hyena charging at you? Fuck you, you’re dead!) and survival is a challenge, unlike some others. I’m starting to get the hang of it, and looking forward to a few patches where the servers are fixed, so I can play a petit lunatic woman (Modelled after the beloved Mrs. Jax ofc) who worships Yog!

  6. Arioch13 says:

    Rubber banding on the official servers, I configured a server I already had running Ark for Conan. Much to my surprise, I couldnt find it listed for around 45 minutes. Then, it finally appeared in the server search and no lag!. But, after a Battleye disconnect, I found I could not reconnect and my server was no longer visible in the server search function. Despite my friends and some public players being on it. This demonstrated the first serious design flaw. No direct connect by IP to be found.

    More disconnects followed and it was obvious watching the server population something was badly wrong with this launch even with very low expectations and a lot of patient understanding. 6 hardy souls did somehow stay connected for a while but unfortunately, when they logged off, they could not get back in as the server could not be found from a search. In the meantime a patch was launched but does not seem to have resolved the issue.

    Interestingly, in the short time many of us could play, no lag issues were experienced but it seems to have some pretty fundamental problems at the moment.

    • Bennie Boo Boo says:

      Question about that. Did you try to ensure your server was up to date on patches? Since they released a patch on the client side it might not work with the server. I don’t know if that’s the fix but it’s worth a shot to try.

  7. warkwark says:

    John, your hair is magnificent.

  8. SaintAn says:

    Do the cocks have jiggle physics? And can they get hard? The Schlongs mod in Skyrim spoiled me.

    • MadJax says:

      They do jiggle, as do the happy-sacks. No erections though…tbh would be a bit disturbing. “Oh, I’m being attacked by an imp with a shriveled microdick *Bonerjam*”

  9. int says:

    My male character will be named Dick Dangle, and my female character Jenny Tahlia.

  10. LexW1 says:

    Oh the dongs… but I just wanted to comment on this:

    “It seems that the term “rubberbanding” changed its gaming definition when I wasn’t looking.”

    It’s actually been used that way since at least 2001, which, horrifyingly, is 16 years ago. I think it was probably used even earlier re: racing games (maybe mid-late-’90s?), but back the early MMO days (EQ, DAoC), we often had to talk about rubber-banding (EQ had serious rubber-banding, DAoC very little, but DAoC had “ghosting” instead, where if you had a bad connection – and who didn’t – the game projected the path your character would take, then sent that to other people’s computers, even though it later accepted from your computer that you had gone a different way, which could to strange phenomena, not least you getting killed by people you hadn’t even met yet, because they found your ghost). I haven’t actually experienced it in an MMO for some years.

    • Wrth says:

      Rubberbanding was solidly present in a previous Funcom offering I was interested in back in 2001. For me Funcom became synonymous for rubberbanding, lag and disconnects. Anarchy Online, look it up.

      • LexW1 says:

        Why would I need to “look up” a game I played? I mean wtf lol?

        AO was indeed another of those early MMOs with rubber-banding issues. It had horrible server issues generally, actually, though not as bad as, say, Asheron’s Call 2.

        • Wrth says:

          Was my message somehow inappropriate or offensive? I can only apologise. I am not native english speaker so my thought processes may not translate the way I think they do.

          Anyone care to explain my mistake so I can avoid repeating it in the future?

          • Premium User Badge

            kfix says:

            You didn’t do much wrong, but “look it up” might be thought to imply “you should have looked it up before commenting [you fool]”, where I think you meant something more like “check it out, you might find this interesting”.

  11. Firkragg says:

    I’d really like to hear your thoughts on the game when its more stable John, just so you know :)

  12. Admore says:

    Funcom Pep Talk Transcript – Conan Exiles

    “What can we put into this game that’s new to MMOs? What? Come now! We have to stick something new in this thing! We can’t leave our core players hanging! We want them to log in, log out, everyday, for months, if not years.

    Conan has been huge, huge, forever. He’s the root of this game, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to pump up our IP. People out there want to experience savage adventures with Conan! We want them to keep coming back for more, so there’s really got to be some meat to this thing! We can’t give PC gamers the short end of the stick anymore, players these days demand rock solid performance. And the end game has to be explosive, a real climax to all that grinding!

    You’ve all got the tools you need to succeed, and you know that management is hands on, all the way. So let it all hang out, and let’s get this ball rolling!”

  13. Syt says:

    Why are people calling this an MMO? It’s under a hundred people per server, so I’m reluctant to put the “Massively” in there.

    I’m getting mixed signals from this one so far, but I love Conan. I will probably get this after a few patches, but mostly to play solo.

    • trjp says:

      I’m not sure what you think most MMOs are offering in terms of players you can interact with but whilst 100 might not sound massive, it’s more than you might think.

      An original WoW server might have housed 1000 people – that’s over a VERY large landmass and 2 non-communicative factions, so most of those would NEVER be in the same place at the same time (and when they were it was Crossroads or Tarren Mill and we know what happened then!!)

      Every player you add to an interaction exponentially increases traffic – most MMOs design around that as much as possible (indeed, if large-scale combat is a feature, other things will have been gimped to allow for it and that usually takes place in an instanced area too).

      100 concurrent players is quite a lot if they can all be in the same place – and not a lot if not.

      • MadJax says:

        But this is not an MMO….even FC have stated that it’s a survival game, not an MMO

        • trjp says:

          Those aren’t mutually exclusive things – Minecraft is a survival game which can be an MMO – Ark is both – The Forest is just the former (last time I looked) etc. etc.

          MMO, to me, just says whether you’ll meet/can interact with other people you’re not teamed-up with when playing – that you “share a world’.

          Guild Wars was not an MMO because the only place more than 1 party of people could ‘meet’ was in the world hub – to make a team etc.

          Guild Wars 2 WAS massive because the world was continous and shared between people/teams of players who’s actions interacted.

          How many people share a world – that varies and 100 is more than some ‘MMOs’ have offered for sure…

    • 3man says:

      “I’m reluctant to put the “Massively” in there.”

      Who said it referred to the number of players? It looks more like an Adult Performer Deathmatch Simulator ™ to me.

      I know Conan’s world had a lot of snake cults but this is taking things a bit too far.

  14. ThePeon26 says:

    Well I can say it´s been out one day and works bloody better than ark survival does today after what almost 2 years and I can´t play that game I still get video driver crash and I tried every damn fix there seams to be. Sure playing a finished game would be so much better but to be honest I rather pay 30 euro to play A game and see it grow rather than pre order a game for 59.99 and it´s as broken as Assassins cred unity on release but people still pre order several bloody month before even try the game then complain on a broken game well boohoo it´s your own bloody fault for pre ordering a game with out even getting the chance to try it or know it´s a fully working game at least early access you can try the game and you can help out with ideas and so on. If lag and bugs if way to much for you no one forced you to buy a early access game so stop crying about it.

    • BuLLeTZ says:

      Sit down “fan Boy”. When you pay money for something you have certain expectations that should be met, early release or not.

      1. Game should function correctly (not make everyone who purchased the game a guinea Pig).
      2. Servers should be ready to handle serious gaming traffic.
      3. Everyone that purchased this game has the right (as they should to voice their issues) without being trolled for it.

      Move on go brown nose somewhere else as the company will not be handing you any freebies.

  15. trjp says:

    On the price vs free Beta thing – I agree, however as someone who paid for Anarchy Online (Funcom’s first MMO) at-launch, this sounds polished and complete ;0

  16. thegreebler says:

    Yes, how we forget the good ole days….

    Like Origional Everquest, corpse runs where your body was at the bottom of the well, and if it stayed there, so did all the coin, weapons and armor you had on.

    But I think this time Ill not sign up right away. Just to see. Though I would make a bald headed, fat guy with a tiny penis. Just so funny when char creator makes it where we can buck the norm.

    All these nazis with perfect hair, and bodies.

    But I, the great hero with a bald head, am obese as I can be, and with the smallest winky ever imagined, I stand out in the crowd.

    • MadJax says:

      The funniest thing about the knob-slider is that it only controls length, girth wise everyone is as thick as a tree-trunk

  17. Ghostwise says:

    I didn’t know that chest hair removal was that common during the Hyborian Age. Must be all those jewelled thrones.

    • Pravin Lal's Nuclear Arsenal says:

      Does that surprise you? Wasn’t any Conan cover art ever enough to tip you off?

      To be fair though, I find that realistic. If early human beings had to spend that much time naked, their thought process must have been something along the lines of: “Right. Priority 1: looking decent. I need a technology that removes excess hair and something that makes my pecs shiny. Priority 2: I need a tool to engage other people in what I’ll call a conversation, so I can brag about my shiny pecs. Priority 3: food, shelter, warmth, stuff like that. I’ll go punch a tree.”

  18. fuggles says:

    Christopher Livingston over at pcg has a whole article on Conan’s penises.
    link to

    It’s brilliant as ever.

  19. Gothnak says:

    I’ve not played Rust or DayZ or any of the other games, because i really hate being griefed by unknown players who have spent more time in the game and have better stuff. I always used to play MMOs in the PvE zones.

    The idea of private servers sounds interesting though if the world is dangerous. I’d be up for establishing a town together and building stuff and going off fighting nasty beasties as a team. Couldn’t care less about murdering nude newbs on a beach.

  20. BitKiller says:

    It’s a day 1, early access, and you must know that. All discussions are stupid, if you don’t like early access, don’t buy it. In my case , I buy it and I’m not disapointed with the overall quality. Rust , Ark, 7 days … Are 2 or 3 years old and still in early access, and I bought it too. Reviews of that kind are stupid, compare Conan with anothers early access with 2 years or more of development is stupid. It’s not professional do that kind of review. See you

  21. Chiron says:

    I can’t read this article at work.

    Why the fuck is “customisable cock” an option? Who asked for this feature?

    • Jekhar says:

      Wasn’t penis length (and even gender?) random in Rust and cause for considerable rage? Maybe Funcom wanted to avoid that.

    • Kala says:


  22. Gothnak says:

    I wonder if you had a character generator at the start of the game, and spending points on ‘penis size’ meant you had less strength, intelligence etc, whether people would do it?

    Technically it’s a Charisma stat after all.

    • BuLLeTZ says:

      You know there would be some seriously deficient toons out there. Dying every 10 seconds all for the long schlong, as if it would impress anyone virtually. But boy’s will be boys, and women well go figure.

  23. MrLoque says:

    I still don’t get why gamers are SO obsessed with dicks. I am 42 and I’ve been playing videogames for decades but seriously, this kind of trash attitude really goes beyond any comprehension.

    Sexual and stupid jokes have always been part of the video/gaming world but being forced to watch naked people all the time “because they feel it’s funny” is kinda annoying. Also, it kills any possibility to play these games with my kids (still 7 and 10 years old). At least a trash-chat can be hidden or muted but these dick-lovers can ruin the entire experience.

    Even Minecraft videos from trusted/safe youtubers sometimes throw the occasional huge dick inside the world… but that’s more subtle, I guess, it’s not like having a full-screen animated dick flopping between the legs.

    • Gothnak says:

      So you are one of those people that thinks showing kids the murder and death is in this game is fine (something which no one in their real life will hopefully ever see) but a naked body is not (We are all here after all because of sex).

      I know in this case it’s a bit over the top and stupid, but sheesh, why in the 21st century are we still so terrified of children seeing naked bits?

      What’s worse, your kids mistakenly walking in a family friend who is staying over and is having a shower, or them seeing a pedestrian get hit by a car and killed?

      • Sarfrin says:

        Depends. Do the pedestrian’s pants fall off and expose their bits during the accident?

      • MrLoque says:

        That’s a good question and I agree: I fell less guilty showing them an action/killing videogame rather than a game where naked players teabag other players with their 3D dick. As a mere example, we play Just Cause 3 for the lols (grappling people to a mountain, let them explode on a rocket, etc.) but I wouldn’t feel “ok” if the same game had naked players/npcs with boobs and dicks. I wouldn’t show it to my children. Why? Good question.

        • Gothnak says:

          I’ll be honest, i don’t have kids, so i’ve never understood this outlook in life, although i did advise my sister to stop my nephew playing COD:BLOPS when he was 13.

          As long as the nudity isn’t sexual, it really is just hang ups of society left over from the victorians and nothing more.

          Having worked on the Fable games in the past, we had more issues with the fact you could have sex (with a blacked out screen) than people getting beheaded. I just think it’s really sad, it’s just sex, everyone does it (or wants to once they reach a certain age).

          • Killerspinach says:

            Because it’s awkward. Who wants to watch a dick flap around in a video game at all let alone with their kids running around the house? I wouldn’t want my kids seeing me play this either and not because I think it would scar them mentally or emotionally but because it’s awkward and weird.

            To summarize: sex and or nudity + family is a bad combination and if you disagree you’re weird and possibly dangerous.

          • Gothnak says:

            I’m not saying it’s not awkward, i’m just sad that people are MORE worried about sex than death and dismemberment.

            Awkward is better than horrifying.

            I assume you’d be fine playing this if there were no dicks, and just slavery, death and murder. Cool.

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      Not all nudity is sexual in nature.

  24. shrieki says:

    it´s like minecraft with dongs and boobies ?

    anybody knows the old Richard Corben Comics ? Den ? i wish someone would make a game in that style.

    • Angstsmurf says:

      Judging by the screenshots, it would surprise me if nobody at Funcom has read Den.

  25. APerfidiousDane says:

    The game functions very well actually. It’s the servers that are shit and that comes down to the server host,I feel, because most private servers with decent hardware aren’t having horrible issues. Not to mention ARK had an absolute shit launch as well and was way less optimized. I’ve never played Rust so I’m unsure of how it’s launch went but from what I can tell it’s not doing extremely well currently either.

    I feel like a lot of the points are extremely nitpicky from somebody who never playsv or has never played survival or crafting games.

  26. Mrice says:

    Good for you. For everyone who isn’t a rich wanker and cant waste £15 a day on lunch (seriously that extortionate. That’d buy you a nice dinner in a restaurant) a £30 price point for an under-developed and unproven product is too much.

    • Mrice says:

      This was in reply to an actual comment thread nearer the top.

  27. rondertaker says:

    you’ll have an axe, a pick, a torch and i’m in it – my man dre fuck you up in a minute

  28. yojustaguy says:

    yea you are paying 30$ for a game in progress but you also get it cheaper. all it requires is an understanding of what you are buying AN EARLY ACCESS GAME. If you dont have patience or enjoy playing games in progress. WHY THE HELL would you even visit the early access page at all? It literally tells you what you are getting into on the store page.

  29. Gravy says:

    Gripes about the cost then mentions Ark is much cheaper what he doesn’t mention is Ark had DLC out before they finished the game, most people didn’t pay 7 quid for it either.

  30. Ratel says:

    If you’re getting stuttering or freezing issues and you’re running an AMD CPU, try these workarounds and bump the thread so Funcom take notice.

    link to