Hitman update brings bonus mission, higher difficulty

The wonderful murder sandbox of Hitman [official site] is now a touch livelier and, if you want, tougher too. A free update launched today adding a new hit set in Sapienza during a concert and a new ‘Professional’ difficulty setting, along with fixes, tweaks, HDR support, and some other gubbins. That’s a good-looking update. I’ll get into that soon but first, have a peep at the trailer for new bonus mission ‘Landslide’, which sends Ian Hitman to Sapienza to whack a politician with mafia ties:

That’s Marco Abiatti, a naughty businessman-turned-politician with mafia ties. Someone wants you to put bullets through his face, or a screwdriver through his neck, or poison through his guts, or… they’re probably not too picky. The mission makes Sapienza over a little with a concert Abiatti’s holding near the harbour. Everyone who owns the full first season of Hitman gets this bonus mission free.

We’ve gone over Professional difficulty before but, in short, it makes everything tougher. NPCs are more attentive and search harder, auto-saves are disabled and only one manual save is allowed, naughty Deeds caught on security cameras will trigger guards to investigate, and so on.

As for the rest of the update’s other bits, the patch notes detail some natty stuff. My personal favourite is that Ian is again able to pull folks over balconies and out windows; this ability was added in November then pulled in December as a bug meant NPCs who saw Ian yank people didn’t blame him for their dreadful deaths. Ian also now gets warnings before picking up illegal items, much as he already did for illegal interactions. Check through the notes and you’ll also find an option to disable auto-saves, HDR support, and more fixes and tweaks than I can get into here.

Today also brings a physical release of Hitman’s first season, on a disc in one of those ‘Steelbook’ cases. Maybe you still have a disc drive? Or a fondness for physical things. Perhaps you wish to stroke Ian’s cold, steely face. Put it on your pillow at night. You could break through his icy exterior, couldn’t you? Clutching the case to your chest, you feel your warmth flow into him, bringing him to life.


  1. unitled says:

    I preordered Hitman what seems like forever ago and have got a quite frankly embarrassing amount of content and free stuff. They’re continuing to expand and add to the game on an almost weekly basis. They’ve certainly proved to me they’re back on track after the largely shaky Absolution. This Hitman ended up pretty much as my GOTY 2016.

  2. Mi-24 says:

    Just tried Paris and sapienza in the new difficulty. Definitely a lot harder, and mostly better as a result. The CCTV thing now makes sense, there are more guards and most items and (as far as I can tell all) disguises are removed.
    By now I can mostly sleepwalk through the levels but this actually makes them a challenge to complete at all again. Sometimes it feels a little unfair, because it is so hard with no accessible disguises / poison and the single save thing is annoying, but overall a welcome addition.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      The update notes say that you can only wear a disguise off of a “clean kill” so that could be what is happening.

      • Mi-24 says:

        I think it’s a deliberate decision to stop people relying on quick easy ways to get disguises and make it harder, it just means it takes more time to get that disguise and is a little frustrating when you just want an easy start to pull off a more complex kill

  3. Blake Casimir says:


    Remove the online requirement for items.
    Add a proper offline play option that does not penalise players by holding back items.
    Remove Denuvo.

    Then I will buy into this game. Not a moment sooner.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      I support your wishes, but don’t hold your breath.

  4. xPuncake615 says:

    Can they fix the walking system, im sick of walking faster than my target…at least add some walk control with mouse wheel or somthin.

    • David Mitchell says:

      The ‘or somthin’ you’re looking for is using a gamepad (as the developers intended) to play. Older Hitmen like Codename 47 were designed for the PC (which had incredibly awkward controls), while this one was designed primarily with analog controls in mind. By using k/b+mouse you’re also missing the subtle force-feedback (vibration) cues.

  5. ItAintNecessarilySo says:

    Haven’t tried the harder difficulty yet but the bonus mission is once again a hit. It’s an easy one in may ways, likely to offset the proffesional mode. Yet again packed with so much flavour that it actually had me just walking around the town a good while after the kill.

  6. Kushiel says:

    Alice, that last paragraph…