Resident Evil 4 HD Project’s Castle chapter due March

Ohh it's pretty!

The next chapter of the hugely impressive Resident Evil 4 HD Project [official site] will arrive on March 31st, its makers have announced, overhauling the game’s castle areas. This is possibly the best fan-made overhaul I’ve seen, and certainly goes far beyond Capcom’s work in the official HD re-release. Working with unofficial tools, the RE4HD Project’s makers have added more 3D detail to the world, relit areas, and taken such care in recreating textures that they even track down buildings Capcom photographed as source material. Check out this new comparison video showing off improvements:

Pret-ty swish, isn’t it?

I don’t often use fan-made texture packs, as many lack consistency or change the tone of the game too much, but this is all very impressive. A few minor bits aside, it looks coherent and quite reverent of of the original material. Given that Resident Evil 4 is one of the finest games, this is great.

I’ve been following the mod’s development blog for years, delighted each time they post about things like discovering how to edit real-time lights, fixing lighting issues in the base game, finding buildings Capcom photographed, fixing errors Capcom made, or just making some really nice curtains.

The RE4HD Project released an overhaul of the Village sections in 2014, which you can download over here. I believe that’s not final, with some tweaks still to come. You’ll need that 2014 re-release to play it. The dev blog has already shown plenty of progress on the Island areas so hopefully it won’t be too long before RE4 is fully prettied-up.

It’s a shame that Capcom’s official updated version of RE4 didn’t change much visually (despite boasts of “a complete visual overhaul”) but they did give the game a solid foundation on modern systems. Combined with this mod, ooh I’m looking forward to this being done. Resident Evil 4 for the ages.


  1. Danda says:

    This is one of the best mods I’ve ever seen.

    • icemann says:

      Don’t ever play SHTUP for System Shock 2 then. You’ll die of shock (no pun intended).

  2. CowboyCurtis says:

    Great news; I’ve been following this mod for a loooong time. I’ve put off playing the village section until the castle section is complete. It’s truly an astounding piece of work, and Albert seems like a swell guy. Someone hire this man!

  3. int says:

    Truly beauteous.

  4. Gordon Shock says:

    If only someone would do the same for Vice City…

    I just started playing the Resident Evil Remaster yesterday and even though character modelling is now on par the rest of the texture are fairly low-res and it makes it really hard to distinguish elements that can be interacted with versus those who don’t

    • Ghostwise says:

      There is a rather large and still ongoing Vice City retexturing mod, though of course it’s not as spectacular.

      But then, I’d give it a 40% that the point of this post was to throw shade over said Vice City retexturing mod, because people. So…

      • poliovaccine says:

        Anybody else find these kinda mods and updates to be sort of a tossup, since sometimes youre actually accustomed to, and prefer, the jankier, lower-fi originals? Sometimes the gfx update is just what I craved, but other times it just doesnt sit right. I dont mean to denigrate the work these guys are doing, cus it really looks great, but what I’m saying is that sometimes these mods can look “too” good for the game they go with – to me anyway.

        I’m that way with Fallouts 3 and New Vegas, with Morrowind, and the only reason I’ve never tried it before is cus I know I’d feel the same about a mod like that for Vice City – even if it was all totally within the aesthetic and spirit of the original game. Cus to me, that cartoonish quality, and those loafeyed textures, sometimes are a *part* of that aesthetic and spirit themselves.

        I think, too, the lower-fi the game, the greater the potential for that effect. Like, Tommy Vercetti in Vice City has almost no facial muscles, nvm facial expressions. Giving him a more lifelike face just makes it look more dead. Updating bits and pieces out of the dated whole just winds up feeling like a kind of Frankenstein game sewn together from disparate parts, and the final total overhaul sort of never seems total enough. I’ve tried many a Morrowind gfx enhancement overhaul or individual texture and model pack, and almost every time, even if I have a few delighted moments with the mod at first, I revert cus I find in the end I prefer vanilla.

        To give the extreme example, Mario isnt necessarily improved by making him more lifelike, by showing us the glistening of the oils on his thick, black, Italian mustache. He was a product of the constraints of the time, and because photorealism wasnt an option, the devs and artists opted for something else instead – something characteristic and cartoony. Down the line, games like GTA3 and Vice City didnt have the tech to do what they really wanted to do (which was GTA5), so they made a compromise in the form of a cartoonish world which nonetheless does a good job of suggesting and evoking a realistic feel by clever use of details and audio.

        Some games are given new life by a good gfx update, and for bringing new players to old games, theyre ideal. But I’m just curious if I’m the only weirdo who actually sometimes prefers the vanilla faces and textures, in particular when it’s an older game? I dont always go for gfx enhancements in general; like I dont think Mario will be improved by anti-aliasing.

        • Premium User Badge

          DelrueOfDetroit says:

          Best case in point: those god-awful mods for Half-Life 2 that make Alyx look like a high class stripper.