Ready quick go! Constructor free for another few hours

3 2 1 no time just go: head over to GOG to download Constructor for free. It’s a town-building RTS from 1997 with warring estate developers, and it’s fun and it’s funny and- oh my stars you’ve less than four hours to download it for keepsies. An ‘HD’ remake is coming later this month, sure, but for now you might fancy kicking the tyres and seeing what it’s all about. Good stuff, is the answer.

I’ve fond memories of Constructor, building pretty little estates of my own while sending thugs, thieves, and murderous clowns to destroy my rivals. A pleasing mix of town-builder and real-time strategy.

Given that WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME I’ll simply quote a chunk of something I wrote about it before:

“Constructor, to explain, is a town-building game with a pleasingly low-level scale. Rather than some omnipotent citygod, carving the landscape to your will, you’re simply a contractor working at the mercy of the town council to build and manage estates.

“As you build out and tech up, your problems aren’t traffic jams or failing businesses but more on the level of tenants demanding a new kitchen or complaining about their neighbours’ garden gnomes. Or a rival contractor sending ‘undesirables’ to mess with your estates (you can send your own after your rivals too, of course). Hippies, malicious plumbers, ghosts, clowns, thugs, chainsaw-wielding psychos… maybe these towns are set in the world of The Young Ones?

“Like many games from developers who started in the eighties, it has that gentle sense of British silliness that’s obsessed with class, standing, and what the neighbours might think.”

Constructor is free on GOG until 2pm UTC, which is- oh dear! Three and a bit hours. THERE’S NO TIME.

Constructor HD, on the other hand, is due on February 28th.


  1. Shiloh says:

    Trigger pulled, cheers Alice. And it’s got a proper 48 page manual – happy days.

  2. Carra says:

    Ugh, I should buy less games. Clicked on it only to see that I’ve already got the game at checkout time.

    I remember having a lot of fun with Constructor back when it came out. Fun game! Also quite hard if I remember well.

  3. Someoldguy says:

    Well, okay then. How can I refuse? :)

    • Jalan says:

      Had you refused, you’d become properly acquainted with a building’s foundation.

      • Someoldguy says:

        It seems I will anyway. I built a few houses, went to see what the opposition was up to and came back to discover all my houses burning down. I think I need to RTFM, but I suspect its RTS is a little too fast for my plodding gameplay.

  4. Shinard says:

    Too late :(

  5. Talahar says:

    Too late as well. And now, just to be petty, I’ll never look at the game ever again.