Bug your pals: Ghost Recon Wildlands beta pre-loading

Welcome to the jungle.

Pre-loading has started for the Ghost Recon Wildlands [official site] closed beta test that’ll kick off tomorrow. Keys are still going out in waves so if you signed up for a chance to play, check the beta registration page to see your status. If you haven’t signed up, hey, folks who are accepted do get to invite three of their pals too, so start bugging your warbuds. Wildlands is curious one, taking the open-world style of modern Far Cries, taking it to third-person tactical action, giving you squadmates, and amping up the imperialism. Gameplay videos make it look a bit of a lark, at least.

The closed beta will start on Friday and run until Monday the 6th. [Update: Ubi confirm it’ll start at 11am GMT and end at 11 GMT on Monday] Here’s what Ubi say is in the beta:

“During this Closed Beta, you will be able to discover the very first hours of Ghost Recon Wildlands in the province of Itacua, one of the 21 regions of our massive open world. You will be able to fully explore this area and complete main story missions, but you will also be able to engage in side activities. The full gameplay loop is available for you to discover as well as the character customization and the gunsmith feature.”

You might also find Ubi’s beta status page a useful place to see if you’re in.

Elsewhere in Ubibetas, For Honor is holding an open beta test next week, letting all and sundry stab each other.

Little-known fact: Wildlands is the video game adaptation of a Duran Duran song.


  1. oWn4g3 says:

    If anyone got in and has a spare invite, I would be very grateful. One of the first Ubisoft games in while that looks very interesting to play in Co-Op.

  2. Kollega says:

    Show of hands: who else wishes we could have a tactical open-world game with gameplay mechanics like hand-tailoring your equipment to your mission, comandeering vehicles for hit-and-run attacks, using stealth and deception against enemies, and buddying up with your friends to provide fire support and overwatch for eachother… except in a (retro)futuristic setting?

    • Simes says:

      I want more of this in all kinds of settings, but this in particular sounds great. Very much yes.

    • hmkarl says:

      I would love to see more games/developers properly attempt it. One of my favorite themes.
      A clunky version of this can be played with a modded Arma 3. Missions like Dynamic Recon Ops, Antistasi or Liberation provide exactly that, even with Coop. But of course it’s not optimal and far from a fluid experience because of the old engine.

  3. Boomerang says:

    Regarding times, my email says 11am on 3rd to 11am on the 6th.
    And it says it on the beta site.
    link to ghost-recon.ubisoft.com

  4. Merry says:

    I might like to play this but, as a general observation, I wish RPS would clarify whether individual games will force me to play with other people. I would like to experiment with a beta single-player campaign, but other people? Can’t be doing with them.

    In the majority of cases it’s fairly obvious, but occasionally I have to click to the web site to find out, and sometimes I’m baffled even then. Yes of course I’m stupid, but if there’s one like me then there will be dozens.

    So what is it Alice? Can I play this on my tod?

    • Simes says:

      Yes, you can, your squadmates will be AI-controlled if you play solo.

  5. Nokturnal says:

    I want to know which moron at Ubisoft decided it would be wise to schedule this beta on the same weekend as the free Siege weekend?!

    I was finally going to try to get the missus into Siege and now I’ll have less time to try out Wildlands.

    Honestly why wouldn’t you just keep them a few days or a week apart!? Are they allergic to money?

    • OllieChaos says:

      Simple answer really, ubi don’t want an embarrassing situation where the grw servers get swamped and slow down/crash. The free weekend diverts a few people away from playing the beta, possibly making the difference between servers crashing and not.

      • Nokturnal says:

        Thing is, I’m not sure that is the case because I believe they will once again use Microsoft Azure data centres as they have done for Siege and The Division.

        When The Division launched, because it was such a hit at the start we experienced numerous connection issues, lag in-game and other general pains when playing Siege.

        Even with the recent For Honor beta it has (especially in the first few hours) shown to be impacting Siege gameplay.

        So if anything I think having a free weekend at the same time will do more damage than good as it has done in the past.

        Not to mention that it’ll mean fewer sales if people can’t spend enough time playing one or the other in order to come to a conclusion.

        • OllieChaos says:

          Haha yep good point. Kinda just hit me but what if they did this to create a bit of conflict between the siege camp and grw camp, which would create arguments about which one you should play… We were effing played

  6. Skid says:

    Damn, the Sniper Ghost Warriors Beta is this weekend as well, not that I got a key for this one but I want to give both a try as they both look like they could be interesting.

  7. MoldyCheese says:

    If anyone has a spare invite or beta key I would love to try this game out!

  8. Cortes says:

    Beta test is allways great idea but why they close it? I want open beta test like on Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3. I hope someone from my friend have access to this beta and will invate me on it. But if they don’t do this I will play on SGW# beta test and it will be great time too I hope.

    • fish99 says:

      I guess to keep numbers down, so they can test the systems without rolling out the whole expensive hardware. If For Honour is anything to go by there may well be a further open beta.

  9. racccoon says:

    Way signed in..I must admit, this game seems extremely promising. :)