American Truck Simulator honking to New Mexico next

American Truck Simulator

The next state being added to American Truck Simulator [official site] is New Mexico, developers SCS Software announced. The Land of Enchantment, locals call it. The Cactus State! Land of Sunshine! Mexico Plus! Mexico Gold! I Can’t Believe It’s Not Mexico! SCS’s recent update upscaling the continent “transforms a great game into a sublime one”, our Alec will tell you, and now they’re done embiggenning SCS have moved back to expanding. No word yet on when New Mexico will arrive but SCS do share a few pictures to peek at for now (hit the announcement for bigguns).

A word of warning: don’t accept trucking jobs from the Army round Roswell.

SCS don’t mention whether New Mexico will be paid DLC or free. Back in January 2016, they only committed to California, Nevada, and Arizona being free, saying that “most further map expansion DLCs, if not all, will be paid.” That statement is a year old, mind.

American Truck Simulator

A whole lot of USA is still to come, even if SCS are knocking off some big states first. Last night’s announcement says SCS are still expanding the ATS dev team to speed up development:

“At this moment, over 20 people focus solely on ATS development; an internal team plus a network of full-time contractors. Still it is not enough. We are well aware that the game’s fans would like to see more content, more vehicles, more game features, more optimizations, faster progress. To make this possible, we keep growing the company – our vision is to at least double our production bandwidth for both American Truck as well as Euro Truck 2. We have been adding a few new people to the company pretty much every month during 2016, and we’ll definitely keep on growing through 2017. All this new talent does and will make a difference that you should definitely notice.”

SCS said in June 2016 that they hoped to two staff up enough to have two map design teams “working in parallel on growing North America both Northward and Eastward at the same time.” I don’t know if that’s still the plan, but it sounds good.

New Mexico is eastward so oooh maybe Oregon northward next? I have mighty fond road trip memories of Route 101 along the Oregon coast. Sadly, American Truck Simulator is still cabin-bound so it can’t replicate sitting around a campfire in sub-zero temperatures drinking whisky, toasting marshmallows, and tootling on tin whistles.

American Truck Simulator


  1. walrus1 says:

    I must admit I’m disappointed that Oregon wasn’t next. As I feel like a change in scenery would be good. Here’s hoping the price is reasonable.

    • MercurialJack says:

      I agree, a change in scenery would be nice. Desert states are all well and good, but some greenery would be nice. Montana would be lovely, along with Oregon.

      • rustybroomhandle says:

        I suspect that them sticking to desert states for the moment is a practical decision, since they would have many deserty assets ready to be used already and they can create these regions faster.

        • maxcolby says:

          Though, I would prefer Oregon(living here and all). But, yeah, I imagine it is much faster to throw together NM than Oregon at the moment. But once they do Oregon, the rest of the NW will be quick.
          They need to start working on mountain passes more.

    • Papageno says:

      I live in Oregon (Portland) and it would have been great to see highways and such west of the Cascades covered, particularly the coast (Highway 101!) and the mountain passes. The I-5 corridor does get pretty boring (and straight!) between Portland and Eugene, admittedly.

      • ephesus64 says:

        I spend a lot of time on the boring bits of I-5 in that part of Oregon myself, and I completely agree with that. But like a lot of people have said, I think the rest of Oregon would be worth the price of a DLC by itself.

        Highway 101 along the coast (it’s not “the beach” in Or-ee-gun, it’s “the coast”), I-5 south of Eugene, the passes over the Cascade mountains, Central and Eastern Oregon–it’s going to be beautiful, but they do have a lot of assets to create. That said, please please do Oregon next, SCS!

  2. MercurialJack says:

    “SCS said in June 2016 that they hoped to two staff up to make two map design teams teams,”

    What on earth are you trying to say here, Alice?

  3. SanguineAngel says:

    This might be a terribly naive question but could someone tell me what the fidelity of the gameworld is like?

    • Troubletcat says:

      When I first started playing the franchise in ETS2 the fidelity of the world was one of the aspects I found most disappointing. ATS is better than ETS2 in that regard, but it’s still not particularly believable all things considered.

      It is not terrible, either, but you can definitely tell it was made by a very small team. The quality of the world is nowhere near yer GTA’s or yer Far Cry’s or yer Witcher 3’s.

      If you’re considering buying and this is a major sticking point for you, check out some YouTube videos first. That said, although I found the world disappointing when I first picked up ETS2, I am still playing the franchise, so you also may find the game worthwhile even if the world looks a little dull.

  4. Shiloh says:

    I really need to get a steering wheel or something for this – I enjoy it but driving via the keyboard is fiddly and I’m constantly over-correcting, which leads to problems in cities and towns.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears. Y’all.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      I found a controller with it’s analogue joysticks to be a bit better than a keyboard, but your mileage may vary (ha!)

    • Stuart Walton says:

      A joypad is good enough. Every function is re-mappable so you can get it just how you like it.

      You’ll want to fiddle with the numerous sliders for controlling the steering. While the controller setup wizard will get you driving on a pad within a minute, you’ll probably want to decrease the linearity and increase the reduction of steering with speed sliders if you find it too twitchy.

      There are 2 types of steering, wheel and joy pad. Wheel mode has a full scale mapping of input to output. Joypad mode is a filtered input, the output wants to reach a direct mapping but the output rate of change is limited and the maximum output lowers as you gain speed.

      I have my flight yoke set up for steering and that only has 180 degrees of rotation, so I use the joypad mode. Takes a while to get used to, and to tweak the sliders, but if you drive smoothly enough, it’s not that much different from a proper wheel.

    • ikehaiku says:

      I agree that a pad works just fine – and depending on what games you play, maybe more useful an investment than a wheel (ie, getting a wheel just for one game is always hard to justify)
      I have both, and while I would never play a sim-racing game with a pad, I enjoy ATS/ETS more with it, if only because of “convenience”

    • GrumpyCatFace says:

      I was pretty frustrated with the controls at first, but I’ve worked it out now, by simply turning the Mouse Sensitivity almost all the way down. Now I’m cruising the states with ease – no controller needed.

    • maxcolby says:

      I played ETS2 with the keyboard and mouse. When ATS came out I bought a Xbox360 controller(also had bought some games that basically required a controller). So much better. I have all the main keys mapped to the controller.
      One day I’ll invest in a wheel/pedal setup, but it will be for Rally games like Richard Burns rather than ATS/ETS

  5. Grizzly says:

    This should have been a reply to sanguine angel! Alec reviewed the fidelity of the game world with it’s new update a few months ago:

    link to

    Barring any sudden issues with the dev process, I don’t doubt New Mexico will be similar.

  6. Erroll the Elder says:

    Hey, more desert! Just what I wanted.

  7. jnik says:

    1) Not particularly cactus-y. 2) Desert as you all seem to think of it is maybe, I don’t know, half the state? I have no idea how much ATS lets you play around, but try 82 from Alamagordo to Artesia. Or 84 from Santa Fe up to Chama. You’ll get some scenery. (And those are legit trucking routes.) If you’re stuck to 40 and 25, yeah, going to be some boredom.

  8. nitric22 says:

    States are greats! But not at, what do you think, $10-15 price tags? After New Mexico I do hope they take the initiative to drop 2-3 state regions. Give us Oregon, Washington, and Idaho in one go perhaps, for say, $20? It’s easier for me to justify I little larger lump sum for more content in one go rather then be slowly bled out.

  9. Person of Interest says:

    Alt-text by Pip =)

  10. Viral Frog says:

    I’m really hoping that Utah is up next after New Mexico. Having been born and raised there, but now living in a different state and unable to visit regularly, I would love to be able to admire the beautiful Rocky Mountains more regularly.

    • rodan32 says:

      Yup, agreed. There’s nothing quite like barreling out of the Waterpocket Fold at 80 mph on I-70. Or going west across the Salt Flats on I-80 with the sun rising behind you, turning all the shallow water to gold. Utah is a weird place with a lot of variety. Would be cool. Sample: link to

  11. David Mitchell says:

    • David Mitchell says:

      R.D. Trucking Co, Albuquerque, NM. Also, Better Call Saul! (Breaking Bad). Terrain mods already covered NM but making it official was best. Now, when can we buy an official 1970’s Rubber Duck RS700L Mack from SCS? Just me who would buy it? Or what about the classic Duel (1971) movie truck + rusty flammables trailer with Dennis Weaver’s red Plymouth Valiant as a drivable? Again, just me? Sigourney wants it too!