Desync’s stunt-kill shooting kicks off this month

Take the stunt combo kills of Bulletstorm and the neon- wait, you didn’t actually take that did you, reader dear? Reach into Bulletstorm’s guts and- how did you do that? That wasn’t an order, just a rhetorical… what’s that on your hands? Is Bulletstorm okay? Can you cram that back into its guts? That’s really not on. I’ll try to be more literal.

Adult Swim Games have announced a release date of February 28th for Desync [official site], a first-person shooting video game about killing cyberenemies in cool and elaborate ways to rack up megapoints. I think it looks enjoyable.

So! Desync is a singleplayer FPS about killing enemies in cool and complex ways to score megapoints and climb the leaderboards. Pop ’em into the each and shoot skeet. Knock ’em into traps. Explode ’em. It’s also got special moves and, last I saw anyway, some sort of shot-parrying item/ability/doodad. Enemy attacks are big on melee moves and actual projectiles you can dodge, which looks pleasing for a game like this. I do like weaving between projectiles. I like stunt kills and all. I like the look of this game.

Look, this is the insight you’ll get from me on a Friday afternoon when I’m already concerned about you taking me literally and ripping fleshy chunks out of innocent video games.


  1. jj2112 says:

    Looks like Tron 2.0… which looked great but didn’t get the disk combat quite right.

  2. funkstar says:

    Put it into my body immediately!

  3. zeep says:

    Should be more cool killing ways. I saw air kills and world kills.

    Where’s the grapple / hook / line kills? Weird combo’s, stringing 5 enemies up on some expanding wall that tears them in two, dropping 1 enemy in lava while stringing up some more, live-size circle-saw through a bunch of monsters, inflating enemies until they burst in the air or explode in a gas field to multiply the size of the explosion, a spell to raise manga-tentacles from the ground that kill all in sight (even you if you’re in the way) .. I could go on but that would be even more silly.

    Cool looking game so far.

  4. Robomonk says:

    I like most of the aesthetics and gameplay (from what I can tell), but I hope you get an option to turn off the interlace effects (I think that’s what they’re called).

    I get that they’re trying to sort of emulate something from the 80s/Tron-like with modern sensibilities. Though, I’m not sure I can play a fast paced FPS with constant interlacing.

  5. Benratha says:

    Getting a bit of a ‘Devil Daggers’ vibe from the video? Maybe this will be the year of DD-likes…