Skyblivion looks even more like Oblivion rebuilt in Skyrim

Skyblivion [official site], the huge fan project to remake The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion as a Skyrim mod, is picking up pace. We had a peek at their progress in December and, the dev team say, that video helped them recruit a load more help. “We have made more progress in the 2 months after the release of our update video than we have in the year prior to it,” they say. Crumbs! So let’s take a look at a new video showing what they’ve done in those two months:

That’s some nice-looking stuff! Like Oblivion, but in Skyrim. A prettier Oblivion. Obprettyone, they could call it.

The Skyblivion mob detail their progress:

“Here is a list of what’s new: more weapon sets have been created and the 3D department has started work on more environmental assets that will help us re-shape the land of Cyrodiil for the better, our UI team has been hard at work creating a Oblivion inspired user interface which will allow us to give players more insight into their characters progression, the landscaping team has made HUGE strides with recreating the vast landscapes of Cyrodiil and what you have seen here was only a small taste of what we have in store, the interior team has blown us away with the work they have completed on the interior locations so far and their work will only be added upon in the future when we start adding more detail and clutter to them, quests are now at a stage where we can start implementing them thanks to our tech team, our navmeshers have completed almost every corner of Cyrodiil and our texture artists have finished big chunks of Cyrodiil’s textures like the landscape textures for instance.”

Remaking a game that’s ten years old inside a game that’s five years old still slightly puzzles me but hey, it’s clearly a labour of love and we can’t rationalise love. Do you know what people in love do? With each other? Have you seen them? Are you okay with that? At least the Skyblivion gang have the decency to keep their love inside computers.

Still no clear picture of when Skyblivion be done. If you fancy helping, the team point hopeful volunteers to this form.


  1. Catchcart says:

    Whenever one of these updates come along I have to try to sort out which one of the TES fan-projects it is. And which one is the likeliest to actually get to the finish line.

    • Vedharta says:

      Morroblivion (Morrowind-in-Oblivions-Engine) is to the point that you can play the whole main quest without issues.

      It also gives just enough facelift to make it a reasonably modern experience.

      So i would say, Morroblivion :-)

      • Konservenknilch says:

        It would be easier if they didn’t all have these weird names. Is almost pundemonium.

  2. BTAxis says:

    Perhaps we can’t rationalize love, but can we at least make it a controlled substance?

  3. stringerdell says:

    This did make me smile but no more oblivion or skyrim for me… in fact no more gamebryo. I have more or less been playing a big RPG in some variation of that engine since I was 16.

    • Sui42 says:

      this, a thousand times this. The devs are clearly very skilled & talented, and props to anyone for pursuing their own creative passion, but personally I can’t see the benefit of spending thousands of hours of labour just to *slightly* upgrade the graphics of a relatively mediocre elder scrolls game.

      But y’know. Whatever floats your boat. Hopefully they’ll get game dev jobs out of it or whatevs

      • jj2112 says:

        Yes, I finished the original with all the expansions recently and I agree, I thought it was relatively mediocre too.

        • Vedharta says:

          The maingame, yes totally agreed.

          Shivering Isles however is one of the highpoints of the TES series though!

          • hfm says:

            The Dark Brotherhood quest line pretty much saved Oblivion. It was just the right amount of diversity to set the game on a higher tier as a sum of it’s parts. When I look back at Oblivion the part that seems to me to be a missed opportunity is the Ayleid ruins. The seemed rather empty and pointless. It could just be me remembering it that way when it wasn’t.

          • gi_ty says:

            The Ayleid ruins were for the most part empty but I remember at least two with really cool and intriguing side quests. Perhaps 19 year old me was less of a writing critic but I distinctly remember them 10-11 years later so they must have been decent.

          • jj2112 says:

            It was ok because Sheogorath was crazy, but I felt I spent the whole time running errands and the final fight was too easy and anticlimactic (like Morrowind and, I suppose, Skyrim too, I haven’t finished it yet).

          • brucethemoose says:

            Yes! The Shivering Isles was fantastic!

        • Mrice says:

          I always feel like a minority in this, but i’d take oblivion over skyrim any day. I dont think thats the “correct” choice, i just value different things.

          To me a game can be janky and ugly and weird and awkward to play as long as its interesting. Oblivion had fun anecdote generating quests and mechanics. Skyrim was the much more polished adventures of the winter wonderland postman.

  4. Nibblet says:

    Horse armor! That’s me sold then.
    Think we could have this done by summer if we do enough of these videos? Perhaps do a few for Skywind while at it?

  5. BigMikeyOcho says:

    I get it, it looks nice and all… but Oblivion still looks pretty nice, too. So does Morrowind with a few graphics mods. Remake Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, or Redguard as a Skyrim mod and then I’ll be interested.

  6. fish99 says:

    Still not sure I see the point of Oblivion in the modestly upgraded Skyrim engine, and err… shouldn’t it be called ObliviRim?

  7. notcurry says:

    I’m with the others. This looks like a huge effort for an ever so slight improvement. Just as Oblivion looked outdated in 2011 Skyblivion looks outdated in 2017. Heck, that video is actually pretty much how I remember Oblivion looked like…

    Anyway, it’s certainly not a bad thing that they’re at it. At the very least it’s developers, whether amateur or pro, getting together and gaining experience, and that’s a good thing for them and for the community.

  8. gi_ty says:

    Dear god Alice your ending for this one really made me laugh like a loon. Your the greatest.

  9. Itsabomb says:

    I have fond memories of both Morrowind and Oblivion, and they are experiences that made a lasting impact on me at least as a gamer. But do I want to play them again with slightly fancier graphics? Not at all.

    More power to them for having the passion to do something like this, but at the end of the day, better graphics don’t make a game better. What the Elder Scrolls titles have always lacked, and what these remakes will also lack, is truly strong storytelling, memorable quests and characters, and captivating dialogue.

    Don’t misunderstand me. All of the games have their bright points. The Dark Brotherhood quests in Oblivion for instance. Vivec City and its library in Morrowind was always a pleasant place in my memory, too. It was a small thing that made the world feel so much bigger. At the end of the day, these are huge, shallow worlds that are mostly empty, leaving more to the imagination than any graphical upgrade can compete with.

  10. Ser Crumbsalot says:

    Agreeing with much of what was said (though I do believe that Skywind was a great idea), I also think it’d be a lot better if the TES Renewal teams would maybe pool their resources and finish one remake first, instead of doing so many at the same time. It might be, of course, that their current needs don’t overlap, but from the videos & calls to help I remember, I’m pretty sure they do.

  11. Xaocfera says:

    Ready to buy for 100$

  12. Pronin Maximillion says:

    The entire mod look amazing and I have just started playing Oblivion for the first time. But, how are they going to implament this into skyrim?