Super Hydorah revamping ace freeware shmup

Hydorah, the cracking horizontal-scrolling shmup by Locomalito, is being expanded and fancied-up as Super Hydorah [official site]. While I missed Hydorah when it came out in 2010 (it did tickle Kieron), recently I noticed it and had a crack (it’s good; I suck) after a few ‘Tubefolk got into its Gradius-ish, R-Type-y action. A new version sounds grand. Locomalito has teamed up with publishers Abylight again on this, following their expand-o-re-release of his platformer Maldita Castilla as Cursed Castilla.

Locomalito twots that Super Hydorah “has remastered graphics, remastered sound, 5 new levels, new 2 players mode, extra spin-off game for 2P, screen modes and more”. Good-o! Check out this picture for numbers.

Hydorah pops you in the cockpit of a wee spaceship to take on an entire evil army of ships, creatures, biomechanical nasties, and old evils. It feelings pleasingly weird, a mish-mash of this and that. So off you go, shooting through levels (which don’t come in a fixed order) collecting power-ups and unlocking new weapons. Pew pew!

As I said, I’m terrible at Hydorah, but I like what I’ve played and what I’ve seen others play. You can still download the original freeware Hydorah from Locomalito’s site. Have a go!

No word yet on quite when Super Hydorah will launch.


  1. davebo says:

    I’d very much be down with this if the 2P option is co-op and not alternating single player. Retro style co-op is a ton of fun, which is why I can’t wait for the River City Ransom sequel at the end of the month.

    • Catterbatter says:

      Yes! I don’t know why Gradius did alternating. 2P co-op is the only way to play.

  2. Syrion says:

    Woah, this is awesome news for me. Back then I was somewhat addicted to Hydorah, and even though I am typically no good at playing Shmups and generally even less interested in them, Hydorah and Jets’n’Guns remain the two I loved and played to completion (Well, and Jamestown, I guess, but I don’t count playing through the few levels on easy difficulty as completing it).
    It took me a long time and many restarts to beat Hydorah, and while I doubt I’d have the time or energy to do the same nowadays, maybe having done the deed 6-7 years ago is enough to ease me into it again. Definitely interested.

    Besides, Locomalito is such a great indie developer (with an equally great “resident” musician on his side, Gryzor87) he deserves to be paid for all the great work he has done in the past decade. I couldn’t get myself to buy Maldita Castilla as it’s just not my kind of game, so I guess it’s my turn this time.

  3. Beefsurgeon says:

    This is great news! In my mind, Locomalito stands apart from other developers by the degree of passion he puts into his games.

  4. zeep says:

    I wish Konami would make some new Nemesis (Gradius) and Salamander games on PC.

    And Capcom should remake Zanac and Aleste.

    Those were the games…

    • Jalan says:

      I wish Konami would make some games.

      Then again, given their current state of affairs, maybe that’s wishing for too much.

  5. gebrps says:

    I love shmups! Thanks for this! I’m not that good, but I like the genre anyway.