Conan Exiles war on lag continues

Morning glory.

Conan Exiles [official site] developers Funcom have temporarily shut down the game’s official multiplayer servers while they switch to a new host. The majority of servers for the early access survival sandbox game are unofficial player-run ones, mind, but perhaps you’re a good little warchild who sticks to the playground and never jumps the fence to play in the woods. This switch is part of Funcom’s battle against online lag, which was one of our John’s complaints after he played but far from the only one. Funcom have also released a flurry of patches aimed at tackling lag in other ways.

Funcom addressed the problem with official servers in a Steam post yesterday:

“Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming demand for servers and our needs for administrating them, our official partner has been unable to deliver the level of quality and service we require. Because of this we have mutually agreed to end the partnership. We are in the process of finding new partners with the ideal hardware we can move the existing game databases to.”

So the 200 official servers are going away for a bit. Funcom say they’ve saved the databases and plan to, so folks who played on them should keep their progress. Plenty are servers are around. As I write, this server tracker says there are 9,451 online servers live. One digit away from opening the comm van, there.

Funcom have released really quite a few patches since Tuesday’s launch, tackling lag, rubberbanding, crashes, and more. It’s enough patches, fast enough, that they’ve now half-apologised for the flurry which has left a lot of servers outdated. They say:

“In our rush to get fixes out to you we never really stopped to think about the fact that for Exiles we have thousands of unofficial servers (Over 9000 now) that actually require their Server Admins to get them updated. That’s our bad.”

“So while urgently critical fixes will still go out ASAP, we will try to be better about the timing of less critical patches going forward. Of course that means we’ll be patching when more of you are online, and we know that no matter when we patch, it will be at a bad time for someone.”

Conan Exiles does support offline singleplayer too, mind.

Our John didn’t dig Conan Exiles but I see almost 45,000 players online right now, making it the 11th most-played game on Steam. What do y’all make of it?


  1. Ghostwise says:

    “More dong, less ping” would have been another possibility.

    • Horg says:

      ”Internal testing has determined that full physics enabled testicles have been causing some (all) players to experience extremely high latency values. After a long period of debate, we have taken the hard decision that this is an acceptable compromise.”

    • SquarePeg says:

      Now with 47% more man bits! No additional charge required.

    • Danarchist says:

      Playing on my friends third-party hosted server we had very little lag with 11 of us playing at the same time from different regions. Actually the only thing that really lagged was when you tried to place a work bench, specifically the cauldron.
      I did switch over to a public pvp server for awhile and it was unplayable. Trying to pick up the waterskin right after character creation took a solid minute of spamming my key.
      I tried a different one with fewer players and same experience.
      I am not sure what the difference was between the three, but his server hosted through nitro (or whatever) did fine. While someone elses hosted server was like watching a slide show.
      I hated ark so I wouldn’t likely have played this if my brother hadn’t forced it on me hehe. I did end up getting my 0 dollars worth.

  2. Someoldguy says:

    Funcom are supposed to have 20 years experience in managing “massively” multiplayer online games, yet their incompetence at managing a launch week just seems to get worse and worse. They had plenty of opportunity to stress test their new baby before throwing their doors open to thousands of full fee paying players. Of course a launch is rarely going to be smooth but having to take every official server offline is just awful. Labelling something “early access” is no excuse for releasing it to the general public in such bad shape and is just asking for bad ratings.

    • Caelinus says:

      They do have a lot of experience running MMO’s. On their own servers. For far less players.

      In this case it was PingPerfect, the company they contracted with for their official servers, that could not meet the unexpectedly high demand. So Funcom and them parted ways, and now Funcom has to find a host who can actually handle the load being thrown at it.

      Further I am not sure they really did have time to stress test the game completely. They are on a bit of a financial timeline now, and needed new revenue in order to justify and encourage their investors. QA costs money, and does not generate any. EA is mostly free, and generates a ton of revenue, while also finding everything wrong with their systems faster. I am sure they also have a QA team, but Funcom itself is not a large company.

      Given their complete honesty with what has been happening, their rapid responses to community concerns, the near constant patching, and their transparent disclaimers about what their EA release means, I can not fault them for taking this strategy.

      • Artist says:

        No clue what youre talking about or why you think its useful to repeat their PR-statemments. Because thats what it is.
        This is 2017 – getting more servers for anything is a question of calling another company and pressing a few buttons.
        Also there wasnt more time needed for further testing – it MUST have been clear to them that their networking would go ape when they launch their trainwreck. You dont need more than 5 mins to verify this.
        So whats your post about..? There was no “surprise attack of invisible gremlins that wrecked their network layer”…

      • Vorrin says:

        QA costs money, true, time limited open betas don’t, though.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      “Labelling something “early access” is no excuse for releasing it to the general public in such bad shape”

      Disagree entirely.

    • Arioch13 says:

      Totally agree. They abused the EA process for a quick win in terms of revenue to the long term detriment of the game. I see people leaving already. Maybe they will come back later but I doubt it.

      What we will have, is around 7500 servers with just an admin playing. Ironically, it will be the most over supported game ever in terms of server availability.

      Very hard to keep a server population right now. As regards communication. Just saying yeah we suck and we made some terrible mistakes is irrelevant. What we want is a recovery plan with some timed stages for key milestones. Even on private servers many people contantly crash and there hasnt even been mention of a resolution for this. Instead they focus on the lag issue caused by an issue they can easily resolve. Frankly, I dont care if the official servers never return, there are more than enough servers out there. What there isnt, is population. People just crash out constantly and are leaving in droves. Fix that and let the community handle the server issue. Perhaps it will actually help populate the servers which are available today. The number of players online has dropped off a cliff.

  3. Einherje says:

    It’s over 9000, that’s why.

    • iRaphi says:

      dammit, I had the same thought…
      IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Renaro says:

    YEAH…OK, blame the server partner…Funcom, its not as if your game is fully playable or anything right now. I’ve only played on unofficial and even they can hardly run a Conan Exile server without crashing/lagging every hour or less. Although, its not only server based problems, but also client side where bases don’t load and the player can no long collect resources or even fight. Why is this you say? DESYNC CITY. The player is out doing something, but really they are standing in some random spot they were at 5 mins ago. In case you skipped any previous sentences, the game needs a little bit more optimization before daily testing.

  5. YogSo says:

    9,451 online servers live. One digit away from opening the comm van, there.

    You’ve earned 25 Skill Points EXPLORATION BONUS, Alice. ;-D

  6. racccoon says:

    If im right I think this based on a dayz type server game.
    If it is. Mass servers just cause massive headaches and they get boring because the main reason is..there are far far too many, plus its an opportunity to cheat & generally cause lag by being a player who is a lag causer. I think this sort of game should of been created to play in the way of open world with small closed shop server base of around 5/8 as that can be handled & maintained easier and stop the cheats and lag makers/creators.
    if i’m wrong, just forget what i said. and go about being lagged anyway. lol

  7. Captain Narol says:

    I wonder why so many people play a laggy unfinished game like this…

    • Artist says:

      Because theres still somehow some primitive, rewarding fun in playing it. This and the “new kid in town” phenomenon…

    • Jane Doe says:

      All “survival” games go through this phase. Remember how people stormed into the DayZ Standalone? Today its barely a footnote on Steam.

      Conan Exiles will surely follow that path. Once people have built themselves a fortress, lost it to a server wipe or other players, built a second fortress, and lost that again, they will stop playing it, because there is nothing else to do.

      The entire gameplay seems to be focused on lightweight Crafting from a hideous UI. I’m already back in The Forest.

      • fish99 says:

        It’s not much of a criticism though, to say people will eventually have done everything and get bored. That’s typical of the genre and, eventually, true of every game.

  8. PoulWrist says:

    Game is fun for someone who has never played one of this style of game before. At least I’ve enjoyed it. But I am playing on a private server with limited player numbers so the server doesn’t tank performance.

  9. Blackbird says:

    Bought it, played it, got a refund.

    Bad survival game, terrible combat, cheap porn movie.

  10. Ratel says:

    If you’re suffering from stuttering or freezes on an AMD CPU, check this thread on steam, try the workarounds (all of them, to find one that works for you), and bump the thread.

    link to

    The more replies, hopefully the sooner someone will actually pay attention and fix the issues.