Ronin creator reveals tiring soulslike Immortal Planet

The maker of Ronin, the stylish cyberninja turn-based stab-o-platformer which Marsh dug during early access, has announced his next game. Immortal Planet [official site] is also big on patience and careful striking, only this time within a real-time isometric action-RPG. Tomasz Wacławek cites the Souls games as inspirations then takes a tangent of obsessing over stamina, making it a key resource to manage and exploit. The game looks quite pretty and all. Immortal Planet’s due later this for year but, for now, check out the first trailer:

So there you are, on a cursed planet of immortals, trying to figure out what’s going on and to escape. If you die, you’re born again (natch). It’s all so very tiring. Wacławek explains:

“For me, the core of a Souls-like game is the methodical combat where patience and focus are much more important than reflexes. Stamina management is a huge part of that, but I always felt that there can be a lot more done to it to make it more interesting.

“In Immortal Planet, the player sees how much stamina enemies have and can plan his approach around that, but also exploit it – performing a dodge towards an exhausted enemy will let you bash him to stun him for a few seconds. It’s a risky tactic, as bashing an enemy with full stamina will stun the player instead.

“There are many items and spells in the game that use the stamina mechanic in innovative ways – cryo spells that damage stamina before affecting health, stims that instantly restore stamina, or attacks that deal bonus damage to enemies with low stamina.”

That sounds promising! Interesting things can happen when a thematic system is blown up and explored in depth.

Immortal Planet is having a crack at Steam Greenlight right now, aiming to launch April-June-ish this year.


  1. Abacus says:

    “Tiring Souls-like” makes me think how tiring the Souls-like label, and its games, is.

    • gabrielonuris says:

      And most ironic of all is that usually they have absolutely nothing to do with Dark Souls, besides a stamina bar. Your game has a stamina bar? It’s a souls-like. I mean, it hasn’t the dark, gothic atmosphere, the relaxing soundtracks, the metroidvania level structure, the realism of weapons, the variation of builds and statistics like poise and equipment weight, the pure lore, short dialogs, etc. But hey, it has a stamina bar!!!

      • LTK says:

        Fat chance of a soulslike having realism of weapons. It just has to have a whole fucking lot of them, and the variety to produce radically different playstyles, high skill ceilings for each individual one, and exploitable strengths and weaknesses against other classes of weapons.

    • CptPlanet says:

      Say what you want about the label, but don’t cross that over to the actual games.