Vigilist smashes her way onto Mirage’s battlefields


“A girl must grab life by the collar, and make it submit” is a sentiment I can really get behind on a Monday morning. The other one is “give me coffee or give me death” but none of the Mirage: Arcane Warfare [official site] characters seem inclined towards the latter at the moment. The Vigilist – the guardian-esque class in the game – is all about making life submit while clutching it by the collar, though.

There’s a trailer looking at her after the jump but, to be honest, I’d be far more interested in hanging out with her at a cocktail bar and shouting about things that make us both angry and then stomping off to conquer things while being rad.

The stalwart Vigilist is a key element of any well-balanced team in Mirage: Arcane Warfare. Designed to protect vulnerable allies and aid in the destruction of others, she is the first line of defense against the fury of the enemy team’s attacks with her shield, spear and complement of defense-minded magic abilities. Those include:

Ward Strike: Fire a magical shield that staggers enemies on contact
Disperse: Rise above the battlefield before slamming back into the ground, pushing back any nearby enemies
Surge: Summon a massive wave that knocks down any target in its path
Iron Dome: Spawn a protective shield bubble around yourself
Impaler: Stab forward with a magically lengthened spear, pulling enemies back towards you

The stuff in the blurb which mentioned protecting the vulnerable as well as all the destruction seemed vaguely… off-message? when I first read it given the trailer is mostly about her being furious and wanting to smash everyone who doesn’t believe she’s supposed to be on the battlefield. I mean, protection is part of a defender’s remit so it’s not a surprise to find that line in there, it’s more about the choice of words. It suddenly pushed the character a little bit back from ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS.

It made far more sense as soon as I read that the character inspirations for her class were: “Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones, Scythian women warriors (Amazons) and Female MMA fighters.” Brienne protected the vulnerable AND smashed things in the face with a sword.

I’m also thinking of the Vigilist as like a battle version of an older sibling who finds out you’re being bullied at school and threatens to duff the bullies up in the car park at lunchtime if they don’t cut it out.

Anyway. I’m going to spend the rest of Monday asking “What would the Vigilist do?” at times of uncertainty. Then bellowing and firing magical shields at people.


Mirage: Arcane Warfare is still going through closed alpha rounds of testing at the moment. The game will be getting a brief beta phase in 2017 with the game release to follow but no dates on that front as yet.


  1. Snowskeeper says:

    “Fire a magical shield”


    • zergrush says:

      that’s the kind of question that gets you a magical shield to the face dude

    • Premium User Badge

      Philippa Warr says:

      “Ward Strike: Fire a magical shield that staggers enemies on contact”

      • Snowskeeper says:

        That’s the part I was quoting from. Why a shield? Why not a giant angry Ork foot? Shields are not very good at being weapons. I am. How. Why. My brain. Ow.

        • that_guy_strife says:

          This guy. He’s okay with magically summoning things and propelling them accurately, he draws the line at them being shields.

          It’s part of her kit. Spear + shield. Makes sense to use the shield for some abilities – basic game design. And a lot of games use shields as secondary weapons. Tanks often have abilities like Shield Bash. The Crusader in D3 has a basic ability that throws one (a magic one too !) around, having it bounce off enemies. Hell, have you heard of Captain America ?

          That’s all grounded in history, too. If you’re lugging around this massive piece of solid steel, might as well try to use to bash someone’s head in once in a while.

          • Snowskeeper says:

            (To be clear: this is fake distress. I am not actually this much of an asshole. I am 3℅ less asshole than I appear.)

            But wouldn’t throwing a magicky spear be more effective?

  2. NetharSpinos says:

    She sounds cool. Kinda like Brynn from Atlas Reactor, whom I would suspect has the same sort of character inspirations.

  3. Menthalion says:

    Same jerky animation and clipping models Chivalry had. Melee combat seems to be a cut and paste from Chivalry as well.

    While it seemed OK at the time, in the end the melee system turned out too fundamentally broken for them to be able to fix it in Chivalry / Deadliest Warrior, and it seems they still have the same problems here.

    No one ever asked for Chivalry with added spells except in jest, and somehow that’s what they built. Instead of the improved melee game all Chiv fans were asking for, because they can’t seem to get that part right.

    • Reapy says:

      I had to log in and post to just agree with you. They basically didn’t know or bother to learn how to fix and improve what they didn’t know how to do chivalry, and instead just doubled down on making more of what they already have.

      It is a shame because parts of chivalry are very inspired, but this game is a throwing in of the towel right here.

  4. mkopl says:

    What a beautiful new cartoonish murder simulator. yawn …

  5. syllopsium says:

    It’s an online multiplayer only game, isn’t it? If so, can it please be stated upfront. I don’t have the time to waste on those games, but I will (eventually) get around to playing some of the interesting RPGs, and look forward to it.

    When the house is sorted in a few months I can definitely hit gaming harder :)