Crew a sub with your chums in We Need to Go Deeper

Round up some friends, put on silly moustaches, hop in your submarine, and dive! dive! dive! into the unknown (and unfriendly) oceans of We Need to Go Deeper [official site]. Just hit early access, it’s a co-op roguelikelike cramming 2-4 players into a sub for an arcade-y Jules Verne-ish adventure. It’s jolly pretty and looks cracking fun too, as players scamper around inside the sub running it. Want to load a torpedo? You’ll need to pick one up and pop it in the tube. Giant squid penetrated your sub? You’d better lop off those tentacles. Smashing! Have a look in this trailer:

So, the oceans! You want to see what’s in ’em, so off you and your seachums go. You pootle about and sometimes get out to wander around in your little seasuits. Isn’t that nice! Then things go wrong. Players need to man different stations and perform actions to, y’know, work the submarine. FTL with real people and real action. It also reminds me of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Regular Human Basketball, two co-op crackers.

It’s roguelikelike with procedurally-generated oceans (with different biomes) and an AI director keeping things interesting. Handy for co-op replayability, that. Seems it’s only LAN or online multiplayer, mind.

It looks a right lark! I’ll need to round up briny posse and have a go.

We Need to Go Deeper is out for Windows and Mac at £5.59/7,99€/$7.99 on Steam Early Access, which includes a launch discount for the first week. Developers Deli Interactive plan to use early access to gather feedback to shape the game. Their plans include creating new biomes with extra enemies, bosses, and civilizations to encounter, adding extra items, boshing in new submarine types, and working on a story and end-game to tie it all together. This “could take a year or longer”, they say.


  1. dozurdogbite says:

    I lllllllike it!

    a lot.

  2. Jalan says:

    Saw someone stream it. As it is currently, gets too repetitive quickly for my personal tastes (and that’s with a full set of friends adding to the “chaos” of things) to dump any money on it.

    Looks like it could be something truly interesting with future improvement though, so I guess I’ll keep watching to see what happens with it.

  3. MajorLag says:

    I like the concept, co-operative multi-player FTL is an idea I’m sure a lot of people had, but I’m really not digging the aesthetic. It gives me a “hello, I’m a tedious and self-important ‘artsy’ flash game”-vibe.

  4. allthegoodonesweretaken2 says:

    Using that title from Inception makes no sense. Even “Don’t Drown: Faster Than Sound” would have been better

  5. AaQQ says:

    Looks like a cartoon version of Barotrauma without the physics engine and 90% of the content.