Compucrypts: Resident Evil 7 now supports older CPUs

Resident Evil 7 [official site] is a spooky-ooky good time, our Adam will tell you, but some would-be players suffered a f-f-fearul f-f-f-fright discovering their CPU was unexpectedly unable to run it. Good news, oldboxers! If your PC creaks like a spookhouse, crawling with cobwebs and powered by a CPU which doesn’t support SSSE3 SIMD, you can now (potentially) play RE7 as Capcom have released a wee patch yesterday which changed that and nothing else. Short and sweet. Ghostboxes now welcome.

Here’s all the patch notes say, see:

  • Added support for older generation CPUs. More specifically, the game no longer requires SSSE3 SIMD instruction set.

SSSE3 is not a new technology by any means — CPUs first started supporting in 2006 — but hey, congrats to everyone who can play RE7 thanks to this change.

Q: What’s a snake’s favourite video games expo?

Little joke for you there.

If you have been able to play RE7, and indeed have done so, you might be interested in Adam and Alec’s recent spoil-o-chat about the spookfest. Or if you’re t-t-t-too much of a f-f-f-fraidycat to play it, declare “Nuts to this!” and give in, go read it. It’s fine.


  1. Darth Gangrel says:

    “play RE7 as Capcom.” Never played a game as a gaming company before (some games have weird alternate skins, but nothing like this). Well, since it’s first person I don’t think it makes a difference.

  2. Danda says:

    My 2012 video card can’t play RE7, so it would be nice if they also fixed that. I never felt that I had an “old” video card until I couldn’t run this game…

  3. Premium User Badge

    cultiv8ed says:

    The Core 2 Duo supported SSSE3. If you have something older than that, chances are the rest of your PC won’t run the game anyway…

    • Deadly Sinner says:

      I have a Phenom X4 955, which doesn’t support SSSE3, and while I can’t confirm that I can play this game specifically, it has had no problems playing any modern game, so far. Admittedly, it’s not always at 60fps. DX12 makes it feel like a new CPU, though.